A Visit To The Optometrist

So I went to the optometrist last week because my mama wants me to have my eye checked like any other normal kids who are in school.  So off to Dr Robicheaud we went – at the building near to our store.  I was kinda worried at first but the eye doctor’s clinic was very nice and cozy.

Dr Robicheaud was very nice to me and he tested my eyes and guess what – I need glasses !  I’m short-sighted like my mama and daddy.  I can see clearer with the test lenses.

So here I am tested out the frames to see which ones I liked.

I chose a pink one and a golden one – and mama asked for the anti-scratched and anti-glare ones – the girls at the clinic seems surprised that we are spending so much money on the glasses – they came up to $377 and daddy paid for it.  I’ll be having my glasses in a few days – I can’t wait – I so excited.

Daddy Loves Reading

Daddy loves reading alot – maybe that’s why i love reading too now.  Seeing daddy read all kinds of books from  brad sugars business coach  to biography of famous people and successful businessmen to Sci-fi fantasy – like The Wheel of Time series – is really inspiring for me because I would imitate daddy and read when we are eating or when we don’t have the tv on in the evenings.  Sometimes, I even make mummy laugh by reading in the toilet like daddy does.  We have lots of magazines and story books in the bathroom, so I guess someone must be doing some sort of reading in there.  I prefer reading with daddy because mummy is very fierce when it comes to reading – she wants me to say the words exactly like it is – and make no mistake.  So i get grouchy and tell her that I want to read with daddy instead.  When I grow up I want to read all the books I can find and become a successful lawyer.

Internet Video Conferencing With Family & Friends From USA

Did you know that I have family and friends around the world?  yes! i sure do and I can show them things I do and talk to them anytime I want because my mama and daddy are pretty internet savvy and we use internet video conferencing whenever my friends and relatives from around the world misses me or I misses them.  Most times it’s because they send me gifts and food plus toys as presents and I have to go on the internet to thank them for their kindness.  I even use the internet video confereing to talk to my grampie when I don’t get to see him weekly.  Like this month, all of us were sick, so we can’t visit grampie so we talk to him online and see him online – that way Grampie won’t feel lonely at all.  So if you have friends and family from around the world ask your mom and dad to get internet video conferencing to chat with them and show them things you do like I do here.  I was showing my mama’s friend – the camp out I made when I was sick.

Mummy Is Obese

I kid you not ! that was what mama doctor told her!  and of course mama wasn’t quite happy and she wants to prove to her doctor that she wasn’t obese at all.  So guess what mama is doing all the time now – she is always on the look out for a good diet pill that don’t have side effects.  So now that she has a different family doctor and everytime she sees her – she would ask her questions like will lipofuze help you lose weight safely? or what is the best diet pill you would recommend ?  I hear it so often I can repeat it to anyone – but it’s funny to see mom try so hard to lose weight because she said it wasn’t just because of what Dr Zia said – it was to keep healthy, so that she has the energy to play with me and also to live a long life – so that she can watch me grow up. I love my mummy very much and I don’t think she is obese – even though she is a little fleshy – I liked that mama is a little fleshy because I love to lie on top of her and lean on her.  But if it makes mama happy to go on a diet – we are all happy for her – but of course no side effects is better.

Learning To Wash The Toilet

I told mama that I wanted to help her to wash the toilet – and so she let me – at first she didn’t but daddy said to go ahead – so you see daddy over there telling me what to do.  I didn’t mind washing it – but it was yakky – so I guess for now I would leave the washing of the toilet to mama or daddy but mostly mama does most of the housework at home but daddy does help too when mama starts her military clean up – commanding all of us to do something.

Renovating The Basement

Daddy is renovating the basement again this time – and hopefully we will be successful this year.  Every year we say we will fix the basement but we are either too busy or the contractor or the people daddy had spoken to – never show up and really do the work.  This time – perhaps because the local contractor is recommended by Mr B – we might really get a working basement.  Now someone can use all the t nuts and other bolts that daddy had bought a few years ago – when he had plans to get the basement pretty up.   It would be major renovation work, from putting up walls to rewiring the basement to put in a wood stove.  Also we are having a laundry room – ! woohoo! mama is very happy – she wanted a laundry room for a long time.

Migrating From China To Canada

Mama is helping some friends from the store with translation work for immigration papers because they have found the spouse on the internet and are planning to get marry here in Canada.  But in order for someone from China to come to Canada – they need a visa and they also need an invitation from the Canadian citizen here.  So mummy had done some work for some friends and word travels and everyone wants some help from mummy.

Unfortunately, mummy’s mandarin isn’t as good as it was before – for she had already migrated here for 13 years now and her mandarin isn’t practiced as much as before.  So mummy gets help or introduce a professional translation place for those who are still in China and filling up their immigration papers.  Because for mummy to help them over the phone – and calling overseas, it would be more expensive and a  long wait for them to get here.

There are professional translation place situated in China itself and mummy would help them look thru’ the application once the application is completed and when it’s ready.  So if you are in China or London, New York and Paris and needs translation work done – you can always check them out.

Grammie’s Wake

Today’s Grammie’s wake – visitations at the funeral home – and I did go to school today.  Even though I had told mummy and daddy that I didn’t want to go for the visitation – I ended up going for the afternoon one after school.  Mummy and daddy was proud of me – I was a bit scared at first but my cousins were all there – so they kept me company while mama and daddy took care of other things like grampei and the guests who came to say goodbye to grammie.  I didn’t really cry today – and I was really good too – but spoke a bit loud with my cousins after a while and mama had to put her fingers on the lips to tell me to quieten down and I did.  We didn’t stay long because I was hungry and wanted to get some food.   In the evening, daddy went back to the funeral home – but mama and I stayed home.  There were a lot of people who went for the visitation – my grammie is much loved and liked by a lot of people.

Writing Proper

For the longest time I refused to write proper – like the way everyone holds their pencil – I hold it the way I want because it’s the way I feel comfortable.  My french teacher –  who went crazy over everything I do when I was in Grade Primary – I was only 4.5 yrs old then made me feel like I was inadequate – so much so that I cried everyday and refused to go to school.  She even had a book of wall all over my desk – so that I won’t copy my friends when I didn’t know how to do my class work.  Now that really embarrassed me – I felt so scared – it was not until recently that I told mama and daddy about it and they weren’t too pleased with it at all.

But now I’m writing the proper way and my new teacher – they never forced me to write their way – they let me take my time and change when I am ready and now I’m ready.  I’m glad that I am no longer in French class and even though my Grammie is french – I refused to go back to any french class.

Christmas Present For A Cousin

Daddy said we are getting a special Christmas present for my cousin Peggy – and I got all excited about it – until he told me he was getting a alcohol detox for cousin Peggy.    I asked daddy why? and daddy said Cousin peggy loves to drink during the festive season, so this year – he would prefer to give her a useful gift to help her get rid of some really nasty toxins in her body.   Luckily, daddy and mummy don’t drink – else I just might have to get them a alcohol detox for a gift when I’m older.  Daddy said alcohol detox is great for people who needs help with their drinking habits  – and I guess there must be a lot of people who loved to drink during the holidays – so should everyone give their loved ones a alcohol detox too?  I wonder how many people get a gift for alcohol detox during Christmas.