Easter Fun 2012

This is the first year I’m having Easter without Grammie – I was kinda afraid that I would be disappointed but I wasn’t because Grampie really stepped up and did a wonderful Easter Hunt for me today.  I was very happy!  Yesterday, we went to the Farmer’s market and saw the Bunny Rabbit.

And some people all dressed up with easter fun hat – I had bunny ears too.

And Chef Kent was there too.

This was what the Easter bunny left for me on Easter morning.

And a story book.

And a toy called posey and lots of chocolates.

Then I had supper at Grampie’s with Aunt Helena cooking me a turkey and some friends and relatives were there to play with me.  But Grampie wasn’t feeling too good.  I felt better after some good food and cake.  I had a good Easter despite the fact that I missed Grammie but no one mentioned Grammie today – so I didn’t get too, too sad.

Christmas Present For A Cousin

Daddy said we are getting a special Christmas present for my cousin Peggy – and I got all excited about it – until he told me he was getting a alcohol detox for cousin Peggy.    I asked daddy why? and daddy said Cousin peggy loves to drink during the festive season, so this year – he would prefer to give her a useful gift to help her get rid of some really nasty toxins in her body.   Luckily, daddy and mummy don’t drink – else I just might have to get them a alcohol detox for a gift when I’m older.  Daddy said alcohol detox is great for people who needs help with their drinking habits  – and I guess there must be a lot of people who loved to drink during the holidays – so should everyone give their loved ones a alcohol detox too?  I wonder how many people get a gift for alcohol detox during Christmas.

Santa’s Gift Shoppe

Every year my school will set up a Santa’s gift shoppe for students to buy a gift for their parents.  We are to bring $2 for 2 gifts – and we can go choose those gifts in the morning – and they will be wrapped up by teachers and parents who are volunteering for the workshop.  Mama wants to volunteer this year – but I asked her not to because I want my gifts to be a surprised.  Too bad they don’t have welding supplies at the Santa’s gift shoppe because I know that Grampie and Uncle Richard could use some of these welding supplies as they are always doing some welding outdoors.  Uncle Richard has a pair of goggle eye glass that he puts on when he is welding to protect his eyes – and he wears thick gloves too when he is welding.  Mama said she will bring me shopping for welding stuff for Grampie and Uncle Richard this weekend – I can’t wait for the weekend to come.

Birthday Party @ Grammie’s

This year I celebrated my birthday at Grammie’s.  Grammie and I made the cake yesterday – because she needed to cook up a storm with Aunt Helena.  This is the cake we all ate after dinner.

Mama bought a toy to put on the cake – because she knows I like toys on my cake.  It’s a Zooble that I wanted so much – and mama knew that I want it very much.  But I didn’t pester mama to buy it – I just told her this was nice – i really liked it and she remembered.

This is me being silly with the birthday decoration.

It’s the best birthday I’ve had because I got to play Trouble with Uncle Lloyd, Uncle Richard and Grammie – I had so much fun.

This is from Kai Mah Lina! a walking dog !  I loveddddddddddddd this !  Thank you – Auntie Kai Mah!

More presents – this one is from Aunt Helena.

Another present – this one from Uncle Richard – it’s a book and money – thank you Uncle Richard.

This is from Grammie.  Thank you Grammie!

More presents – this one from Uncle Jerry and Aunt Rainy! thank you !

This is from Aunt Helena again – but this one is my Christmas present.

These are my uncles and aunts and of course Grampie over there.

Monster High – Draculaura !  yay!!! i loved this one too!

I had a lot of presents – Uncle Lloyd bought me a creative book – and Aunt Sandra bought me a Nail Art book – Aunt Renette who didn’t come gave me money.  I also got money from Uncle Lloyd and Uncle Richard.  So yes!  i have lots of presents now.

And all had dinner followed by my birthday cake.  It was a great party – i loved it.  And Grammie planned it all – next year I want a party at Grammie’s again.  And I turn 8 yrs old on the 19 December.

