Thank You For The Postcards


Thank you for the postcards , Auntie Alice.  You are so kind to think of me always , whether you are on vacation or for a business trips.  You send me gifts and postcards, I loved the postcards so much because I loved seeing the stamps and collecting them.  I can’t wait to frame up the postcards and put them at our cottage to show friends and family.


The top one is from Washington and the second on was when you had a layover and was in Russia.  Love it so much.  Thank you very much !  I am grateful for an Aunt like you.

Fun At The Beach


Beach day !  And since we have our own private beach just behind our cottage, we have to make use of it even though it was pretty cold after the sun went behind the clouds.   My “cousin” Jessica was with me and we had such a blast.


Look ! there is only 2 of us in the entire beach !


An empty beach ! woohoo!


I’m burying Jessica!  she loved it !


I was covering her proper here.


Halfway done, Jessica was so tickled.


Yoo Hoo !  I’m here too !


Jessica covered with sand and I was the mastermind.  Love Jessica , she is so fun to be with.

The Day I Had Double Desserts


Mum said , it’s lucky that I’m cute, else I wouldn’t be getting away with having 2 desserts.  We had gone to Rudders by the waterfront for supper (well , mom and her friends)  , I already had supper at home, coz’ supper was late for them.   So I get to order dessert , which was a chocolate mousse cake.


It was awesome but a lot of mousse for my liking , so I didn’t finish it but I wanted another dessert.


So mom ordered this moon mist ice cream for me and I finished it all.


Mom and her Japanese friend, who just got back from Japan.

Old But New Restaurant In Town


For those who don’t know by now, my mom and aunt loves to eat and try any kind of food.  So when a local restaurant in town open its door again for business after closing for many years , they had to go try the food out again of course !  My Aunt Lynette called for the get – together and mom suggested Austrian Inn since we haven’t been there for the longest time.  The restaurant closed its door many years ago, when I was still very young and mom said it looks almost the same when they were there a few years ago.  Some  A1 Restaurant Furniture  might be a good addition to their dining room seating if you asked me.



Shiny Josh was there too and of course , Aunt Lynette had to photo bomb us hahaha!


Aunty Hyunjin with Jasmine (her god – daughter)


A group photo excluding mom and Shiny Josh as he didn’t feel so well at this time.


So the food arrived and this was the seafood crepe.  It was very good according to Aunty Kim.  But as you can see, the tables and chairs are pretty non- decorative and very standard looking.


Jasmine had fish and so did Shiny Josh.


I had half a portion of fish because I could never finish the whole portion.  But they were fancy and had green stuff on it coz’ mom forgot to tell them no green stuff.   Mom ordered a side portion of fries for me but the fries were a little too soggy for my liking.


Aunty Lynette and Chicken Gordon Bleu and she said it was pretty good.  Daddy  might like this too.


Mom had scallops with garlic linguine but she didn’t taste any garlic in it.  The linguine could have been a little bit more to fill her up as she was sharing with Aunty Hyunjin.


Hunter Schnitzer was like flatter fried pork and it was pretty good , Aunty Hyunjin gave half to mom.  The rice didn’t taste like anything in particular.


But the apple pie was really good, they had real chunky size of apple and the ice cream I had them of course.  Overall, it was a pretty decent meal, mom paid $31 for both of us and a $10 in tips. I do like the place but it could definitely use some new restaurant furniture.

I Held A Baby Day !


Yay!  i held a baby finally!  this baby is a twin , Auntie Huijing came to visit from Petawawa and brought Kai and her twins to visit us here in Yarmouth.  Her baby girls were so cute and I wanted to hold them so bad and Auntie Huijing said it’s ok.  See the baby didn’t cry at all.  I didn’t hold her for long but long enough to love to babysit them when they are older and when they move back to Yarmouth in a few years.

Jessica’s 8th Birthday


Jessica is like a cousin to me – not the real kinda cousin but nevertheless, her mom and my mom are like sisters , so we are like cousins.  Anyhow, it’s her 8th birthday and Jessica asked her mom if she could have it on a Saturday, so that I can attend her birthday too because Sundays are Grampie and Aunt Helena’s days, so I won’t be able to go if it was held on Sunday.   Jessica had her birthday at Macdonald’s with some friends and her brothers, we had a really great time eating and playing.


We each had a cupcake birthday cake too ! yummy!!

Nova My Friend Came To Visit


My friend from home and school , Nova came to visit me about a week ago.  We spent the day together because she leaves the next day with her mom and brother.  I missed Nova very much, because she is a very good friend.  We play well together and we share the same interest.  Thank you Nova for coming to visit me in Yarmouth.

Thank You Auntie Regina !

Auntie Regina sent a huge box of goodies for mama and I from Singapore, it was a huge huge box which cost Auntie Regina close to $300 in postage alone.  Mama was overwhelmed by Auntie Regina’s generosity and kindness and here I want to thank Auntie Regina for all the gifts she has sent me thus far.  From a camera to a Merlion stuffie and all sorts of goodies.

Look at all the goodies, from tote bag to a back pack and tooth brushes

And even a socks!  thank you Auntie Regina and all the cake and goodies for mama and I.  I can’t wait to meet up with you when I visit Singapore.  Thank you very much !

Lunch With Jessica

We have been wanting to have lunch with Jessica for the longest time, so this weekend, mama and Auntie Hyunjin brought us out for lunch at the Snack Place.  Jessica said this place was FANCY!  heheh!  she is too cute !  I love playing with Jessica and her brothers.

I had my usual fish and chips

And Jessica had a burger with chips.  We had a great time.

Huggable Pug From Japan

I must be the luckiest  kid on earth! the things i get in the mail from mummy’s friends from all over the world! wow! it’s unbelievable!  mummy’s friend, Aunt Alice went to Japan for a vacation and she sent me a box of goodies and chocolates from Japan !!!  Now you tell me, who would have time to pick things up for someone else when they are on vacation right? and this wasn’t a small box at that – it ws a huge box of goodies that included this huggable pug to be warmed up for me to hug and go to bed with.   I’m the luckiest kid on earth.  Thank you Aunt Alice!  yer the best!  well, besides all the other aunties and kai mah who sends me boxes of goodies every year too.  Thank you all!