Working For Dad In the Summer


I’m trying to find a purpose in life this summer because I am not going to any camp like I used to.  So daddy set me to work at the store and I get to earn $5 an hour for work done at the store.  So here I am tagging the movies with new prices and that was easy because I love doing it.


At the end of the day, I made like $15 but I will only get paid on Friday.


Of course, I did more than that , I cleaned the store, I dust the store, I cleaned all the glass cabinets and refilled the pop.


And I put away movies and games that are to be sold into little sleeves.


And also arranged the movies by alphabetical order.  I wasn’t really tired at the end of the day but that made me appreciate what mom and dad does in the store.  But mostly dad because dad does a lot more in the store.

Learning My Timetables

Yes, mom is making me learn my timetables again because I have already forgotten some.  So I covered, 2, 3, 9, 8 and I’m doing 7 today.  I took half an hour to learn my 8 timetable and I already know the trick to mastering my 9 timetable and now my 7 is almost done.  I should finish learning  all my timetables once again really soon.

Mom said she is really proud of me for picking them up so quickly but she said that she knows all her timetables when she was 9 years old , so I should do better than her.



I have many hobbies and one of them is making bracelets and other stuff with my rainbow looms.  Mom doesn’t like me on the computer when I’m at the store during the weekend, so besides doing reading and some math work, I have to do drawing and rainbow loom before I can play some mine craft.  I then sell them at the store and save the money for college.  Mom said, I’m not getting into debt to go to college, therefore they started saving for me when I was very young and now that I’m older, I can also save up.

Math Quiz Practices


It’s a snow day today but that doesn’t mean that there is no homework at home.  We didn’t have to go to school but mom made me and dad go thru’ my math quiz to prepare me for the school one.


Yup !  that’s right ! no rest for this kid, mom is  a slave driver when it comes to school  work but it’s alright I know she just wants me to excel in school.  And I only had to do a few pages everyday.

Will I be Grounded?


I just got my report card home today and I’ve got 8 As and 5 Bs , well technically only 3 Bs because 3 of them were Math.  But my mummy expects me to get all As and if I didn’t get all As, I think I will be grounded for the rest of my life.  Mummy said in our family we don’t get anything but As but I’ve been getting Bs and I’m really trying very hard already.  I guess I just have to accept my punishment but I will try harder next term.

A Bicycle Accident


I fell down again and this time it’s from the bike, the last time it was from the scooter.  This time the injury was even worst, I couldn’t get up and I was bleeding so much, my friend Cole had to go get my mom to come help me.  And Cole was such an awesome friend, he tried to fix my bicycle for me and bring it near to my house for my mom.  He and my other friends and their moms came over to see if I was alright after daddy came home from work.  But I was so grouchy because I was crying and all and didn’t want anyone seeing that.  But I’m grateful I have great neighborhood friends.  Cole, Libby, Kyle and Gracie – they are all wonderful kids.  Mom said she wishes that we all get along and not fight.   But we are afterall kids and it’s alright we all get over our fights.


Geometry Test


I have a geometry test next week, so my mummy made me and dad practice my geometry and after a few hours, we took a break and went for ice cream.   So we headed out to the old mill and got some soft serve ice cream for me and dad.


The small size ice cream was pretty large even for daddy.


So mummy took some from my ice cream for I can’t finished it.  But after my ice cream, I had to go back home to practice my piano.  My mom is a slave driver, she said that if i don’t get an A for geometry, daddy and I will be in big trouble.

The Clay Place In Halifax

So we are up in Halifax again – and it wasn’t planned but as usual I wanted to go to the clay place but since we weren’t going to be in Halifax for long, once again, I cannot do anything.  As usual mummy promised another time.

So we will have to try again another time.  Daddy just don’t like staying in the city for too long.

There was no one there.

Some of the work one can do with this clay place like magnets.

Or tiles.

More tiles.

Hopefully, one day I will get to make my own creation because I loved to do it.

Imitating Hannah Montana

As a kid I loved Hannah Montana aka Miley Cyrus, I grew up watching her every tv show and I still loved her very much.   This summer, I had planned to have a singing group with my friends from my neighborhood but one of them moved away, so we are left with only 2 of us here.  Unfortunately, mummy wouldn’t get us the wireless microphone headset  like the ones I saw on one of Hannah Montana shows because she said those are for professional singers only.   So I guess for now we have to sing with only our plastic microphones till we are old enough to get them for ourselves.