Bonding Time With Mummy


Mom and I went to a nail shop to get our nails done while waiting for daddy to chat with his business acquaintance in the city.  I don’t usually get my nails done because mummy said that children shouldn’t be painting their nails as our nails need the sunlight plus she didn’t want me to grow up too fast.  She said that making myself pretty can come later after school.


But once in a while, mom will treat me and surprise me but seriously, I don’t think wearing nail colors is such an ideal thing when one is young and in school.  But it was definitely loads of fun doing our nails together.

Hair Cut For Summer


I had a hair cut at Corrie Bain’s although I didn’t want a hair cut.  I’m not a happy camper with my hair cut because it’s now way too short for me to tie up my hair in a pony tail.  Everyone is telling me I looked really nice – but I’m not happy about it , even though mama said it is good for me as i sweat a lot during the summer as I’m so active and loves to play outdoors all the time.

Jackets From Children’s Place

Ever since we don’t have a Children’s Place here, we have been shopping a lot at Walmart but some things Walmart don’t have either, so mummy had to order them online for me.  But as usual, there are somethings that looked nice online but they don’t appear to fit me nicely when we get them.  We bought jackets from the Children’s place and some PJs as well, the PJs are ok except that the pants are too long for me and the jackets needs to be returned when we are up in Halifax the next time.

I think I might have to get some jackets from Justice instead in the city.  We will have to see but mummy isn’t happy that I won’t wear these 2 jackets.

New Sandals From Moncton

We were at the Children’s Place buying clothes for me in Moncton when I saw this sandals and asked mummy to get it for me.  Of course, it’s daddy paying for it and since mummy said it was ok to buy, daddy usually don’t argue about it.  Mummy gets me everything I want for clothes and fashion, she likes that I’m fashionable and she tries to dress me well for all occasion.  I wore this sandals for the wedding of my cousin Richard who got married last month.  Of course, we bought a lot more things than just sandals, mummy bought loads of clothing for me and comforter and hair bands as well.

Feng Shui For Our Store

We just came back from our vacation in Dieppe, New Brunswick and every eatery that we had been too had  Indoor Fountains  in their store.  Mama said it’s because of feng shui – and even Manchu Wok at the mall’s food court had some sort of indoor fountain on their logo – amazing!  So mama is currently looking for the similar kind of indoor fountain to feng shui our store. Mama said these indoor fountains had come down in prices – so we can definitely afford it – not only does it look good – it should bring us more money in the store.

Mummy Is Obese

I kid you not ! that was what mama doctor told her!  and of course mama wasn’t quite happy and she wants to prove to her doctor that she wasn’t obese at all.  So guess what mama is doing all the time now – she is always on the look out for a good diet pill that don’t have side effects.  So now that she has a different family doctor and everytime she sees her – she would ask her questions like will lipofuze help you lose weight safely? or what is the best diet pill you would recommend ?  I hear it so often I can repeat it to anyone – but it’s funny to see mom try so hard to lose weight because she said it wasn’t just because of what Dr Zia said – it was to keep healthy, so that she has the energy to play with me and also to live a long life – so that she can watch me grow up. I love my mummy very much and I don’t think she is obese – even though she is a little fleshy – I liked that mama is a little fleshy because I love to lie on top of her and lean on her.  But if it makes mama happy to go on a diet – we are all happy for her – but of course no side effects is better.

New Shoes For Spring

It’s is not easy to be fashionable when there is 4 seasons that you have to buy for – that was what mama said.  During winter I have to buy winter boots and now that spring is round the corner – mama has to buy me footwear for the Spring.  But mama is a smart shopper – so when she sees a good buy – she would grabbed me all the fashionable things she can.  This is my spring boots and like my fall boots – they had to be different.

And these are my spring shoes too.  Although daddy paid for everything – it was still because mama wanted to get them for me – daddy don’t know anything about buying anything fashionable.  He only buys things for me when mama said I need some things.

Diamonds For Mummy

Daddy and I went shopping at the mall on Sunday to find mama a Valentine’s Day gift – we know exactly what my mama would like for Valentine’s.  Not just anything, or plates or pots or makeup or perfume – my mama  is into  diamond solitaire rings and it has to be the real thing else you better not buy them for her – she won’t wear it.  We love all the shiny looking stones and am looking for one that daddy can afford but they are real pretty that’s for sure.  Daddy said that he could probably afford one this year – since mama had been good – hahahah!  So we have to find out mama ring size and then go back to the mall and choose one for her – but it doesn’t have to be a fancy diamond – like the lazare diamonds that mama has from Singapore – but a modest one is good enough.

Dresses For A Princess

My mama loves to buy dresses for me – and everytime they are on sale – she would buy a few for me.  She doesn’t realized that I grow up too quick to buy so many dresses but since she knows I loved to dress up – she don’t mind spending the money.  Plus mama said she never buy expensive things – these were on sale and mama is very happy about her shopping loot.

A Hair Cut Before School Re-opens

Mummy brought me over to Corrie to get my hair cut and a hair wash before going back to school.  When mama was young – that’s how her mama did – so she is doing the same thing for me too – mama said everyone must go to school properly dressed and hair cut and finger nails and toe nails cut too.  By doing all that – it shows that I respect going to school and I’m there to study – she said hopefully when I grow up – I don’t go dye my hair in pink or purple – because that isn’t really a fashion statement – that’s called destroying your hair before you are old enough to do so.

I love haircuts with Corrie because she takes me immediately on the same day – she also cuts my hair well too.  Thank you, Corrie.