Happy 100 Birthday Aunt Guytha

Aunt Guytha’s birthday is today and even though it was raining – I wanted to go – because I love meeting people and I think mama had a hidden agenda.  She wanted to make sure that I know that people do live a long time – because I have been missing my Grammie.  I don’t like that she is in heaven – I prefer that she is here instead.  I had fun at Aunt Guytha’s 100th birthday and I had cake and we met a lot of friends and family there.  Too bad Grampie and Uncle Richard left before we came – and Grammie isn’t here anymore to play with me at the party.

Birthday Party

I have a lot of friends in school and at the store – so I get a lot of birthday party invitations – I’m a very lucky girl to have so many friends.  But mama don’t know what  gifts for a child’s birthday to buy every time I have a birthday to attend, lucky for us – she has a place she can shop for all these awesome birthday gifts for my friends and they are one of a kind birthday gifts.   Mama said that giving a unique gift is important because it shows that we are really thinking of my friends and our friendship – and she wants to get something useful for them – like a personalized water bottle for example – because mama loved all those personalized things for me too.  Why? because it won’t get lost and if it does end up in the lost and found department at our school – they will come back to whoever they belong to.  Mom likes the personalized kid’s backpack too – because she knows that every kid needs them for school – and there is one that has a lunch bag, a backpack and also a pencil case all with our names on it and mama said they are not too expensive  – so she always loved to order those as well.  Even if we don’t go for the birthday party, mama said that it would be nice to give my friends a present for inviting me – to show that we appreciate them.

It’s Jasmine’s 5th Birthday!

It’s Jasmine’s 5th birthday party at Macdonald’s and i was invited.  I had been looking forward to this because I liked Jasmine very much and we play along pretty well but I’m still a little bossy even though mama told me to behave myself.  I had a lot of fun with Jasmine and her friends during her birthday party and I had french fries and milk.  Mama had my nuggets and caught up with Aunty Kim and some of her friends at Macdonald’s.  And papa came to pick us up late at about 3.50pm because he thought mama was supposed to call him but mama thought he was gonna pick us up at 3.30pm.   Happy birthday Jasmine – I hope you like your chum buddy frog and go buy something with the “ang pow” mama gave you.  Or be like me – save it up for college.

PS:  Mama said she wished I was more gung-ho like Jasmine – who never whine or fear anything – she will be the go-getter girl when she grows up.

Polly Pocket To The Rescue

So what do you do when you have to go to the store with daddy on a holiday?  you bring your polly pocket airplane that you had gotten from your godmother  and play with it.  My godma lynn bought this for me for my birthday and Christmas – mama said this polly pocket airplane was very expensive  but my godma said it was alright because it was my birthday and christmas present and aunt helena helped godma lynn buy it for me because godma lynn is in toronto.

Birthday Party @ Grammie’s

This year I celebrated my birthday at Grammie’s.  Grammie and I made the cake yesterday – because she needed to cook up a storm with Aunt Helena.  This is the cake we all ate after dinner.

Mama bought a toy to put on the cake – because she knows I like toys on my cake.  It’s a Zooble that I wanted so much – and mama knew that I want it very much.  But I didn’t pester mama to buy it – I just told her this was nice – i really liked it and she remembered.

This is me being silly with the birthday decoration.

It’s the best birthday I’ve had because I got to play Trouble with Uncle Lloyd, Uncle Richard and Grammie – I had so much fun.

This is from Kai Mah Lina! a walking dog !  I loveddddddddddddd this !  Thank you – Auntie Kai Mah!

More presents – this one is from Aunt Helena.

Another present – this one from Uncle Richard – it’s a book and money – thank you Uncle Richard.

This is from Grammie.  Thank you Grammie!

More presents – this one from Uncle Jerry and Aunt Rainy! thank you !

This is from Aunt Helena again – but this one is my Christmas present.

These are my uncles and aunts and of course Grampie over there.

Monster High – Draculaura !  yay!!! i loved this one too!

I had a lot of presents – Uncle Lloyd bought me a creative book – and Aunt Sandra bought me a Nail Art book – Aunt Renette who didn’t come gave me money.  I also got money from Uncle Lloyd and Uncle Richard.  So yes!  i have lots of presents now.

And all had dinner followed by my birthday cake.  It was a great party – i loved it.  And Grammie planned it all – next year I want a party at Grammie’s again.  And I turn 8 yrs old on the 19 December.

Happy Birthday Kai Mah!

Tomorrow is my Kai Mah’s birthday – she is in Singapore.  Mama and I sent her some flowers and asked Auntie Alice to buy something for Kai Mah.

The one on the right is from me – and the one on the left is from Auntie Alice.  Thank you Auntie Alice for helping us with the present!   I’m grateful and blessed to have Kai Mah Lina as my godmother – she is a wonderful Godmother!  Happy birthday, Kai mah!

Sophia’s Birthday Party

It was my friend’s Sophia birthday party yesterday and this is me – preparing her gift bag.  This is a recycle bag from Wicker’s Emporium – and all I did was decorate the bag – and wrote Sophia’s name on it – so mama don’t have to go to the dollar store and get a gift bag for $1.  I want to do my part for the earth too.  I had a blast at the birthday party and lots of gift from Sophia’s grandmother – they were awesome host.

Jervis Is 1 Month Old

Yesterday was Jervis one month old birthday – and we all went for his celebration at the chinese restaurant.  Jervis is Jessica and Jervin’s lil’ brother from the Chinese restaurant.  They had a lot of food  yesterday but mama didn’t eat a lot because firstly she already had dinner – and secondly she is on a diet – mama said she is getting fatter by the minute – is she gets any fatter – she is going to need the best weight loss supplement.   Daddy didn’t eat too much because he isn’t into a lot of  Chinese food – I brought my own graham crackers and chocolate milk and had a snack there for dinner at the restaurant was late – at 8.30pm.  Mama’s friends were also there – so they chatted and  I played with the kids there – I had so much fun and didn’t want to go to bed when I got home.