Baking With Mummy

I loved to bake and would bake with just about anyone who wants to bake with me.  So today I insisted that mummy baked some red velvet cookies with white chocolate with me even though it was already late at night and I have to go to school the next day.

My poor mummy, she is so busy doing cleaning and working all day and she still makes time to bake with me.  Even though these are store bought baking cookies, I still love baking with mummy because the house/kitchen smell so nice after baking and the next day I can bring some to share them with my BFF.

Baking For Halloween

This Halloween, Aunt Helena decided to bake with me for my classmates in school.  I loved baking very much, so I quickly washed my hands and got down to work.  Aunt Helena would measure all the ingredients and I helped her mashed everything together.

She put the eggs in and I did the stirring.

I love shifting the flour just like how Grammie used to teach me.

And some salt to put in.

Stir, stir , stir I go.

Now to scoop them with a spoon into the baking pan after buttering the pan.

And into the oven for only 10 minutes and viola ! all done and cooling.

Icing done by me.

And some sprinkles on the cookies.  I made one without the chocolate because one of my classmate don’t like chocolate.

Here’s my finished cookies – they were awesome!

Kitchen Renovation

Our kitchen is in the midst of a renovation right now because mama wants a dishwasher and a mixer lift for the kitchen.  We entertained our friends a lot so a dish washer is long overdue but recently, mummy had been doing a lot of baking, so a mixer lift is important to the kitchen as well.  Having a mixer lift saves a lot of space in the kitchen and storing it away makes it easier for mama when she is done using it.  For those who wants a mixer lift like mama, go  here for mixer lift  – you can order them online and it’s easy to install, even daddy could do it on his own.

I’m A Pretty Lucky Girl

I think I’m a pretty lucky girl – this year – this is my 3rd birthday cake.  One for my party at the bowling alley, another for school with my classmates and now one from Aunt Helena at Grampie’s !  whoohoo!!  yes, this year Grammie is not around but I’m still very much loved by everyone around me – I know that everyone wants to make me feel loved, I’m totally blessed.

Eating In Moncton

We were in Moncton for a vacation – because my cousin was getting married and we stayed at the Ramada Crystal Palace – we ate at this restaurant in the hotel where all the chef had  chef wear on and they were very friendly and came by to say hello to all of us.  The entire family had breakfast at this restaurant before everyone said their goodbyes but we stayed for another day before heading home.

I had waffles – they weren’t the same as home – but I did eat some.

Mom had more to eat – then dad and I – she had all sorts of stuff from the buffet  – she sure loved her food alright.  I was just busy taking pictures of everything and trying to gets everyone’s attention.

Valentine Gifts For Cousins In USA

Some of my cousins lived in the United States and every year during Valentine’s Day, they would send me a basket of cookies.  So this year, mummy and I are sending them some shari’s berries because they are chocolate covered strawberries that both kids and adults loved.  During the summer, we always visit my cousins in the New York and they come and visit me sometimes too – and mama and my aunt always keep in touch via Facebook and emails – mama said that we have to remember our relatives from afar and keep in touch and what better way than to send them a basket of fruits or cookies.   You can also send pop cakes that I loved so much and the Velvet cake with cream cheese on top – very yummy!

I Ate Some Spinach

Yes! i ate some spinach since last week.  Mama put like 2 of them for me to try – the organic spinach the first time and now I can eat up to 6 pieces of spinach.  I know it’s not a lot of veggies but at least I’m trying – so I get to have some ice cream as a reward.  I know mama wants me to eat more veggies and i’m really trying hard, so I won’t disappoint her – but I don’t like a lot of meat – nor a lot of veggies.

Christmas Cookies

I baked some Christmas cookies with my daddy and mummy today – they were easy Christmas cookies – we didn’t have to do much – just placed them on a baking sheet and that’s it.  These are from pillsbury the dough boy – we loved baking Pillsbury because they are ready made cookie dough.  Mama isn’t good at baking at all – hahha!! unlike Grammie but I love doing stuff with my mummy and daddy.