A Banjo On My Knee

Christmas parties with family are always fun because we always have lots of musicians in the family and so are our friends.  One of our family friend plays the banjo and he said I could learn from him if I wanted to .  He uses   Musician Friends banjo  and mummy was going to get me one too.  But I think learning the banjo may be harder than learning how to play the guitar , so for now , I’m going to stick to my piano and maybe when I’m older, I can learn how to play the banjo .

USB Microphones


I have been making my on youtube videos of late, you know vlogging just like my mom who makes money vlogging for an international cosmetic company.  Mom has got some  ios device  like the above to use for her vlogging but she won’t let me use them because she said it is pretty expensive and it belongs to the cosmetic company that she works for.   So my daddy said he won’t look for something similar but for kids to use.

Christmas Concert In Church


This Christmas, I’m very popular.  I have a school concert to go to, a church concert and a piano recital as well as a birthday party for myself and for my best friend.  For my school concert, the school takes care of everything but the church one, mummy had to buy a new reed for me.  You can  buy oboe reeds at wwbw  if you didn’t know that and mummy ordered mine online.  She said they were not expensive at all and bought me the one that I liked most.  I’m excited about the church concert because this is the first time, I’m performing with my church.  Wish me luck now!

Earliest GingerBread House


Yup! this is the earliest , I have had making my gingerbread house.  Last year, during my birthday at Superstore, we had all my friends make Gingerbread house instead of Pizza because I don’t like pizzas.  So this year, mummy bought the first gingerbread house she saw on sale at Sobeys and daddy and I made it together on Sunday.


Do you like my gingerbread house?  I think I did pretty good?  hehe!  I ate my ginger bread house immediately too hhahah!


My daddy and I.

At The Music Store With Daddy


We were in the city shopping for my piano but instead daddy had his own agenda, he wanted to buy a  vox amplug  for his electric guitar.   Unfortunately, the piano/music store didn’t have any , so daddy had to hunt it down and eventually found one online and on sale too.  Now he can rock and roll with me !   Well, not till I’ve learned some rock and roll songs.  For now, I’m only playing classical tunes but daddy is getting better at playing his electric guitar.  He practices on Sundays and anytime he gets an evening off, while I have to practice my piano daily except on sundays.  But because daddy plays his electric guitar on Sundays, I too join in and play a tune or two just for fun.

A Fun Day At Upper Clements Park


We left the house at about 10.20am and picked up Jessica for a day at Upper Clements.  Mom and dad took the day off and Jeff helped us looked after the store.   Mom and dad wanted me to have some fun at Upper Clements before going back to school.  I went on so many rides this year, mummy and daddy were really impressed.


My first time trying out the antique car and I liked it even though I had a hard time maneuvering it.


I loved the pedal go kart !


We loved the merry go round rides too.

My First Recital

 I had my first recital a few weeks ago at Beacon church on a very beautiful piano  and it sounded so good, mama was really impressed with it.  Mama said that she is going to buy a better piano for me this summer, so I’m looking forward to going shopping with her and my daddy and get a piano.

Mummy said that she wants to get something that is good but not too, too expensive for me because she is afraid that I might not continue with my piano many years from now.  But she really hopes that I will because it is such a beautiful instrument to learn as both my mummy and daddy plays a few songs too.

Music Fun At Home

Daddy and I had been spending a lot of time together on Sundays since Gary doesn’t help at the store anymore.  He tries to make quality time with me on Sundays and since we both love music so much, he bought the  exceptional band in a box  to try different music to play with me and for recording.  Sometimes, daddy friends come over and jam in the basement and they let me play with my keyboard with them.  We haven’t really explore a lot with the band in the box but daddy said that it has many good software in it that we can use together and explore together.  I love these special dates with my dad since he works so hard during the week.

Batteries ! Batteries ! Batteries!

I told daddy that maybe Santa should bring me some batteries this Christmas because I need batteries for all my gadgets, from camera to controllers and also my laptop batteries.  Daddy said maybe we should tell Santa where he can get batteries and mummy pointed out that  Battery Heads here  carries all kinds of batteries for all kinds of gadgets.  Mummy knows that because she takes a lot of pictures with her digital camera and needs a good battery for her camera.  She uses the rechargeable ones and she has 3 everytime she goes out with her friends to take pictures of food and her friends. So I guess if anyone needs any kind of batteries, my mom is the person to ask.

Trombone Lessons

I saw my friend in the summer camp playing the Trombone for our talent show, so I want to learn how to play a trombone too because it looks like so much fun.  Plus, the trombone is so small, I can carry it with me just about anywhere and anytime.   Daddy found some excellent p-bone at musician’s friend and they are not expensive too, so if I am still interested in learning how to play a trombone, mummy would look for a teacher to teach me and daddy will order online for me.   I can’t wait to start my trombone lessons, that way I can play for the summer camp next year.