Christmas Shopping In November

Yes, November is coming soon – and mama has already planned a trip to Halifax for Christmas shopping because she has some very specific things to buy for the extended family that she cannot get in town.  Normally, we would try and buy everything here in town but some things you just have to either go to the city to get or buy them online.  Mama needs her Asian food from the city and her Japanese incense sticks as well.  She also needs to get some Luminox blackout watches this year for some of my cousins and uncle for they had asked for a hunting watch.  And mama like to shop anywhere – where there is free shipping – so she tries to take advantage of it for she doesn’t like to pay for shipping.  I hope this year we get to do all our Christmas shopping before the end of November – that way mama can concentrate on planning my birthday party.

My Uncle From Hong Kong

My uncle from Hong Kong is about my mama’s age – and he is an engineer with a big company in Hong Kong – he is a great man – but he doesn’t have any girlfriend.  I asked mama why?  because I would love to have some cousins to play with when I go visit mama’s family in Asia and mama said because Uncle Ben is very busy at work when he was younger and now that he is older – he can’t find anyone suitable for him.   I told mama that Uncle Ben should try some free online dating to get a girlfriend – just like how mama met my daddy – online – in which mama had laughed and wrote to Uncle Ben about it on Facebook.  Uncle Ben said – he would take my suggestion seriously and let me know how he make out on the free online dating site.  So hopefully, Uncle Ben finds the love of his life online and I will have some lil’ cousins to play with when I go back to Asia for a visit.

Present For Uncle Richard

You all must be wondering what i got my Uncle Richard for Christmas right?  No ! I didn’t get him any cigars like I got for Grampie – the Swisher Sweets but I got him something that he can use and will appreciate and doesn’t cost me a lot.   In fact, we have been collecting his Christmas gift for an entire year now.  Can you guess what we gave him as Christmas present?  Well, this one was one of them – a box full of ketchup collected from various fast food store throughout the year – muahahha!! we even got plum sauce as well as BBQ sauce in a school box.  I told Uncle Richard that I was very poor and cannot afford to get him cigars – and this was what we could afford – hahhaa!! everyone had a good laugh seeing a boxful of packet ketchup.

My Cousin Nick

The person that is circled was my cousin Nick.  I met him for the first time last year in August – they came for cousins Lindsay and Allison’s wedding – little did I know that it was also the last time I will be seeing cousin Nick again.  Cousin Nick passed away 2 nights ago – suddenly – we are all shocked because cousin Nick was only 18 yrs old.  When mama said that we might be going to Toronto – I was all worried because I didn’t want to go on an airplane – I think I got sick because of worrying about flying.  We are extremely sad – rest in peace – Cousin Nick!  I hope you are with angels now.

My Cousins Are In Town

My cousins from Ottawa were here during the weekend and we went all the way to Briar’s Lake for a BBQ – of course – we didn’t eat anything – because I’m stubborn that way.  Mama had to get me fries and nuggets from Macdonald’s on the way out to Briar’s Lake – but I still didn’t eat the nuggets until much, much later – when we were going home – and only ate one.  Anyhow, I was looking forward to see Gabriel because mama had said – I had kissed Gabriel by accident when he was very young and visiting.   So i brushed my teeth, cleaned my face and dressed up fancy – to meet Gabriel again.  Gabriel is a little younger than I but he is as tall as I.  He loves to play his DS but i love to go outdoors and run around.

This is Xavier – my other younger cousin – he is 3 years old – but he is awfully smart and cute – he is very active too – and he would follow us around and climb hills with us and try and do everything we do.

We colored together and when we had to say goodbye – Gabriel said – “see you when I am 7 yrs old ” hehe!!   See you soon Gabriel!

Grampie Toys

So we went to Grampie’s yesterday and I am now not so afraid to play with Grampie’s toys.  Grampie has lots of them and in fact he bought another new one for $5000 – my grampie loves his toys.  See this is me – driving my grampie’s tractor – one that he uses in the garden during Spring time and the Sumer – when he needs to do his gardening.   This year – i’m gonna be helping Grampie with his garden because I’m going to be spending a lot of time with Grammie and Grampie.

See how proud Grampie is with his new toy!  This one is way bigger than the one i was on.  Maybe – when i am older i can drive this too.  Maybe – Gerald Kor Kor can come and drive the tractor – and talk to grampie about motor cars and stuff – since Kai Mah said ..  he likes toys like that too.