Pro Audio System

As many of you may already know , we moved to our new store some 8 months ago , last summer and since we are an entertainment store , dad needs some pro audio system for the store.  He wants to hook it up to the gaming consoles and the tvs we have in store , to show our customers what they really look and sound like when they bring them home.  So we shop at  where one can buy affordable or most professional audio system depending on what your budget is.   People mistake that the guitar center is all about guitars but it’s so not true , they sell more than guitars.  I love shopping online with dad as we get to pick and choose and read reviews together.

Birthday Present For Daddy 2015


Daddy birthday is in early December and even though I don’t have a lot of money saved up for his birthday, I think I can afford to get him this trigger guitar for his jamming sessions with his friends. I know that daddy needs a new one and this one looks really good and isn’t that expensive either. Mummy checked the reviews for this and she said everyone said good things about it. I’m very happy with my present for daddy , I know he is going to think I’m the best kid!

USB Microphones


I have been making my on youtube videos of late, you know vlogging just like my mom who makes money vlogging for an international cosmetic company.  Mom has got some  ios device  like the above to use for her vlogging but she won’t let me use them because she said it is pretty expensive and it belongs to the cosmetic company that she works for.   So my daddy said he won’t look for something similar but for kids to use.

Parking Solution At Grampie

 01At my Grampie’s house in the country, he has lots of cars and trucks from old ones and the ones he is currently using.  Since grampie has lots of land, we don’t really have trouble parking those cars and trucks that he isn’t using but when we have family visiting, then it can get quite crowded.  So , daddy is looking for a parking solution for the trucks and cars that he and Uncle Richard isn’t using but insist on collecting those old vintage cars.  The best and most efficient way to keep all the cars and trucks in order is to get some auto lifts, therefore, this summer, they will check out the safety features on auto lifts  around the city.

 Of course, I will be tagging along with them since I loved all the cars and trucks at Grampie’s and it will be an interesting trip for Grampie, daddy and I as they also want to compare prices.  The auto lifts are said to hold more than 7000 Ibs and several models to choose from.  And since Grampie and Uncle Richard both loved to tinkle with those cars and trucks, it’s a great way to ensure that both can work on those cars and trucks and avoid getting into an accident.  So I’m really happy that they are getting those auto lifts this summer.

Vlogging Mic


So mummy had been vlogging a lot lately because she is working with youtube and is loving it.  But like all my mom’s new adventures , it only means more gadgets.  So the latest and the newest is this  samson meteor mic  and I’m having a lot of fun with it too because I want to make my own vlog for Minecraft!

 Mummy was using a cheap mic at first but the recording and output for the video sounds didn’t come out just right, so she looked for something better but at a reasonable price.  Mom said that this good looking mic is less than $100 USD and it comes with  a stand and all the wires for USB socket to the computer or anything that has a USB plug in them.   Both mom and I are loving it especially mom because now her vlog comes out really well.

6 Bags Of Toys


Yes! my mummy trashed 6 bags worth of my toys from the tv room upstairs and the kitchen.  6 whole bags !  and she took an entire Sunday to do it!!  And it was hard work , I had to tell mummy that i loved her while she go through everything for me and I went out to play with my neighbor.


She is not done yet she said because there is the basement and also the corners of the upstairs rooms.


They are also throwing away my doll house but it`s falling apart on the roof.


Papers, drawing, toys, bags.


So this is how it looks like at one corner of the kitchen but mummy said she ain`t done yet.

Music Fun At Home

Daddy and I had been spending a lot of time together on Sundays since Gary doesn’t help at the store anymore.  He tries to make quality time with me on Sundays and since we both love music so much, he bought the  exceptional band in a box  to try different music to play with me and for recording.  Sometimes, daddy friends come over and jam in the basement and they let me play with my keyboard with them.  We haven’t really explore a lot with the band in the box but daddy said that it has many good software in it that we can use together and explore together.  I love these special dates with my dad since he works so hard during the week.

Batteries ! Batteries ! Batteries!

I told daddy that maybe Santa should bring me some batteries this Christmas because I need batteries for all my gadgets, from camera to controllers and also my laptop batteries.  Daddy said maybe we should tell Santa where he can get batteries and mummy pointed out that  Battery Heads here  carries all kinds of batteries for all kinds of gadgets.  Mummy knows that because she takes a lot of pictures with her digital camera and needs a good battery for her camera.  She uses the rechargeable ones and she has 3 everytime she goes out with her friends to take pictures of food and her friends. So I guess if anyone needs any kind of batteries, my mom is the person to ask.

Running Errands With Daddy


Running errands with daddy can be so fun when we are up in the city.  While mummy and her friends go shopping for their stuff, me and daddy went hunting for stuff he needed for the store and I found some  of the things that daddy needed for him.  So as a reward, I had a happy meal for lunch before heading home.   Daddy said I’m a good helper and indeed I am, I love doing things with my daddy and even though he is busy, he tries his best to let me tag a long any chance he gets.

A Visit To My Old Aunt Home

I’ve always loved to go visiting with mom and dad because they bring me to some interesting places during the weekend.  Last weekend, we visited an old Aunt in a home, these homes are places where they take care of older people who don’t want to live alone.  I loved visits like that because they have several  stairway lifts  that I can play with although mom frowns on it whenever I asked very politely to try out the stairway lifts.   But my old Aunt always tells me to hop on the stairway lifts and go for a ride.  After that, she always gives me some money to get candies for myself.  I had a wonderful visit and I will visit her again really soon.