New Pets ?


Visiting grampie and Aunt Helena on Sundays is a must because mummy said so.  If it was up to mummy , she wants to go every week but sometimes because of a very busy schedule or because mummy has other commitments already, we don’t get to go.  But if we did miss one week of visiting Grampie, we will definitely go the next.  Sometimes, Grampie comes and visit us in town but we get to see Aunt Helena more because she is very active and she has dancing and she goes for other activities, so she drops in more often than Grampie.

But this week, we get to play with some new born kittens and we have all 3 of them on the couch with us.  Daddy and I loved kittens but not mummy, she is scared of them or don’t like them because of their tails.  2 of the black kittens were pretty calm and slept but the one with white in color on it was all over daddy and was making its way inside daddy’s jacket.

We spent a few hours visiting Grampie and left when Aunt Helena had to leave for the Nova Scotia Music Festival in town.   And no , they are not new pets for us because if we brought the kittens home, mummy won’t be staying home with us.

Aunt Helena Leaving For Toronto


Godma Lynn is here from Toronto and Aunt Helena is leaving with her to Toronto for the summer.  As much as I dislike that I won’t see Aunt Helena for the summer, I can understand why she is going there.  All her kids and grandchildren are in Toronto , so it is understandable that she wants to be with them.  Have a happy summer , Aunt Helena!  Come back soon , we will miss you here !

I’m A Pretty Lucky Girl

I think I’m a pretty lucky girl – this year – this is my 3rd birthday cake.  One for my party at the bowling alley, another for school with my classmates and now one from Aunt Helena at Grampie’s !  whoohoo!!  yes, this year Grammie is not around but I’m still very much loved by everyone around me – I know that everyone wants to make me feel loved, I’m totally blessed.

Gift From Aunt Helena From Toronto

Guess what Aunt Helena bought for me from Toronto?  nail polish and some nail clipper from Hello Kitty and toes separator !  hahahha!!!  Aunt Helena must think I’m older than I am!  I don’t use nail polish !  mummy don’t allowed it when I am going to school and school just started.  But it was nice of her – I can use it during Christmas holidays I guess.

Special Watch For A Special Aunt

 I know my aunt loves to play golf because she wants to go to the golf club every weekend with my mama.  Since here birthday is coming soon, we went shopping for  golf and gps equipment  and saw this special watch that does special golf stuff for people who loves to play golf.  So now my favorite aunt can have a sport watch and a GPS for her golf games, it’s pretty neat.  It’s a bit expensive for me to buy it but with mama helps – we can get something that my aunt like.  So if you have a favorite aunt who loves golf, you may want to buy her this special watch too.

Eating With Godma Lynn

Godma Lynn is in town for a visit – for 10 days – so we went out for lunch at Peg’s – unfortunately, Peg’s didn’t have fish – so I had to eat hotdogs with fries because I’m a fussy eater.  And since Godma and Aunt Helena were already very hungry we didn’t want them to go here and there looking for food.  But it turned out that the food came out late too because they had a large take out order – bummer! and by the time I got my food I was so hungry and when I got home – I had an upset tummy !  Godma and Aunt Helena liked their food – hopefully, we get to eat out again before Godma leaves for Toronto.

Polly Pocket To The Rescue

So what do you do when you have to go to the store with daddy on a holiday?  you bring your polly pocket airplane that you had gotten from your godmother  and play with it.  My godma lynn bought this for me for my birthday and Christmas – mama said this polly pocket airplane was very expensive  but my godma said it was alright because it was my birthday and christmas present and aunt helena helped godma lynn buy it for me because godma lynn is in toronto.

My New Kitty

Aunt Helena had a few kitties – and I liked this one very much – so Aunt Helena said I could have her as a pet.  But mama don’t like cats – so I have to keep kitty – “CLEVER”  at Grammie’s.  Grammie and Aunt Helena said it was ok – so everytime I go visit Grammie – I can go visit Kitty.  I’m very excited to have my very own Kitty.

HaPPY mAMa’s day

I made this for my mummy for Mama’s day at school because I love my mummy 100000000 times. i tell her that everyday and today I put it in writing to show her how much I love her.  I made mama very happy by making her all sorts of card for Mother’s day – and we had breakfast at Jungle Jim’s too.  Mama was happy – so was everyone – including grammie and Aunt Helena.  i called my kai mah in Singapore on Monday’s day too – we had a short chat and then i wanted to go play – it was so fun talking to kai mah.