Closing Cottage For Winter


Mom & dad are getting ready to close the cottage for winter and as you can see, we do not have any  Royal Teak Furniture | Home and Patio Decor  for our outdoor furniture, we have to bring everything into the cottage for the winter.  So last week, we cleaned up the outdoor furniture , wipe them down from the summer use and all the dirt and grass as well as bugs that got stuck onto them and brought them all into the cottage for storage.

Mom had wanted to invest in teak furniture as they are supposed to be good for all kind of weather and you don’t have to worry about rain or the sun ray that might damage the outdoor furniture.  Mom said teak furniture are very expensive but you pay for what you get because teak furniture are made from the best kind of wood and they last up to 70 years.  When mom was a teenager, she said that only the very rich people can afford teak furniture and they have it at their pool as lounge furniture for suntanning and benches for picnics.  But now, one can get them as dining set and even Adirondacks like the ones we have above but made of teak wood.   The ones that we bought were handmade as well and they are made out of cedar wood but mom said she didn’t think that cedar wood are as good as teak.  Cedar wood is not rot resistant mom said but one can use water repellent like we did with ours but teak wood is much better.

So for next year, mom is going to invest in some Royal Teak Furniture, and mom said  the cottage will be mine when I grow up, I can always use them and so will mom’s grandchildren and great grandchildren.  I think this will be money wisely spent, like mom has taught me all my life.

I Grew My Own Potatoes


This summer I grew my very own potatoes and it is somewhat successful albeit a little small.  For those who don’t know this, my grampie can grow anything.  And when I say anything I mean ANYTHING !  my grampie grows the best corn, best potatoes, best peas, well you get the picture right?  Everything he grows are so yummy , from fruits to vegetable and even vegetables from Asia that mummy likes.


Next year , I’m going to leave more space and loosen the soil more so that the potatoes can grow bigger and I want to grow a lot more.  So I cleaned my potatoes and scrubbed them good for daddy to boil them for me but alas ! my potatoes disintegrated !!!!!  I was devastated but daddy said, next year, we will grow more and better ones.  Oh well, I did managed to grow them right?  so that is a plus for me?  I want some green fingers like my grampie.

To The Apple Farm Without Grammie

This year summer without Grammie had been really hard for me, I try not to think too much about it but sometimes like coming to the Apple Farm where Grammie worked for the last 15 years is hard.  But I do go because I want to pick apples for my school and class.

I did have fun picking lots of Macintosh apples but I went home crying because I missed my Grammie.

Everyone at the Apple Farm missed Grammie too but mummy said that going to the apple farm will bring good memories not only to us but to the people who loved her at the apple farm because seeing me grow, they would feel comforted because they know how much Grammie loves me.

Peas I Planted In Greenhouse

We went to visit Grampie today even though Grammie isn’t here anymore.  It wouldn’t be the same but I still wanted to visit – so that I can put up all the drawings I did for Grammie in her room.  I had never been in my Grammie’s room and there is a reason why Grammie didn’t want me up in her room because Grammie had so many things in her room – there is no walking place at all.  I put up the drawings in her room with daddy’s helped and then Grampie and daddy brought me to the green house to see the peas I had planted with Grammie and him.  These are the peas that I had planted during the winter when Grammie was around.  I do missed Grammie so much.  Why must grammie die?  why must grammie be sick?

We Are A Hat Family

I love my hats and so does mummy – daddy loves his caps and grampie also wears outdoor Fedoras Hats when he is out in the sun – whether for gardening or just chopping wood.  If you have seen my pictures on this blog – you will see how much mummy love buying hats for herself and I.   Last Christmas, she also bought a hat for daddy as a stocking stuffer.  We are planning to buy the straw hat above for Grampie – I’m sure grampie will like it – for it’s very stylish.  He can even wear it when he goes visiting his friends around the neighborhood.  And this hat can cover his messy hair – hahaha!  We are a hat family  – we love hats.

The Lodge

I’m off to Grammie’s again  – this time we are going to the Lodge in Hectanooga at Briar’s Lake.  I had so much fun with Grammie and Aunt Helena yesterday that I told mama i’m going again tomorrow – but today i brought along my bracelet to remind me of mama and daddy. Mama must be very happy – because she can do her colon cleanse reviews without me having to ask for attention the whole day.

I brought a long my teddy of course and sun screen – my sunglasses and extra clothing and glue sticks and my book that i am making with Grammie and Aunt Helena.  I’m wearing my spring jacket from Godma Lynn from last Easter – Godma Lynn loves buying clothes that are big for me – so we have to remember to bring them out when i am big enough to wear them.  We found many clothing that Godma Lynn and Aunt Helena bought last year that were worn.

Going To Grammie’s On My Own

I’m going to Grammie’s on my own today – daddy will send me there .. and pick me up after supper.  This is the first time i’ll be staying at Grammie’s for the day without mummy and daddy.  I was a bit nervous before i left.. but as soon as I went to Grammie’s .. i didn’t even remembered why i was nervous.. hahhahaha!!!  I had so much fun at Grammie’s – we baked a cake..   we planted peas.. digged worms.. and cut magazines.. and made a book .. and had potatoes and ham for lunch and supper.  Mummy is so proud of me.. because i didn’t even have to call her.. on the phone. I’m going to Grammie’s tomorrow again.. woohoo..!!

Cake I made with Grammie – the little flags are from Auntie Anna from USA.