Ice Cream At New Ice Cream Store


Summer is here and daddy and I have to check out the new ice cream place in Hebron.  Well, it isn’t new , new but they have new owners.  Although, the new owner was there, she didn’t say hi to us while cleaning the glass windows, so sad!  But I loved the ice cream, it tasted richer than the previous ones , so we will be visiting more often.

So for those who haven’t been to Hebron’s ice cram place yet, you have to go check it out and support the new business – according to my mom.

Summer Camp Here I Come !

catsSummer camp starts today and I’m all ready to go in the morning.  Mummy said that I didn’t have to go if I didn’t want to but I WANNA GO !  i loved summer camp and I can’t wait to see my best friend Josie from camp.  I hope that she will be attending the entire camp like I am.

Of course, I wouldn’t be going to the beach because I can’t go to the outhouses and won’t pee in the sea – that  is just so grossed.  So I am going to be enjoying summer camp to the max!  I love all the people at summer camp.

On Marking Days


 On marking days when there is no school and no camp yet, I go to my daddy’s store for most of the day, till mummy has to go back at 5pm.  I can go home with daddy for lunch at 2.30pm but I usually don’t because I want to stay with mummy at the store.   This time, I made my own erasers that mummy had bought for me from the Dollar Store and I’m happy to work with it the entire day because I can give some to my friends in school and the rest I can sell at the store.


My own creation – how do you like it?

I’m Sick Again !

Yes, I must have caught mama’s cold and playing out in the rain wasn’t such a good idea, even though I thought it was a good idea then.  But I’ve been sick for a few days now and yesterday I didn’t do anything but lie down on the couch at the store while mama and daddy worked.

But I’m feeling much better today and am able to sit up , so I’ll be ready for school on Tuesday , that’s for sure.

Hair Cut For Summer


I had a hair cut at Corrie Bain’s although I didn’t want a hair cut.  I’m not a happy camper with my hair cut because it’s now way too short for me to tie up my hair in a pony tail.  Everyone is telling me I looked really nice – but I’m not happy about it , even though mama said it is good for me as i sweat a lot during the summer as I’m so active and loves to play outdoors all the time.

Skateboard & Accessories


Look what my grampie got for me !!!  a skateboard! woohoo!! well, actually, mama bought it and I asked Grampie if he would pay for it hahhaa!! yes, I hustled my grampie again for a gift.  And daddy went to get me all the knee guard, elbow guard and the works.  I’m loving it and am having fun with it , especially since I didn’t have to go to school since last Friday because of an oil spill in school.

Geometry Test


I have a geometry test next week, so my mummy made me and dad practice my geometry and after a few hours, we took a break and went for ice cream.   So we headed out to the old mill and got some soft serve ice cream for me and dad.


The small size ice cream was pretty large even for daddy.


So mummy took some from my ice cream for I can’t finished it.  But after my ice cream, I had to go back home to practice my piano.  My mom is a slave driver, she said that if i don’t get an A for geometry, daddy and I will be in big trouble.

Loving Jungle Jim’s


So I’ve been eating a lot at Jungle Jim’s ever since they re-opened.  I loved the old Jungle Jim’s and miss their old wait staff, but the new one is good too.  I eat my usual fish and chips or monkey fingers with a juice and ice cream.


See how much I loved Jungle Jim’s???