The Day I Had Double Desserts


Mum said , it’s lucky that I’m cute, else I wouldn’t be getting away with having 2 desserts.  We had gone to Rudders by the waterfront for supper (well , mom and her friends)  , I already had supper at home, coz’ supper was late for them.   So I get to order dessert , which was a chocolate mousse cake.


It was awesome but a lot of mousse for my liking , so I didn’t finish it but I wanted another dessert.


So mom ordered this moon mist ice cream for me and I finished it all.


Mom and her Japanese friend, who just got back from Japan.

My Mom Lets Me Try Everything At Least Once


As you all know my mom is very adventurous when it comes to food, so she lets me try everything at least once and if I liked it , I can have some more but everything in moderation.


So when Tim Hortons came out with this new summer chocolatey drink, mom went to get it for me during the weekend.  I loved it but as usual it was too much and too creamy for me to finish it.  Daddy helped me finish it.  I’m never deprived of anything from food to candies or drinks.  Mom said I’m a really lucky kid !

Old But New Restaurant In Town


For those who don’t know by now, my mom and aunt loves to eat and try any kind of food.  So when a local restaurant in town open its door again for business after closing for many years , they had to go try the food out again of course !  My Aunt Lynette called for the get – together and mom suggested Austrian Inn since we haven’t been there for the longest time.  The restaurant closed its door many years ago, when I was still very young and mom said it looks almost the same when they were there a few years ago.  Some  A1 Restaurant Furniture  might be a good addition to their dining room seating if you asked me.



Shiny Josh was there too and of course , Aunt Lynette had to photo bomb us hahaha!


Aunty Hyunjin with Jasmine (her god – daughter)


A group photo excluding mom and Shiny Josh as he didn’t feel so well at this time.


So the food arrived and this was the seafood crepe.  It was very good according to Aunty Kim.  But as you can see, the tables and chairs are pretty non- decorative and very standard looking.


Jasmine had fish and so did Shiny Josh.


I had half a portion of fish because I could never finish the whole portion.  But they were fancy and had green stuff on it coz’ mom forgot to tell them no green stuff.   Mom ordered a side portion of fries for me but the fries were a little too soggy for my liking.


Aunty Lynette and Chicken Gordon Bleu and she said it was pretty good.  Daddy  might like this too.


Mom had scallops with garlic linguine but she didn’t taste any garlic in it.  The linguine could have been a little bit more to fill her up as she was sharing with Aunty Hyunjin.


Hunter Schnitzer was like flatter fried pork and it was pretty good , Aunty Hyunjin gave half to mom.  The rice didn’t taste like anything in particular.


But the apple pie was really good, they had real chunky size of apple and the ice cream I had them of course.  Overall, it was a pretty decent meal, mom paid $31 for both of us and a $10 in tips. I do like the place but it could definitely use some new restaurant furniture.

Jungle Jim’s With My Cousin


It was a sunday and we went to Jungle Jim’s with mom and daddy but I wanted to bring my cousin Jessica along , so mama called Auntie Yan to ask if Jessica can come along.  Jessica had lunch already, so she had a snack and we went to get yogurt later before sending Jessica home.  We didn’t go visit grampie because we had loads of groceries to shop for.

Ice Cream At New Ice Cream Store


Summer is here and daddy and I have to check out the new ice cream place in Hebron.  Well, it isn’t new , new but they have new owners.  Although, the new owner was there, she didn’t say hi to us while cleaning the glass windows, so sad!  But I loved the ice cream, it tasted richer than the previous ones , so we will be visiting more often.

So for those who haven’t been to Hebron’s ice cram place yet, you have to go check it out and support the new business – according to my mom.

Loving Jungle Jim’s


So I’ve been eating a lot at Jungle Jim’s ever since they re-opened.  I loved the old Jungle Jim’s and miss their old wait staff, but the new one is good too.  I eat my usual fish and chips or monkey fingers with a juice and ice cream.


See how much I loved Jungle Jim’s???

Frozen Yogurt My Favorite


Manda’s Frozen yogurt is currently my favorite dessert.  Mama, Auntie Hyunjin and I go there like 3 times a week.  It’s so yummy, and I get to choose whatever I want to put inside my frozen yogurt.  I told mummy, I want to have my birthday party here.

Lunch With Layla @ Jungle Jims

Layla and I are having lunch together at Jungle Jims with our moms and even though Layla doesn’t like meat – she ate some grilled sandwich whenever she goes out to eat.   Layla said she is a vegetarian but her mom wants her to eat some meat – so sometimes she will eat the meat just to please her mom.

I’m going to miss Layla a lot when she moves away to Ottawa in a few weeks, therefore, we are spending as much time as possible with layla and auntie Jackie – and of course cute Shantal.  i’m going to miss Shantal a lot too.

Kitchen Renovation

Our kitchen is in the midst of a renovation right now because mama wants a dishwasher and a mixer lift for the kitchen.  We entertained our friends a lot so a dish washer is long overdue but recently, mummy had been doing a lot of baking, so a mixer lift is important to the kitchen as well.  Having a mixer lift saves a lot of space in the kitchen and storing it away makes it easier for mama when she is done using it.  For those who wants a mixer lift like mama, go  here for mixer lift  – you can order them online and it’s easy to install, even daddy could do it on his own.

Hot Cocoa @ Sip Cafe

Sip Cafe opened its door for a few months now but we haven’t really gone into it to try out the food and drinks.  It’s a little like Starbucks and mama said that in the summer – they are going to have like a sidewalk cafe and we are all excited about it.  As our little town needs a lot more places like that  – where there is wifi – and a good sitting area for people to enjoy their hot cocoa and go on the internet.

The hot cocoa with marshmallows were awesome too and the barista was really nice to me.

I like the seat there – where I can watch people walking and the cars goes by.

Yummy!  love the Sip Cafe!