Christmas Decor At Store


If you ever go by my store, don’t forget to check out the Christmas decoration because I did the decoration at the store and at home.  I love decorating the store.  This year, there is no Gary to help , well , he didn’t help last year either, because he doesn’t like Christmas and this year Aunty Hyunjin did come and help either.  She was too busy at work, so me and daddy did all the store’s decoration and for a little kid, mummy said I did good.

Christmas Concert In Church


This Christmas, I’m very popular.  I have a school concert to go to, a church concert and a piano recital as well as a birthday party for myself and for my best friend.  For my school concert, the school takes care of everything but the church one, mummy had to buy a new reed for me.  You can  buy oboe reeds at wwbw  if you didn’t know that and mummy ordered mine online.  She said they were not expensive at all and bought me the one that I liked most.  I’m excited about the church concert because this is the first time, I’m performing with my church.  Wish me luck now!

Christmas Decorations

Halloween isn’t here yet and my mom wants to get some more  christmas decorations  for the store nad home now.   Mom said it’s never too early to start preparing for Christmas for she already started today, with buying some presents for my friends.  My mom has christmas decorations that she haven’t used and she still wants more christmas decorations, but daddy never stop my mom from buying anything , so maybe this year, she will put up some new decorations for the store and our home.

A Fun Day At Upper Clements Park


We left the house at about 10.20am and picked up Jessica for a day at Upper Clements.  Mom and dad took the day off and Jeff helped us looked after the store.   Mom and dad wanted me to have some fun at Upper Clements before going back to school.  I went on so many rides this year, mummy and daddy were really impressed.


My first time trying out the antique car and I liked it even though I had a hard time maneuvering it.


I loved the pedal go kart !


We loved the merry go round rides too.

Summer Camp Here I Come !

catsSummer camp starts today and I’m all ready to go in the morning.  Mummy said that I didn’t have to go if I didn’t want to but I WANNA GO !  i loved summer camp and I can’t wait to see my best friend Josie from camp.  I hope that she will be attending the entire camp like I am.

Of course, I wouldn’t be going to the beach because I can’t go to the outhouses and won’t pee in the sea – that  is just so grossed.  So I am going to be enjoying summer camp to the max!  I love all the people at summer camp.

On Marking Days


 On marking days when there is no school and no camp yet, I go to my daddy’s store for most of the day, till mummy has to go back at 5pm.  I can go home with daddy for lunch at 2.30pm but I usually don’t because I want to stay with mummy at the store.   This time, I made my own erasers that mummy had bought for me from the Dollar Store and I’m happy to work with it the entire day because I can give some to my friends in school and the rest I can sell at the store.


My own creation – how do you like it?

Look Who Came To Visit

Look who came all the way from Ottawa to visit?  Yes! it’s Chantal and Layla !  although I was being grouchy and didn’t get any pictures taken with Layla.  Mom wasn’t too pleased with me I’ll tell you that for misbehaving but I do love Chantal, she has grown up so much and she is awfully cute!  Layla had a sleepover with me but I was so excited I couldn’t sleep much and woke mom and dad up so much, so much so Layla can’t sleepover the next day.

Halifax To Send Yin Yin To Airport

We headed up to Halifax to send Jessica’s grandmother to the airport because she lives in Toronto.  The flight is on Sunday morning, so instead of driving dangerously in the wee hours of the morning, mama suggested that Aunty Yan and the kids come on Saturday with us to Halifax and stay the night.  So we arrived in Halifax at 1.45pm, and had lunch at a sushi place.  It was Jessica’s first time at Dharma sushi but my umpteen times here and the Japanese chef knows exactly what I wanted. We had so much fun eating Japanese udon and Jessica finished all her noodles but didn’t want the teriyaki chicken.

The Clay Place In Halifax

So we are up in Halifax again – and it wasn’t planned but as usual I wanted to go to the clay place but since we weren’t going to be in Halifax for long, once again, I cannot do anything.  As usual mummy promised another time.

So we will have to try again another time.  Daddy just don’t like staying in the city for too long.

There was no one there.

Some of the work one can do with this clay place like magnets.

Or tiles.

More tiles.

Hopefully, one day I will get to make my own creation because I loved to do it.

Sleeping Bags For Kids

I loved my sleeping bag that I had gotten for my Christmas present from Santa – but I need more  gear for camping campbound before Summer when I go camping with my Godma Lynn.  Godma Lynn is coming back for the summer and she is bringing me out for camping with Uncle Fernand.  Santa is so smart and this sleeping bag that I’ve gotten from Santa is going to keep me really warm.  Godma said that some camping bags have got built in pillow and it feels like you are in a very warm room because of the material it is made from.  My sleeping bag is soft and it’s breathable, so I know that I will get plenty of fresh air even though I’m kept warm inside the sleeping bag. Godma has all the camping furniture and cooking utensils when we go camping, I just have to bring my sleeping bag and mosquito repellant and I’m all set.