About Monster Brat

I’m a miracle baby . .my mummy says. She gave birth to me.. when she was 39 yrs of age, on a cold winter nite.. on December 19, 2003. I was a naughty baby inside mummy’s tummy and gave her a hard time but my mummy is a tough cookie.. and carried me to full-term.. and delivered me by C-Section. I was 2 weeks overdue.. yet.. the gynecologist at the Yarmouth Hospital didn’t wanna deliver me. I was all wrinkly when i came out to see the world. But i had a head full of hair. I weighed 7Ibs 1 ounce and I was very colicky when I was a baby. My mummy hopes that by keeping a journal, I can refer to it, when i become a mummy myself, that way i wouldn’t panic like she did.. when she had me.