Old But New Restaurant In Town


For those who don’t know by now, my mom and aunt loves to eat and try any kind of food.  So when a local restaurant in town open its door again for business after closing for many years , they had to go try the food out again of course !  My Aunt Lynette called for the get – together and mom suggested Austrian Inn since we haven’t been there for the longest time.  The restaurant closed its door many years ago, when I was still very young and mom said it looks almost the same when they were there a few years ago.  Some  A1 Restaurant Furniture  might be a good addition to their dining room seating if you asked me.



Shiny Josh was there too and of course , Aunt Lynette had to photo bomb us hahaha!


Aunty Hyunjin with Jasmine (her god – daughter)


A group photo excluding mom and Shiny Josh as he didn’t feel so well at this time.


So the food arrived and this was the seafood crepe.  It was very good according to Aunty Kim.  But as you can see, the tables and chairs are pretty non- decorative and very standard looking.


Jasmine had fish and so did Shiny Josh.


I had half a portion of fish because I could never finish the whole portion.  But they were fancy and had green stuff on it coz’ mom forgot to tell them no green stuff.   Mom ordered a side portion of fries for me but the fries were a little too soggy for my liking.


Aunty Lynette and Chicken Gordon Bleu and she said it was pretty good.  Daddy  might like this too.


Mom had scallops with garlic linguine but she didn’t taste any garlic in it.  The linguine could have been a little bit more to fill her up as she was sharing with Aunty Hyunjin.


Hunter Schnitzer was like flatter fried pork and it was pretty good , Aunty Hyunjin gave half to mom.  The rice didn’t taste like anything in particular.


But the apple pie was really good, they had real chunky size of apple and the ice cream I had them of course.  Overall, it was a pretty decent meal, mom paid $31 for both of us and a $10 in tips. I do like the place but it could definitely use some new restaurant furniture.

Christmas Decor At Store


If you ever go by my store, don’t forget to check out the Christmas decoration because I did the decoration at the store and at home.  I love decorating the store.  This year, there is no Gary to help , well , he didn’t help last year either, because he doesn’t like Christmas and this year Aunty Hyunjin did come and help either.  She was too busy at work, so me and daddy did all the store’s decoration and for a little kid, mummy said I did good.

Cheap Printing

As you all know I have a business at my daddy’s store.  It’s called Art for Everything, I not only sell paintings that I draw and paint, I also make rainbow loomz of bracelets and charms.  I’ve been asking for business cards like my daddy’s but have yet gotten them from mummy, even though she said she would order it for me.

Mama said that at  zooprinting.com  I can get cheap printing done for my business cards soon, so hopefully, I can get my business cards soon, that way I can give them out to people ho wants to contact me.  And maybe, daddy can get his business cards here in the near future to save some money.

Migrate To Canada

Mummy has lots of friends from all over the world.  You see mummy used to travel for work and if you know my mom, you will also know that she makes friends easy.  Mummy still keeps in touch with her friends even though she has been in Canada for more than 10 years and many people ask mummy about migrating to Canada and/or how she migrated to Canada.

Most people wants to know how easy it is to migrate to Canada or USA and what they have to do and of course, mummy’s secret is ?  A good  immigration attorney  of course!  how else did mummy migrate so easily and effortlessly?  Well, I wouldn’t say effortlessly but mummy said that the immigration attorney helped her with all the necessary documentation and she never did have any trouble at all with migrating to Canada.

So now mummy helps out in a immigration forum, where she answers questions of those who wants to migrate to Canada and USA.  Yes, mummy has dual citizenship, therefore she can is kinda an expert in migrating.  So if you are thinking of migrating, you know who to look for now.

Running Errands With Daddy


Running errands with daddy can be so fun when we are up in the city.  While mummy and her friends go shopping for their stuff, me and daddy went hunting for stuff he needed for the store and I found some  of the things that daddy needed for him.  So as a reward, I had a happy meal for lunch before heading home.   Daddy said I’m a good helper and indeed I am, I love doing things with my daddy and even though he is busy, he tries his best to let me tag a long any chance he gets.

Printing Made Easy

During the Christmas break, daddy and I did a lot of things together and one of them was going to the store all day with him till supper time.  So to keep me busy, daddy showed me a few things I can do to help him at the store, like removing tacks from the videos that were rented out and peeling stickers off movies that are ready for sale in the sale bin.  What I liked most is to tag the movie prices on them before putting them in the bin.  But this Christmas break, I also helped daddy choose the printing needs for the store, the  Web To Print Workflow  from the printing company that he uses was pretty easy to use, even I was able to help daddy picked the envelopes and letterheads that we need for the store.

Daddy also ordered some new brochures for the store and business cards and i helped him do everything on the internet.  This web to print workflow was easy to use and even though I’m only 9 years old, I knew exactly where to go to for anything I might need in the future.   Daddy said he wished all printing companies had this software that way, everyone can benefit from ordering online without having to leave the office to do it. It’s personalized service without having to make extra effort.

Working On New Year’s Eve

Not me silly!  i’m just at the store with my daddy and mummy who is working on New Year’s Eve since Gary already worked on Boxing day – so it’s time for Gary to take a rest.  Daddy said he hopes it is busy else he would be doing some paper work and doing some  Letterhead Printing  for the store in preparation for next year.  Come 2013, the store will be in business for 14 years, so some new letterheads are in order according to daddy.  Thus far it had been a very busy morning at the store for us – but I’m helping daddy pick his new letterheads for the store – I think daddy is trying to keep me very busy so that he can serve the customers.  Anyhow, Happy New Year to everyone and wishing all a grand year next year.

My Dad Owns Gator Byte

Everyone in school asked me if my dad owns Gator Byte and I replied “yes” – I sometimes wonder why they are so curious about if my dad is the owner of Gator Byte and then mummy explained that since it’s a game store, that must be reason why kids are curious because they must like game store.   So I told mummy that daddy should make me some kind of name tag like the  desk name plates  we have at the store with my information on it – saying ” the girl whose dad owns gator byte”  but that would be too long.  So maybe, a name tag that says ” Gator Byte’s daughter” ?   Mummy said I was being silly and name tags and desk name plates are for people who are working in offices or in retail store and if they made me a name tag like that people would think I’m just being silly – hahha!  But that would work I replied.

I’m A Walking Advertisement For The Store

For those who are not aware of this – my daddy owns his own computer and game store in this town and a few days ago, they specially made this t-shirt for me – because I’m the little boss of the store.  So you better be nice to me for one day I may be running the store.

But for now, I’ll just do my part as a walking advertisement for the store.  Hope everyone sees it and finds it funny and will remember our store when they need anything – from computer repairs to games and systems.