Balloons From Auntie Sam


Thank you Auntie Sam for the balloons that you got Ian to get for me when I am sick , I really appreciate it and love it but you didn’t have to spend money on me.  I will get better really soon, I don’t like to be sick but I get to spend time with mom alone and at home, we didn’t go to work today !  I feel absolutely blessed with so many aunties from all over the world caring for me and sending me gifts.

Sick At The Beginning Of Summer


It’s only the beginning of the summer holiday and I’m already sick !  and been sick for a week now , with diarrhea !  no fever or anything but diarrhea and tummy cramps !  I do not like it and I hope it won’t mess up my trips to Toronto and Disney World this year.  This is such a bummer ! to start of the summer this way.

Sick During Long Weekends

I don’t know what is wrong with my body system but everytime, when there is a long weekend , i catch a cold ! and it is no different this weekend, being the Victoria’s day long weekend.  I got sick again !!!!!!  I dislike it and I have no idea why my body acts up this way all the time !  arrrrghhhh!!!   We had to stay home today and daddy had to work the entire day because I was too sick to go to the store.  What a bummer !  i could be out playing with my friends !

The Care & Keeping Of You Book 2


A few months ago, our school taught us about puberty and it was a male teacher who taught us .  Embarrassing much?  lol !  But mama bought this book for me from Amazon and it came and I read it of course because mama said it was good for me.

At first, I found it quite eerie and yakkie to read it but it got interesting and I did learn a few things about puberty and am currently not so worried about period and other things that comes with growing up.  My mom is the best when it comes to helping me learn about stuff.  I love my mom so much!

A Bicycle Accident


I fell down again and this time it’s from the bike, the last time it was from the scooter.  This time the injury was even worst, I couldn’t get up and I was bleeding so much, my friend Cole had to go get my mom to come help me.  And Cole was such an awesome friend, he tried to fix my bicycle for me and bring it near to my house for my mom.  He and my other friends and their moms came over to see if I was alright after daddy came home from work.  But I was so grouchy because I was crying and all and didn’t want anyone seeing that.  But I’m grateful I have great neighborhood friends.  Cole, Libby, Kyle and Gracie – they are all wonderful kids.  Mom said she wishes that we all get along and not fight.   But we are afterall kids and it’s alright we all get over our fights.


I’m Sick Again !

Yes, I must have caught mama’s cold and playing out in the rain wasn’t such a good idea, even though I thought it was a good idea then.  But I’ve been sick for a few days now and yesterday I didn’t do anything but lie down on the couch at the store while mama and daddy worked.

But I’m feeling much better today and am able to sit up , so I’ll be ready for school on Tuesday , that’s for sure.

Happy Easter


Happy Easter everyone!  looks like I’m not going to be able to go shopping for Easter day present for anyone but mummy said I can shop online, she said just look for stuff  here that I want to buy and then she will help me pick a present for grampie and aunt helena.  If you are like me and can’t go shopping, you can shop online from the comfort of your bed or sofa.   I love shopping online and receiving the presents in the mail, I get all excited when they do come into the store.   Hope you all have a better Easter than I.

Helping My Aunt Move

I helped my Auntie H cleaned her new apartment because I want to be a good girl and because Auntie H doesn’t have anyone in town to help her.  So between mama and I – we try to co-ordinate many people to help Auntie H moving house a smooth transition.  I want to be like my mama and helping everyone who needs help.  But of course, after helping Auntie H, I have to play with boxes too !  too bad Layla isn’t around to play in Auntie H’s new apt.

Cleaning The House

Cleaning the house is usually mama’s job but sometimes she is very busy and the house doesn’t get clean as often as she liked.  So daddy decided to check out  the other woman house cleaning  services to help mama out on days when she is too busy to do it herself.   That way mama doesn’t get all exhausted and grumpy and then rushing to get to visit grampie during the weekend.  Plus most importantly, daddy will get a day’s rest too instead of having to help mama.  It’s a win-win situation and you don’t have to have someone clean your house everyday but a weekly basis is great for a family my size.  And if you are on vacation, they can even walk your dog for you and feed them.  Now that could come in real handy for a lot of people in my neighborhood, for they all have doggies.

Outdoor Activities

It’s that time of the year again, I’m hurrying daddy to set up my trampoline with Gary as soon as they have some time.  But daddy said he need to get some  setup studs  first before he can do anything this year.  I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer, so that I can go out and play with my friends.  Right now, I’m biking a lot with them and going to the bushes and playing camp with them but once the trampoline and the swings are set up, we can have a lot more fun.  I loved running around the backyard and staying out in the sun more than anything in the world.