Earliest GingerBread House


Yup! this is the earliest , I have had making my gingerbread house.  Last year, during my birthday at Superstore, we had all my friends make Gingerbread house instead of Pizza because I don’t like pizzas.  So this year, mummy bought the first gingerbread house she saw on sale at Sobeys and daddy and I made it together on Sunday.


Do you like my gingerbread house?  I think I did pretty good?  hehe!  I ate my ginger bread house immediately too hhahah!


My daddy and I.

What I Do After School?

When school is done for the day, daddy picks me up and we go back to daddy’s store and I play school after I have a snack.  Sometimes, I watch a movie – other times, I play with my toys or I make sure that mummy can’t do her work because I get bored easily.

I can only play on my own for like 10 mins and then I want attention from someone – coz’ i have to share whatever I’m doing with someone.  Mama said she probably should adopt another kid from China, so that I have a sister.  But I said no because I don’t want to share mummy with anyone nor my toys.

My Treehouse

I’m still waiting for my treehouse to be compledted by Grampie – I don’t know if this will be the year – he is going to finish it since Gramnie is no longer around to help him out with the garden.  But first of all he really needs to get some blade sharpening done before he can continue working on my treehouse.  So daddy is going to send some of Grampie’s equipment/blades out for sharpening and maybe this summer Grampie will find some ambition to finish my treehouse which he promised for a couple a years already.  And if Grampie doesn’t maybe Daddy can still use the wood cutter for doing other things like a fence in the backyard and even a swing set.

Cross Stitch With Chloe

Now that Grammie isn’t around anymore there is no one to do any craft stuff with me – so mama and daddy decided to get me some cross stitch to work with me – so that I can be kept busy and keep my mind off Grammie. They don’t want me to feel that without Grammie – I am not going to get to do anymore craft work.

So I just started doing the cross stitch with daddy – because daddy knows all about cross stitch.

Here’s me at the store doing some.

Mama said hopefully this will keep me busy for a bit.

Decorating & Craft For Easter Presents

This year mama and I decorated some bottles of Jam made by grammie and grampie for my teachers in school.  They didn’t look appetizing before decorating – so mama thought it would be excellent for me and her to do the decorating together and then send them out as gifts to my teachers.

I had fun decorating them – and my teachers loved them.

GingerBread Tree Decorating Kit

I want this! I want this!  i told my mama.  I told her to get this – so that I can go to Grammie’s house to bake this with her – but guess what mama said?  no!  grammie can make it with you without the kit.  See – I don’t get everything I want – because mama said I’m not getting spoiled – and she knows that grammie can make this cheaper and better – so there – I want it but I can’t get it.  But I didn’t forget about the gingerbread tree – mama took a picture of this to show grammie – so that grammie can do the same when I visit her.