This are my uncles and cousins and family  – they were here for Alli’s and Lindsay’s wedding.   We have Uncle Bobby on the left, then there is my grammie, my daddy, my Uncle Fernand, my Godma Lynn, my cousin Nick, my cousin Tom and of course, my beloved Aunt Helena.. and then there is me there.  This is summer 2009.

Aunt Helena and Grammie Came To Visit

Aunt Helena and Grammie came to visit this after with the insurance quote that daddy needed.  I was having my lunch..  and of course didn’t finished it.. because i was too distracted.  But i had fun while Grammie was here fixing her computer.. and when they left.. i still haven’t finished my lunch.  So mama said.. i’m not getting fries and Mickey D tomorrow.  Ooh ohhh..!! lets see if mama is smart enough to remember or not tomorrow.. usually she isn’t .. muahahahah!!

Wedding Of Lindsay

We attended cousin Lindsay’s wedding this afternoon and it was all the way in Bellville – far away from town.  We met many friends and relatives there – who were also there for the ceremony, we even met the guy who sold us some cheap health insurance many years ago, when i was born.  Godma Lynn was there, so was Uncle Budd and Aunt May from Halifax and many ppl that knows mama and daddy.

It was a very nice wedding except for the flies and bugs that didn’t wanna leave me alone.  We took many pictures of cousin – Lindsay and her husband.. mama said she will put it up for Kai mah to see later.  I was also wearing a dress sent to me by Kai mah Lina and everyone said i was so pretty – i told them my Kai mah bought the dress for me.. and sent it all the way from Singapore.

Mama said this is my Aunt Lindsay .. but here in Canada.. she is known as my second cousin or something like that.   She is papa’s cousin – “pui gu che” – but here.. they donch called her “pui gu che”.

Presents From My Kai Mah From Singapore

Look what my Kai Mah – Lina sent me from Singapore yesterday..??  A special edition of Hello Kitty in Japanese costume.  Wow..!! i bet Kai Mah Joey would love it too.   This must be the “poh peh” – priceless gift mama was telling me about.  Besides this Hello Kitty doll, there are lots more in a 5 Kg box all the way from Singapore.  Mama said kai mah must have spent a small fortune sending them to me – must be more expensive then the prices for term life insurance .  Thank you .. Kai Mah..!!!  I love you very much..  not because you send me so many things.. but because you are my Kai Mah.. !! mama said .. i am very blessed.. !

I’m A Rocker

Phil and Brenda ( Keegan’s parents) bought me a real guitar for Christmas.. !!!  I love it..!! and i’ve been wanting this for years now.   They are so nice to me.. Brenda i like a lot .. Phil .. he teases me so much.  But all i have to do is tell Brenda .. and she will ask Phil to stop.

Now i can have my own rock band with Keegan

Keegan plays the guitar too..  and she had been learning it for years.. and also giving lessons.  So Phil said she has to teach me now.