MineCraft Gift From Mummy’s Advertiser


Yup ! my mom gets all kind of freebies from her advertisers.  One of them knew that I was into Lego and Minecraft, so during a recent meeting in the city, they bought this for me.  Woohoo!  I’m so in love with it  Very happy indeed. !  Lucky for me, my mom’s advertisers love her so much , I get all kinds of freebies ! i’m the luckiest kid !

6 Bags Of Toys


Yes! my mummy trashed 6 bags worth of my toys from the tv room upstairs and the kitchen.  6 whole bags !  and she took an entire Sunday to do it!!  And it was hard work , I had to tell mummy that i loved her while she go through everything for me and I went out to play with my neighbor.


She is not done yet she said because there is the basement and also the corners of the upstairs rooms.


They are also throwing away my doll house but it`s falling apart on the roof.


Papers, drawing, toys, bags.


So this is how it looks like at one corner of the kitchen but mummy said she ain`t done yet.

Batteries ! Batteries ! Batteries!

I told daddy that maybe Santa should bring me some batteries this Christmas because I need batteries for all my gadgets, from camera to controllers and also my laptop batteries.  Daddy said maybe we should tell Santa where he can get batteries and mummy pointed out that  Battery Heads here  carries all kinds of batteries for all kinds of gadgets.  Mummy knows that because she takes a lot of pictures with her digital camera and needs a good battery for her camera.  She uses the rechargeable ones and she has 3 everytime she goes out with her friends to take pictures of food and her friends. So I guess if anyone needs any kind of batteries, my mom is the person to ask.

A Crooked House

We have been looking for an outdoor playhouse for this summer because I wanna draw in it and sell my artwork in it – my artwork company is called Art for Everything.  I loved to draw and sometimes, I get to auction off my drawings when I am in Grampie’s home and I make the money and uses them to buy artwork supplies.  Sometimes I have a friend who comes and plays with me and sometimes I do it on my own but it would be fun to have a kid playhouse.

Unfortunately, this playhouse is like $1800 after taxes, so daddy said it’s way too expensive and even mama says that – so if my mama says that too it has to be expensive. I’m still waiting for Grampie to get my playhouse together, lets hope he gets it done before I’m too old to play in them.

Grass Fun

We were all having fun together one sunday morning and we buried Gracie with grass, she was such a good sport  and let us do that.  We had so much laugh that day and Gracie was really cute and most important thing is she had fun.  If she didn’t had fun, I wouldn’t do it to her.

Playing Pool With Dad

I loved playing pool, in fact, I try and play pool when I am at the YMCA but there wasn’t really anyone to play with me when I’m at the YMCA.  So when daddy said he wanted to play pool with me, of course, I’m happy.  We went to daddy’s friends house in the country to play pool – and even though he was not in town, it was better than going to Dooly’s to play because I’m just a kid.

We played for like 2 hrs before we headed home for supper  – and I wished that we had a big enough basement just to have a pool table – unfortunately, we don’t have such a huge space, so for now, we just have to play at a friend’s house.

My New Skylanders Game

Look who got the new Skylanders Giant game?  ME OF COURSE!  I’m spoilt to the max – mama said but daddy is really smart – he brings his old games to EB games and gets credit for it and trade them in for this new game – so technically, daddy didn’t spend the full price for the new game.  But I’m still pretty much spoilt – now I can play the new Skylanders game with daddy on Sunday.  I have a lot of figurines for the Skylander game already but I collect them as they come along.

Online Games Fit For Kids

I loved to  play online games  but mummy and daddy are very careful and selective as to what I can play online – they watch over me like a hawk whenever I play my webkinz games but mummy found a new site that is suitable for kids like myself.  They have  Scooby Doo , Powerpuff girls and a food game – that is actually a game to test your brain power.   It’s not difficult to load the online games – it doesn’t take up any memory on your hard drive for it’s online and if your internet is decent – daddy said he doesn’t see any problem with any kids playing with it.

I don’t play a lot of online games but when I do, mummy wants to make sure that I learned something out of it – like patience and using some brain juice to think of a solution. There are lots of games you can play on this site – about 329 online games and all of them are colorful and the animation seems pretty good too. I can play online games for the entire day – but of course mummy won’t allow me to do so – everything in moderation  – so I’ve learned but it sure kept me occupied while mummy and daddy have to work.

Games I Play

Skylanders Spyro Adventure is one of the games I play with my daddy – because this is my way of spending time with daddy.  Daddy does not seems interested in playing my kinda games – so we have to find a common ground and play games he likes to play like mama needs to find movies that daddy likes to watch – to spend time with him.  This daddy everyone gotta tip toe around him – one day he would be very lonely – if he doesn’t try and accommodate us too and expect us to accommodate him.

Skylander Figurines

Mama bought me more skylander figurines to play with with my games.  The more figurines I have – the more power I have with my games.  It’s very hard to get the figurines because they are not on sale here often – so mama looked out for me on the yardsale or on auction sites and she bought some for me today – woohoo!! mama always thinks of me.  Mama said when I grow up I better know that she always thinks of me first and give me the best in everything even before I asked for them.