Birthday Present For Daddy 2015


Daddy birthday is in early December and even though I don’t have a lot of money saved up for his birthday, I think I can afford to get him this trigger guitar for his jamming sessions with his friends. I know that daddy needs a new one and this one looks really good and isn’t that expensive either. Mummy checked the reviews for this and she said everyone said good things about it. I’m very happy with my present for daddy , I know he is going to think I’m the best kid!

Jessica’s 8th Birthday


Jessica is like a cousin to me – not the real kinda cousin but nevertheless, her mom and my mom are like sisters , so we are like cousins.  Anyhow, it’s her 8th birthday and Jessica asked her mom if she could have it on a Saturday, so that I can attend her birthday too because Sundays are Grampie and Aunt Helena’s days, so I won’t be able to go if it was held on Sunday.   Jessica had her birthday at Macdonald’s with some friends and her brothers, we had a really great time eating and playing.


We each had a cupcake birthday cake too ! yummy!!

Honey Bear And Coconut’s Birthday

It’s Honey Bear’s and Coconut’s birthday today ! and we are having a celebration at Grampie’s and Aunt Helena’s house.  Aunt Helena made icing for me to put on the cake and I put all sorts of sprinkles on the car and had a candle lit up and birthday song sang to both Honey Bear and Coconut.  Everyone had a piece of birthday cake as well as Uncle Richard.  I’m so happy I got to celebrate my bear’s birthday because I was inspired by this youtube lamb that I’ve been watching of late.  The lamb is called Lambie.

I’m A Pretty Lucky Girl

I think I’m a pretty lucky girl – this year – this is my 3rd birthday cake.  One for my party at the bowling alley, another for school with my classmates and now one from Aunt Helena at Grampie’s !  whoohoo!!  yes, this year Grammie is not around but I’m still very much loved by everyone around me – I know that everyone wants to make me feel loved, I’m totally blessed.

Birthday Cake For School

I had another birthday party at school on the 19th !  because mama wants me to celebrate with my friends in school since i can’t invite everyone to my party at the bowling alley.   I also think that mama wants to give me another party because Grammie is no longer around to spoil me – so she feels bad about it.  But I had a great time at school, my home room teachers were great and we even had a pinata and all.  And guess who came to school to say Happy Birthday to me?  SANTA!!  yes! i’m that special – but little do i know that it was mama who had arrange for Santa to come visit me in school.  I love my mummy!  I hope that when I become a teenager – I will remember how much I love my mummy and how much she loved me.

My 9 Years Old Birthday Party

I chose to have my birthday party at the bowling alley this year – as you an see here.  I’ve invited some of my closest friends, Oliver, Josie from school, Dominic my oldest friend but he didn’t come.  Jessica, Jasmine, Cole, Jill, Kyle, Shiny Josh my best friend forever, Auntie Lynette, Sarah, Skye, Layla (from school too) and of course, my favorite aunt – Auntie Hyunjin. Grampie came and so did Uncle Lloyd and I had a great birthday party with my friends.

Rubi My Birthday Present

Rubi my huggly doll was bought for me by my kai mah Lina!  thank you Kai Mah! yer the best!  I wanted it as soon as I saw it at Sandy’s gift store – you know the nice lady who is the town councilor now – yes her !  she had so many at her store but mummy wouldn’t buy it for me immediately.  So Kai Mah bought it for me instead.  The next day, we went to pick it all up and it was all wrapped up so nicely for me by Sandy – thank you Sandy!  it was very nice of you.  Of course, I couldn’t wait for mama to take a picture of the beautiful gift wrapping because I tore it up when mama was doing the dishes.  Sorry mama – i was just too excited to hug my doll.

Sarah’s Birthday Present

Sarah my longest friend from baby loved monster highs – so when we saw this at Shopper’s Drug Mart – we had to get this for her.  Even though mama said I can’t get anything – we still got this for Sarah – and it’s alright with me – because I understand.  I didn’t fuss and I didn’t cry at all.  I was happy to get this for Sarah – I know Sarah would loved this.  Happy birthday, Sarah!

Special Watch For A Special Aunt

 I know my aunt loves to play golf because she wants to go to the golf club every weekend with my mama.  Since here birthday is coming soon, we went shopping for  golf and gps equipment  and saw this special watch that does special golf stuff for people who loves to play golf.  So now my favorite aunt can have a sport watch and a GPS for her golf games, it’s pretty neat.  It’s a bit expensive for me to buy it but with mama helps – we can get something that my aunt like.  So if you have a favorite aunt who loves golf, you may want to buy her this special watch too.