2 Book Cases


This is our upstairs tv room , where mummy have friends and family over for chit chat but this is also my playroom when my friends come and visit and mummy doesn`t want me to be cold, so she would ask us to play inside this room.


I have 2 bookcases full of my books and all kinds of art and craft things inside these book cases and mummy just cleaned it out and de-cluttered my book shelves.  But soon i will be getting more book shelves in our computer room because i love reading and mummy and daddy loves buying books for me.  They liked it when i read a lot and makes sure i read at least 6 days a week.

Dad Is Fixing My Computer

 My daddy is fixing my computer again, because I think I might have clicked on something that I shouldn’t but luckily I have a  system shield antispyware  in my computer.   So that helps a lot if I do click on something I shouldn’t because this antispyware helps keeps things that are not supposed to be on my computer at bay.  Daddy said, it’s a great software to have when you have kids using your computers or if they have their own computers.  I would love to have a new computer but daddy said I don’t need a new one as of yet since I’m only 9 years old and for the stuff I use my computer for, there is no need for a expensive one but definitely need anti-spyware software as well as anti-viruses software.

Sleeping Bags For Kids

I loved my sleeping bag that I had gotten for my Christmas present from Santa – but I need more  gear for camping campbound before Summer when I go camping with my Godma Lynn.  Godma Lynn is coming back for the summer and she is bringing me out for camping with Uncle Fernand.  Santa is so smart and this sleeping bag that I’ve gotten from Santa is going to keep me really warm.  Godma said that some camping bags have got built in pillow and it feels like you are in a very warm room because of the material it is made from.  My sleeping bag is soft and it’s breathable, so I know that I will get plenty of fresh air even though I’m kept warm inside the sleeping bag. Godma has all the camping furniture and cooking utensils when we go camping, I just have to bring my sleeping bag and mosquito repellant and I’m all set.


Things That Keeps Me Busy

When I’m at the store and daddy has to work, mummy usually brings me out with her friends and she buys things from the dollar store for me to keep me busy.  This is some DIY thingie that I only played with for one day but it cost mummy maybe $1 and it kept me interested for a bit – so that I don’t disturb daddy when he has to play Magic the Gathering or when he has customers at the store.

Other times I would draw for mummy and give her the drawing because mama loves all my drawing very much.  She likes this one the best because I say she is the Queen and I make her look so pretty.   Unlike daddy, he is usually busy with the store or with his games, I spend  alot of time with mummy because she puts me first.

My Treehouse

I’m still waiting for my treehouse to be compledted by Grampie – I don’t know if this will be the year – he is going to finish it since Gramnie is no longer around to help him out with the garden.  But first of all he really needs to get some blade sharpening done before he can continue working on my treehouse.  So daddy is going to send some of Grampie’s equipment/blades out for sharpening and maybe this summer Grampie will find some ambition to finish my treehouse which he promised for a couple a years already.  And if Grampie doesn’t maybe Daddy can still use the wood cutter for doing other things like a fence in the backyard and even a swing set.

Renovating The Basement

Daddy is renovating the basement again this time – and hopefully we will be successful this year.  Every year we say we will fix the basement but we are either too busy or the contractor or the people daddy had spoken to – never show up and really do the work.  This time – perhaps because the local contractor is recommended by Mr B – we might really get a working basement.  Now someone can use all the t nuts and other bolts that daddy had bought a few years ago – when he had plans to get the basement pretty up.   It would be major renovation work, from putting up walls to rewiring the basement to put in a wood stove.  Also we are having a laundry room – ! woohoo! mama is very happy – she wanted a laundry room for a long time.

Trampoline Enclosure

Last year we bought a trampoline from a local yard sale but it didn’t come with an enclosure – so mama and daddy had been looking out for an enclosure at a reasonable price.  They check out Zellers and Walmart regularly and even online at connecticut jungle gyms –  all these places sells several outdoor swings, trampolines, sheds and swings accessories.  Daddy is always on a look out for stuff for my outdoor playground that are on sale for good prices.  I loved my trampoline and jumped on it often during the summer but I’m a bit scared to jump on it very high – plus if my friends come and play with me – we don’t want them to get hurt either – so an enclosure will be good for this summer – so that I can enjoy myself on the trampoline with my friends.

Shopping With Mama

Mama doesn’t get to go shopping very much – because she doesn’t know how to drive – so the only time she can go shopping is during the weekends.  And when she does go shopping – she has to get the most important things first – usually groceries and home furnishing or stuff that I need.  Last week – we went to hunt for some Hunter ceiling fans for the basement.  You see winter is coming – therefore we need some ceiling fans to blow the hot air around – as we use a wood stove in the basement.   With wood stove – you need to have the hot air – moved around to warm up the entire basement – so mama said – this is the best time to get it and install it before the really cold weather start setting in on us.  Mama said – no more procrastination – else – we won’t be able to get everything done before winter – and if the basement is kept warm all over – the rooms upstairs isn’t going to get warm either.

Aye Aye Mate!

Mama said if anyone wants a quick weight loss they have to have a creative and a active kid as I am.  I’m a very creative lil’ gal and can barely sit still.  So this afternoon, after coming back from school, guess what I did..??  I wanna make a pirate ship !  of course, I wanted to make some flags for my ship and tried using a plastic bag for my flag but you see i don’t have a stick so long, instead I used our Canada’s flag that were leftover from Seafest. Then I taped them all by myself and went sailing on my pirate ship.

But guess what?  where is my pirate’s hat?  so I tried to paste some cardboards together and it didn’t work, so daddy cut out a Pepsi box and made me a pirate hat.  Aye Aye Mate!

DIY Horsey

Since I have no horse to play Giddy Yup aka horsey..  what can i do..?? mama believes and preach about make shift toys.. so i’ve decided to make a toy horsey too.  I’m feeling a lot better today.. but still have drooly nose.. and stuffy voice.

I drew and i cut.. and then asked daddy to help me put a rubber band.. so i can tame the horse.  Daddy also taped the horsey onto the couch.

I had so much fun .. playing giddy up.. giddy up..!