A Banjo On My Knee

Christmas parties with family are always fun because we always have lots of musicians in the family and so are our friends.  One of our family friend plays the banjo and he said I could learn from him if I wanted to .  He uses   Musician Friends banjo  and mummy was going to get me one too.  But I think learning the banjo may be harder than learning how to play the guitar , so for now , I’m going to stick to my piano and maybe when I’m older, I can learn how to play the banjo .

Jungle Jim’s With My Cousin


It was a sunday and we went to Jungle Jim’s with mom and daddy but I wanted to bring my cousin Jessica along , so mama called Auntie Yan to ask if Jessica can come along.  Jessica had lunch already, so she had a snack and we went to get yogurt later before sending Jessica home.  We didn’t go visit grampie because we had loads of groceries to shop for.

A Day Out With My Bear, Aunt & Cousin


We spend a day out shopping , eating and having fun with my bear, my aunt and my cousin at the Japanese restaurant.  First, we had brunch at Jungle Jims , followed by shopping at Shoppers Drug Mart for mummy and Auntie H. ‘s skincare and then we went out for dinner at the Japanese restaurant.


My aunt and I playing on the ipad.


Me and jessica at the Japanese restaurant because I wanted some company and mum wanted to bring Jessica out for dinner.  Jessica ate all kinds of japanese food, but I brought macaroni that daddy had cooked for me because i’m fussy with my food.   We had such a good time, but Jessica had motion sickness and the car ride wasn’t that awesome for her.  The Japanese restaurant took forever to reach and the service wasn’t that good.

Music Fun At Home

Daddy and I had been spending a lot of time together on Sundays since Gary doesn’t help at the store anymore.  He tries to make quality time with me on Sundays and since we both love music so much, he bought the  exceptional band in a box  to try different music to play with me and for recording.  Sometimes, daddy friends come over and jam in the basement and they let me play with my keyboard with them.  We haven’t really explore a lot with the band in the box but daddy said that it has many good software in it that we can use together and explore together.  I love these special dates with my dad since he works so hard during the week.

Cousins Time

Jasmine isn’t really my real cousin but my mummy and her mummy are like sisters – or sisters from another mother that’s what they called themselves, so Jasmine is like my cousin she said.  My mummy loved Jasmine just like a niece and wants me to spend as much time as possible with Jasmine.  I too love Jasmine a lot and try to see her often.  We always have fun together.

Baking For Halloween

This Halloween, Aunt Helena decided to bake with me for my classmates in school.  I loved baking very much, so I quickly washed my hands and got down to work.  Aunt Helena would measure all the ingredients and I helped her mashed everything together.

She put the eggs in and I did the stirring.

I love shifting the flour just like how Grammie used to teach me.

And some salt to put in.

Stir, stir , stir I go.

Now to scoop them with a spoon into the baking pan after buttering the pan.

And into the oven for only 10 minutes and viola ! all done and cooling.

Icing done by me.

And some sprinkles on the cookies.  I made one without the chocolate because one of my classmate don’t like chocolate.

Here’s my finished cookies – they were awesome!

A Visit To My Old Aunt Home

I’ve always loved to go visiting with mom and dad because they bring me to some interesting places during the weekend.  Last weekend, we visited an old Aunt in a home, these homes are places where they take care of older people who don’t want to live alone.  I loved visits like that because they have several  stairway lifts  that I can play with although mom frowns on it whenever I asked very politely to try out the stairway lifts.   But my old Aunt always tells me to hop on the stairway lifts and go for a ride.  After that, she always gives me some money to get candies for myself.  I had a wonderful visit and I will visit her again really soon.

A Day On The Beach

A day on the beach with family and friends because Godma Lynn came back from Toronto and like every year, we have a family BBQ  but this year we had it at the beach because the lodge don’t have water.  The beach is so much more fun – I played with the sand, got wet and ate a little.

These are Uncle George and John’s friends and kids – they let me buried them in the sand – they are so much fun.

Mama said what a sport the kids are.

And his father Kevin is funny too – he is very playful as well.

I hope they come visit Uncle George and John more so that we can play together.

Helping My Aunt Move

I helped my Auntie H cleaned her new apartment because I want to be a good girl and because Auntie H doesn’t have anyone in town to help her.  So between mama and I – we try to co-ordinate many people to help Auntie H moving house a smooth transition.  I want to be like my mama and helping everyone who needs help.  But of course, after helping Auntie H, I have to play with boxes too !  too bad Layla isn’t around to play in Auntie H’s new apt.