Halloween Party With Friends

Yesterday was Halloween and I had a blast going for trick or treat and collected 2 bagfuls of candies and chips.  Then we went to a friend’s house for a Halloween get together and that was so fun!  It was real spooky at their place and they lots of spooky  lighting at the party and we all enjoyed it so much.

As usual we visited one of my best friend – Sara and I received a special gift bag from Sarah like I always do at Halloween.  We stayed to visit for a bit because we wanted to visit both Jessica and Jasmine – my cousins.

This house belong’s to mama’s friend – they sure take Halloween seriously and by far the best house I’ve seen in my entire life.  They have just about everything spooky and gives out the best treats.  We loved visiting this house every year – they are always so nice to us.


A witch stirring a pot of potions

Cute blow up!  My halloween was perfect, I enjoyed everything about it.

I’m Just So Talented

It was after my karate class one night and I had nothing to do – while waiting for daddy to bring me home.  So I wanted to dance – and asked my mama to make this video for my kai mah  – to make kai mah laugh.  But mama had fun – doing the video and I had fun too.   I just love being silly and making mama make videos of me.

Lady Gaga For Ashley

This is my friend – Ashley from Malaysia – and if you know Ashley – she is into Lady Gaga – she knows her songs and she dances to them – and she dress up like Lady Gaga too sometimes.  So when Mama told me that lady gaga concert tickets are on sale now – the first thing I thought about was Ashley.  Now if Ashley was in town – I bet mama would buy her a ticket to see Lady Gaga.   So if you are into Lady Gaga like my friend, Ashley – you should hurry and get it – before it gets sold out.  Lots of people love Lady Gaga – I bet Ashley can tell you everything about Lady Gaga.

Kidzact On The Waterfront

Remember Kidzact – that i was in for hip hop dancing ?  yes – they were at the waterfront dancing this summer – i don’t know when i will be performing – but i like watching them dance.  We were standing on top of the museum and mama took a picture of their awesome performance – they were really good.

Aloha Day @ Summer Camp

It was Aloha day at the camp and as usual – mama tries to dress me up according to the theme of the camp.  I was very happy with my dress up and the accessories – daddy went to the dollar store yesterday to get me the flower necklace to look like i was in Hawaii.  And the dress was from Sarah’s mummy when they went to Cuba last year. I’m sure you recognize the hairband from down under – Auntie Jenny sent from Australia.

I even dance a hulahu dance for mama – so that she can take a picture of me for Kai Mah.  But alas, as soon as I went to camp – they were getting ready for a swim – so i had to take everything out again – and put on my swimming costume in the washroom.  Luckily mama was still around to help me with the dressing and sunscreen while papa stay and pay for the camp.  Papa wasn’t really happy – because we had woken up earlier for me to get dress and all.  Oh well – i enjoyed dressing up – mama said that’s alright too.

Hip Hop Dancing

I started Hip hop dancing today – this is the first class i am having – and it will last for 10 weeks.  The picture is a bit unclear because mama took this out from a video – and to make sure that there were no other kid’s faces on the picture – just in case their parents are like the crazy chicken shit neighbor who wanted to sue mama for $40K because mama put a picture of their son at our doorstep one day.

Anyhow, i like the hip hop dancing but there was a girl who was annoying me – and i couldn’t concentrate – but overall, i do like it.  Hopefully, next week – the girl will be standing some where else and not beside me.  Mama will have the video up soon – and she said she wants to keep me as active as possible – so that i will have somewheres to burn off my energy.

Being Silly On Sunday

I was feeling a bit better, so we went out to get groceries and mama and daddy had to eat – so we ended up at Quizno since mama said they haven’t eaten there for a long time.  I already had my lunch, so I was being silly at the restaurant and almost hit some people at the restaurant.  Daddy wasn’t pleased at all because he was looking at some health insurance leads while eating and I almost broke a glass panel at the restaurant.

So I got a good talking down to .. from mama and daddy and was told i better behaved .. else I would be going to an orphanage – like ANNIE! Mama said.. where she comes from.. that’s where naughty kids get put into.

Here was what i was doing.  We had bought a basket for oranges for Chinese New Year for Mr Zhu’s restaurant from Wicker’s Emporium.  Yes, these days – mama tries not to procrastinate and get the things she needs as soon as she sees them on sale.  The basket was only $5 !

Ballet Clothings


My mama is very determined..  when she can’t get the tutu for me .. at the local store..  she asked for help from her blogging and online friends.  But of course, my auntie Kai Mah would have gotten it for me.. if mama couldn’t find it.  But mama said.. she is getting it for me.. before my next dancing class because she didn’t want me to feel left out.  I had sulked and told mama i’m not like the other kids.. because i wasn’t dressed up like them.  But now .. i have my dancing shoes.. and my outfit.. my leggings.. and also my tutu..! mama found a tutu for me.. at Zellers..  not the one she wanted.. but this will do for now.. till Auntie Kim from Ontario sends one for me.


After being sick for the entire week last week, I am finally well again .. to go back to school.  I was tired .. when i woke up .. as you can see.. and there behind me.. daddy getting my shoes ready .. to leave.  I had an awesome day .. at school.. and i went to dancing class after school.. and daddy bought me a ballet school as well.. but it’s a used one.  So mama said.. she is gonna try and get me a new one instead later in the week. I like my dancing class very much.. and my tap dancing as well.

Dancing Class

Monday came.. the fever subsided.. and i was feeling quite ok.. by the afternoon.  But mama didn’t let me go to school just in case.  So i went for my dancing class for the first time.. and i liked it.. and looked forward to more next week.  I was reluctant to go.. but am glad.. i went.. because it was so much fun.  Next week on.. i’m going for tap dancing as well.  I have to get dancing shoes next week.. because they didn’t allow me to wear my own shoes even though . .my teacher told daddy .. i could wear any shoes.