Nail Time With Daddy


My finger nails and toe nails are cut by my daddy only because I don’t allow anyone else cutting them.  I trust daddy to cut them for me and I loved it when my daddy does it for me.  Mummy wants to do it for me all the time, but i always insist on waiting for daddy to come home from work to do it for me.

A Day Out With My Bear, Aunt & Cousin


We spend a day out shopping , eating and having fun with my bear, my aunt and my cousin at the Japanese restaurant.  First, we had brunch at Jungle Jims , followed by shopping at Shoppers Drug Mart for mummy and Auntie H. ‘s skincare and then we went out for dinner at the Japanese restaurant.


My aunt and I playing on the ipad.


Me and jessica at the Japanese restaurant because I wanted some company and mum wanted to bring Jessica out for dinner.  Jessica ate all kinds of japanese food, but I brought macaroni that daddy had cooked for me because i’m fussy with my food.   We had such a good time, but Jessica had motion sickness and the car ride wasn’t that awesome for her.  The Japanese restaurant took forever to reach and the service wasn’t that good.

A Rabbit For Christmas?


I’m scared of dogs, mom is scared of cats, so we can’t have both of pets, therefore, I want to have a dwarf rabbit for a pet but of course, there is none to be found here.  Mom said that if we ever get a pet, we can get all their vitamins and prescriptions from  .  They have everything to keep any pets healthy, so I read.  Now to actively look out for a pet at our local pet shop.  I make my mummy bring me there every week if possible to look for a rabbit.

Christmas Decor At Store


If you ever go by my store, don’t forget to check out the Christmas decoration because I did the decoration at the store and at home.  I love decorating the store.  This year, there is no Gary to help , well , he didn’t help last year either, because he doesn’t like Christmas and this year Aunty Hyunjin did come and help either.  She was too busy at work, so me and daddy did all the store’s decoration and for a little kid, mummy said I did good.

Christmas Concert In Church


This Christmas, I’m very popular.  I have a school concert to go to, a church concert and a piano recital as well as a birthday party for myself and for my best friend.  For my school concert, the school takes care of everything but the church one, mummy had to buy a new reed for me.  You can  buy oboe reeds at wwbw  if you didn’t know that and mummy ordered mine online.  She said they were not expensive at all and bought me the one that I liked most.  I’m excited about the church concert because this is the first time, I’m performing with my church.  Wish me luck now!

Will I be Grounded?


I just got my report card home today and I’ve got 8 As and 5 Bs , well technically only 3 Bs because 3 of them were Math.  But my mummy expects me to get all As and if I didn’t get all As, I think I will be grounded for the rest of my life.  Mummy said in our family we don’t get anything but As but I’ve been getting Bs and I’m really trying very hard already.  I guess I just have to accept my punishment but I will try harder next term.

Earliest GingerBread House


Yup! this is the earliest , I have had making my gingerbread house.  Last year, during my birthday at Superstore, we had all my friends make Gingerbread house instead of Pizza because I don’t like pizzas.  So this year, mummy bought the first gingerbread house she saw on sale at Sobeys and daddy and I made it together on Sunday.


Do you like my gingerbread house?  I think I did pretty good?  hehe!  I ate my ginger bread house immediately too hhahah!


My daddy and I.

Apples For The Teachers


Yes, apples for my teachers  – all the teachers in my school and i specially picked each one of them on my own on Thanksgiving Monday.  The apple farm isn’t open for the public but because the owners were grammie’s long time friends, mummy had asked if it was ok to go pick and they said yes.  The Zhu’s went as well and met us there, we headed to Grampie’s for a short visit and then to our cottage at the beach too.  We then had supper at the Zhu’s .  We had hot pot dinner and I had so much fun playing with Jessica, Jervin and Jervis.  Daddy came to pick us up but not before the Japanese teacher taught us how to make paper origami.

6 Bags Of Toys


Yes! my mummy trashed 6 bags worth of my toys from the tv room upstairs and the kitchen.  6 whole bags !  and she took an entire Sunday to do it!!  And it was hard work , I had to tell mummy that i loved her while she go through everything for me and I went out to play with my neighbor.


She is not done yet she said because there is the basement and also the corners of the upstairs rooms.


They are also throwing away my doll house but it`s falling apart on the roof.


Papers, drawing, toys, bags.


So this is how it looks like at one corner of the kitchen but mummy said she ain`t done yet.

2 Book Cases


This is our upstairs tv room , where mummy have friends and family over for chit chat but this is also my playroom when my friends come and visit and mummy doesn`t want me to be cold, so she would ask us to play inside this room.


I have 2 bookcases full of my books and all kinds of art and craft things inside these book cases and mummy just cleaned it out and de-cluttered my book shelves.  But soon i will be getting more book shelves in our computer room because i love reading and mummy and daddy loves buying books for me.  They liked it when i read a lot and makes sure i read at least 6 days a week.