Thank You Everyone!

Mama said to thank everyone for the comments & emails .. about the posts during the last few days.  All the posts have been moved to a more open domain so that everyone can view the posts without a password.  The message from daddy was also moved to another domain.. dedicated to unfit mothers and foul mouthed hooligans.  You can find the domain on mama’s website.  Proper authorities will be contacted with regards to these ppl if they keep up the nonsense, so mama said we should all move on with our lives, there are bigger and more important things to do.

Thank you once again for responding so quickly to the happening around town and creating awareness about unfit parents.

Child Labor

Cleaning the store.. and helping out with papa building stuff at the store.. is what i like most.  When customer/s comes into our store.. mama loves to joke that where she comes from.. they believe in child labor.. hahaha!!!  Very funny..!!!  unfortunately, papa said.. if mama is not careful and say it to the wrong ppl, she might get into trouble.

But mama is stubborn and said.. that it is this kinda attitude.. that spoils the kid here.. and turn them into welfare adults in the future.  In making me help out .. no matter how small the way is.. i learn not to take things for granted.. and i learn to do stuff for myself in the future.  Mama said.. that in the future.. if i am going for a class trip to Westgate i’m gonna have to work to pay for the vacation .. instead of letting them foot the bill.