New Pets ?


Visiting grampie and Aunt Helena on Sundays is a must because mummy said so.  If it was up to mummy , she wants to go every week but sometimes because of a very busy schedule or because mummy has other commitments already, we don’t get to go.  But if we did miss one week of visiting Grampie, we will definitely go the next.  Sometimes, Grampie comes and visit us in town but we get to see Aunt Helena more because she is very active and she has dancing and she goes for other activities, so she drops in more often than Grampie.

But this week, we get to play with some new born kittens and we have all 3 of them on the couch with us.  Daddy and I loved kittens but not mummy, she is scared of them or don’t like them because of their tails.  2 of the black kittens were pretty calm and slept but the one with white in color on it was all over daddy and was making its way inside daddy’s jacket.

We spent a few hours visiting Grampie and left when Aunt Helena had to leave for the Nova Scotia Music Festival in town.   And no , they are not new pets for us because if we brought the kittens home, mummy won’t be staying home with us.

I Grew My Own Potatoes


This summer I grew my very own potatoes and it is somewhat successful albeit a little small.  For those who don’t know this, my grampie can grow anything.  And when I say anything I mean ANYTHING !  my grampie grows the best corn, best potatoes, best peas, well you get the picture right?  Everything he grows are so yummy , from fruits to vegetable and even vegetables from Asia that mummy likes.


Next year , I’m going to leave more space and loosen the soil more so that the potatoes can grow bigger and I want to grow a lot more.  So I cleaned my potatoes and scrubbed them good for daddy to boil them for me but alas ! my potatoes disintegrated !!!!!  I was devastated but daddy said, next year, we will grow more and better ones.  Oh well, I did managed to grow them right?  so that is a plus for me?  I want some green fingers like my grampie.

Planting With Grampie At My Cottage


I spent the weekend at Grampie’s and my cottage planting down flowers for the summer and making my cottage look nice.  Of course, mummy helped too while daddy get the dehumidifier into the cottage and other stuff to get it ready for the summer and welcome our guests from overseas.

I’m definitely excited to see our guests arriving in the summer and this summer i bet I’m gonna have some fun.  If you haven’t been to our cottage yet , we are near the Port Maitland beach and daddy bought the cottage just so that I have a washroom to go to after swimming.  I love my little cottage, you would love it too.

Parking Solution At Grampie

 01At my Grampie’s house in the country, he has lots of cars and trucks from old ones and the ones he is currently using.  Since grampie has lots of land, we don’t really have trouble parking those cars and trucks that he isn’t using but when we have family visiting, then it can get quite crowded.  So , daddy is looking for a parking solution for the trucks and cars that he and Uncle Richard isn’t using but insist on collecting those old vintage cars.  The best and most efficient way to keep all the cars and trucks in order is to get some auto lifts, therefore, this summer, they will check out the safety features on auto lifts  around the city.

 Of course, I will be tagging along with them since I loved all the cars and trucks at Grampie’s and it will be an interesting trip for Grampie, daddy and I as they also want to compare prices.  The auto lifts are said to hold more than 7000 Ibs and several models to choose from.  And since Grampie and Uncle Richard both loved to tinkle with those cars and trucks, it’s a great way to ensure that both can work on those cars and trucks and avoid getting into an accident.  So I’m really happy that they are getting those auto lifts this summer.

Sledding @ Grampie’s


We visited Grampie today after having not visited him for 2 weeks now because of the weather and also because mummy was sick last week.  So we went out to visit today and of course, I had to go sledding at Grampie’s raspberries hill even though I was sick just a few days ago.


I had so much fun with Grampie and daddy.  I fell over a few times but it’s ok because I loved the outdoors and also sledding.  I went to bed right away from all the fresh air.  Went home at about 4.30pm and got home for supper and watched a movie with mummy and daddy.

Skateboard & Accessories


Look what my grampie got for me !!!  a skateboard! woohoo!! well, actually, mama bought it and I asked Grampie if he would pay for it hahhaa!! yes, I hustled my grampie again for a gift.  And daddy went to get me all the knee guard, elbow guard and the works.  I’m loving it and am having fun with it , especially since I didn’t have to go to school since last Friday because of an oil spill in school.

Love My Grampie

I love my grampie more and more each day. Mummy told me the other day that I have to love my grampie more because he ain’t getting any younger and that I have to spend more time with him.

Ever since Grammie passed away 2 years ago, Grampie had been stepping up, not only is he grampie, he is also grammie to me.  He tries to do stuff with me when I visit and this Halloween, he brought me a bag of goodies as a treat for Halloween.  On Easter, he hid chocolates for me for my Easter hunt at his home.  He pays for all my book orders from school since Grammie passed away.  He bakes with me – makes fudge with me.  I know he tries very hard to fill in for Grammie and because of that – I love my grampie more and more.

Thank you Grampie for being my Grampie ! you are the best grampie ever!

Home Made Pure Maple Syrup

We don’t know what to get for all my teachers to thank them for being so great with me this year  – so mama decided to buy some home made maple syrup from Grampie – for my teachers.  Yes, my grampie made these maple syrup and i helped mama to make them pretty before giving them to my teachers.  All my teachers will get it inclusive of my librarian as well as the canteen lady – because they are all so good to me.

PS :  We forgot to bring it to school, so mama has to hunt my teachers down to give it to them.  But my home room teacher will get another special gift.

Easter Present For Grampie

Easter is this weekend and every year, mummy and daddy tries to get something for grammie and grampie but now that grammie is not around, we decided to get something special for grampie.  Cigars!!!! and not just the ordinary ones – but the  partagas  cigars that Grampie likes.  When Grammie was still around, we don’t want to buy cigars for Grampie because she doesn’t like the smell but mummy loved the smell better than cigarettes.  So  now we can order the cigars online for Grampie and we had already done so earlier this month. I’m sure Grampie will enjoy it – because I saw the cigar box emptied earlier this month.  Great suggestion eh?

I’m A Pretty Lucky Girl

I think I’m a pretty lucky girl – this year – this is my 3rd birthday cake.  One for my party at the bowling alley, another for school with my classmates and now one from Aunt Helena at Grampie’s !  whoohoo!!  yes, this year Grammie is not around but I’m still very much loved by everyone around me – I know that everyone wants to make me feel loved, I’m totally blessed.