Last week mama and I went to watch the Minions – well you know that movie show – Despicable Me 2 at the movie theater alone !  this is the first time we went for a show on our own.  Usually, we go with our friends like other kids but since no one was available, we went on our own.  It was fun and we had a blast ! mama and I.

Today, we went to Macdonald’s to get a meal and we got these with our Happy meal.  Mama said that in Asia, people – like grown ups fight for these minions – now how silly is that?  I’m but 9 yrs old but I will never destroy someone’s property or fight with the counter girls for minions!

Puppet Time After A Bath

This is me after a bath, I like to act silly sometimes and do puppet shows with my socks because I want to make my mummy laugh and she thinks I’m silly and all.   I have my pants on my head and my socks on my hands and then I make a puppet show.  Daddy doesn’t get to see me act funny because he doesn’t know how to laugh when I act silly but my mummy does – so I do stuff with her when daddy isn’t around.

When I’m Not Sick

When I’m not sick I like to play mummy and carry my  baby behind me like Jessica’s mom.  I think that’s all they carry their babies in China – that’s where Jessica’s mummy is from I think.  But I loved doing the same thing like Jessica’s mom – I think it’s cute.

This is just me fooling around and letting mom take a picture of my silliness.

Crazy Hair Day @ School

Friday was crazy hair day at school and I was so excited about it – I couldn’t get to sleep thinking of what kind of hair do – do I want to make for school.  This was what I decided in the end  and mummy and daddy helped me tie my hair in a crazy manner and we went to school late of course.

Crazy hair day is like PJ day at school – we had to pay $1 to wear our hair crazy.  Mummy said it made no sense – but she said it’s alright since it was fund raising for the school and all because I wanted to give $1 to school.   I had fun on Crazy hair day but I didn’t keep my hair like that for the entire day – I took everything out before the school ended.

I’m Just So Talented

It was after my karate class one night and I had nothing to do – while waiting for daddy to bring me home.  So I wanted to dance – and asked my mama to make this video for my kai mah  – to make kai mah laugh.  But mama had fun – doing the video and I had fun too.   I just love being silly and making mama make videos of me.

My Daddy’s Tummy – Soooo Comfy !

My daddy’s tummy is Soooooo… comfy!  we were eating at a restaurant and waiting for my dessert – so i laid down on my daddy’s tummy and took a snooze.  I love my daddy’s tummy!!  and I love my daddy! Mama is very happy that I’m so closed with daddy – she made sure that daddy takes an interest in whatever I do – and she makes every opportunity to put daddy first in my life.  Mama said – this is because her daddy never took an interest in them when they were kids – so she didn’t want daddy to miss out on all the cute moments of me growing up.

When I Am Bored …

When I am bored at the store – while papa is working – I get boxes and more boxes and make a train for me and my toys.  Of course – teddy had to be in front and be the driver.

And of course – I sometimes still get bored – because no one wants to play with me – so I show papa how bored I am.

And when I know that mama is gonna take pictures of me – I would scream.

And I show my monkey face – hahha!  but it’s all for fun – I’m not really mad or anything – just posing for mama’s camera – now if they would give me a good camera.

My Doggie, Pepsi

This is my pet – Pepsi -! i wanted a real dog – but i’m scare of dogs – so now I’m learning to take care of my toy doggie – Pepsi first.  I bathed Pepsi – I give Pepsi food and I take Pepsi for walks too – plus I also take care of Pepsi’s poopie.  I think I’m ready for a real doggie but mama said nope – not till I’m like a teenager – because then I can really take care of a real dog.  So now I’ll just have to settle for Pepsi.