MineCraft Gift From Mummy’s Advertiser


Yup ! my mom gets all kind of freebies from her advertisers.  One of them knew that I was into Lego and Minecraft, so during a recent meeting in the city, they bought this for me.  Woohoo!  I’m so in love with it  Very happy indeed. !  Lucky for me, my mom’s advertisers love her so much , I get all kinds of freebies ! i’m the luckiest kid !

Our New Car


Well, we finally bought a new car for dad, so that the old car can go into the garage and get an overhaul.  And once it’s done, mom can drive that car or this new one since it’s automatic or I can have it as soon as I can drive – daddy said.

We chose this car because it has a huge trunk and it has a sun roof as well.  This is a Lincoln and I loveeeee it !  Even thought it is not new , new – it’s still new to us and the best part of it all – daddy paid everything for the car, once again, we lived within our means.  If we can’t pay up for something , we don’t buy it as we don’t need it.

The Day I Had Double Desserts


Mum said , it’s lucky that I’m cute, else I wouldn’t be getting away with having 2 desserts.  We had gone to Rudders by the waterfront for supper (well , mom and her friends)  , I already had supper at home, coz’ supper was late for them.   So I get to order dessert , which was a chocolate mousse cake.


It was awesome but a lot of mousse for my liking , so I didn’t finish it but I wanted another dessert.


So mom ordered this moon mist ice cream for me and I finished it all.


Mom and her Japanese friend, who just got back from Japan.

My Mom Lets Me Try Everything At Least Once


As you all know my mom is very adventurous when it comes to food, so she lets me try everything at least once and if I liked it , I can have some more but everything in moderation.


So when Tim Hortons came out with this new summer chocolatey drink, mom went to get it for me during the weekend.  I loved it but as usual it was too much and too creamy for me to finish it.  Daddy helped me finish it.  I’m never deprived of anything from food to candies or drinks.  Mom said I’m a really lucky kid !

Sick During Long Weekends

I don’t know what is wrong with my body system but everytime, when there is a long weekend , i catch a cold ! and it is no different this weekend, being the Victoria’s day long weekend.  I got sick again !!!!!!  I dislike it and I have no idea why my body acts up this way all the time !  arrrrghhhh!!!   We had to stay home today and daddy had to work the entire day because I was too sick to go to the store.  What a bummer !  i could be out playing with my friends !

Learning My Timetables

Yes, mom is making me learn my timetables again because I have already forgotten some.  So I covered, 2, 3, 9, 8 and I’m doing 7 today.  I took half an hour to learn my 8 timetable and I already know the trick to mastering my 9 timetable and now my 7 is almost done.  I should finish learning  all my timetables once again really soon.

Mom said she is really proud of me for picking them up so quickly but she said that she knows all her timetables when she was 9 years old , so I should do better than her.



I have many hobbies and one of them is making bracelets and other stuff with my rainbow looms.  Mom doesn’t like me on the computer when I’m at the store during the weekend, so besides doing reading and some math work, I have to do drawing and rainbow loom before I can play some mine craft.  I then sell them at the store and save the money for college.  Mom said, I’m not getting into debt to go to college, therefore they started saving for me when I was very young and now that I’m older, I can also save up.

I Wasn’t Bullying ……..


 I tell mom I wasn’t bullying my friend if I didn’t want to talk or friend her no more because she abandoned me first.  But mom explained that it is ok if my friend wanted to do something else and not want to do things with me.  But I wasn’t bullying !  In fact, the next day when I asked my friend how I was bullying her so that I won’t do it again and hurt her feelings, she replied that she didn’t know *slap forehead*.  So how would I know what I shouldn’t do with her that she considered bullying ?   So in order to avoid any misunderstanding, I will try not to upset my friend in any way even if she upsets me, it’s ok?  Mom said to try not to upset my friend and I said ok.

The Care & Keeping Of You Book 2


A few months ago, our school taught us about puberty and it was a male teacher who taught us .  Embarrassing much?  lol !  But mama bought this book for me from Amazon and it came and I read it of course because mama said it was good for me.

At first, I found it quite eerie and yakkie to read it but it got interesting and I did learn a few things about puberty and am currently not so worried about period and other things that comes with growing up.  My mom is the best when it comes to helping me learn about stuff.  I love my mom so much!

Best Playdates


My bestest playdates are with my cousins , Jessica, Jervin and Jervis.  I loved to have them at my home because they eat everything and never complain.  They are good with me and play whatever I want and listens to me.


I love taking care of them as much as they love playing with me.  I’m like a big sister at last.  I loved having Jessica over because we get to play all sorts of girlie games.


Mummy loves cooking for them too, because they love mummy’s cooking and eat up everything.  They never ask for anything , they also wash their hands everytime they use the washroom.  I wished they can come over more often.