Thank You, William

I am indeed a very blessed girl – not only auntie kai mah send me things..  auntie barb sent me things too. .a few weeks ago, but mama haven’t had the time to put them up to show everyone.  But today i received this package from Aunty Macy and William from Vancouver.

I know.. Aunty Macy said not to post it up on mama’s blog… but i want to post it up on my blog.. and also Auntie Kai Mah wants to see pictures.. so i told mama .. but Aunty Macy never said.. not to post it on my blog mah. .. kekekkee!!!   So donch get mad .. Aunty Macy.

Mama didn’t open my package .. because i was in school – and she wants to teach me to respect other ppl’s privacy, therefore, she waited for me.. to come back from school to open it.

See what Aunty Macy got for me..??  a Hello Kitty hot and cold pack .. just in case I don’t feel good. Mama had been looking for something like that.. for me..  just in case i get ill.  Thank God.. !! i haven’t been sick all this time.. that my babysitter was sick.  Mama said.. mono is very contagious.. and luckily she had warned me for months now.. not to kiss my babysitter on the lips.. else i might have gotten mono from her.. and that would not be good.  Grammie said.. when a kid gets mono .. it’s worst than when an adult has it.  Mama and daddy was so relieved.. that I didn’t get infected by Katelynn my babysitter. But the hello kitty hot and cold pack would certainly come in handy .. it is not only cute.. it is very handy to use.

Aunty Macy got me a t-shirt.. from Ralph Lauren, mama said.. it’s a good brand t-shirt.. but i don’t know what she meant..  hahah!!  a lil’ bit too big to wear for now.. Aunty Macy.. so i’ll keep it away for now.

And this is from William, he made this for me.  Can you guess what it is..??

It’s a keychain.. !!! i love it.. i sleep with it.. and i bring it to school as well.  Thank you so much .. William.. you are the coolest kid ..!!!  Aunty Macy also bought me a pocket bottle of hand sanitizer to bring to school with me since the flu season is here.  I am guessing she knows Katelynn is always sick.. so she got it for me.. to bring to school .. so that i won’t get sick too.   Everyone asked mama how did Katelynn get mono.. but mama said.. she haven’t got a clue.  Luckily, I am not infected  – that was all mama said.

Pumpkin Dressing

It’s Saturday. .and I don’t have to go to school, so after having a late breakfast.. and snuggling with mommy .. we went to work.  Papa went to the Dollar store to get me some sparklies .. to work on my pumpkin dressing with mama.   My babysitter had mono and we didn’t call her back yet because our doctor told us that ppl who has mono gets very tired for a while. Mama said i can be a handful at times, so we didn’t want to stress my babysitter – so we are letting her have more rest.  Mama said we can do other things..  even though the babysitter is not around.

We didn’t go bowling today because it was raining might hard.  Before lunch, we started working on the pumpkins that grammie brought for me on Tuesday.  First we put glue onto the pumpkin – daddy helped with that.

And I worked on putting on the glittery stuff onto my baby pumpkin.  I had so much fun with my mama.  Everyone who came by the store said i did a great job.  We had hours of fun.

I had sparkly all over the place.. when i got thru’ with the pumpkin.  I even went on to do a bigger pumpkin.  After the pumpkin.. we had lunch.. and we went shopping before going home, we even when out to town to pick up a new movie that mama bought for me from a yard sale.

New Toque For The Fall

So there was no babysitter yesterday.. but that’s alright.. mama said she is must be still sick .. but we didn’t hear from her at all – but that’s to be expected.  My babysitter never calls.. when she is sick – we usually have to end up calling her.  I went home to write her a card – to get well soon and to call the store. Mama said that was very nice of me.

So we went shopping yesterday after school.. and mama bought this for me.. from Please Mum.. and i really liked it.. it’s light enough for the fall..  before the snow comes.  Once the snow comes. .i need to wear the toque that Grammie made for me.. and that one covers my neck too.. because I don’t like to wear a scarf.  I get choked – mama said i drama – rama.

So here i am with my new toque.. and playing with my new friend at home – she loves to take pictures too you know – this one was taken by her.

New Blouse To School

I went to school with a new blouse from my Auntie Kai Mah – see I look pretty or not.  This was taken just before i left for school.   I woke up late.. but mama played a racing game with me.. and so i hurry and got dress.. and since it was a new blouse from Auntie Kai Mah.. i didn’t fuss at all .. and got changed really quick.

Some of my school friend never wear dresses or skirts to school.  I feel so special .. and mama said.. it’s alright if my friends didn’t wear any dresses.. because everyone got their own style.  I’m just a blessed lil’ gal who has lots of aunties and auntie kai mah to love me.. and buy me presents.

Keeping Me Busy – Chalk Time

Mama tries to keep me busy all the time.. even if i was not in school because i was recovering from my fever or cold, she makes sure i get some fresh air .. if i am up to it.  So she gets me and Kate out at the front of the store.. and let me draw on the side walk.. with my chalk.  The other day, the town bylaw fella was just outside our store .. when i was drawing .. and someone had said.. that the guy might fine daddy .. because i was dirtying the place.  But mama said.. she can’t wait till they come .. and fine us.. because mama will be giving them a tongue lashing for not cleaning up the dog first.. muahahah!!

I do a pretty good job with the drawing.. but Kate is better.  Everyone who walked passed us.. always praise us.. for the colorful drawing.  I draw arrows to point them to our store.. that way .. the customers can come into our store .. when they follow our drawings.


I go home with mama every nite.. except for nites.. when Kate is available.. to bring me home .. and if i am not too fussy.  It has been a long time since Kate went home with me.. this summer.. because she was sick and then left for PEI for her vacatioin.  So what do i do .. when i go home with mama.  First, mama would cook for me.. and then get me ready for eating.  While mama is cooking… she lets me help.. by playing cooking as well.  And then we eat.. and then mama would cut up some oranges .. or grapes.. or a small bowl of ice cream on different days for me.

After dinner.. i watch a bit of cartoon/movies .. and when mama is ready to do dishes.. she lets me help with the bottles.. i cleaned them .. and scrub them.. and then mama would rinsed them all over again.  After doing that.. mama would go wash the tub.. and get ready for my bath.  Sometimes, I am bad.. and donch wanna bathe.. but play house.. and mama would let me play for a few minutes.. while she does other work.. at home.. like cleaning .. or laundry.  Then i bathe .. and papa would be home shortly.   Usually after papa gets home.. papa would take care of me.. so mama can do her online work. Mama never leaves me alone when we are home alone…. that’s why I like mama to go home with me.. most times.  But now that Kate is home.. i want her to come home with me.. sometimes.

Kate Called From PEI

I received a surprise call from Kate who is in PEI for her vacation.  I was very surprised.. because papa said.. Kate never calls.. even when she is ill.. and can’t come to work.  So not only I was surprised.. even my papa and mama was.

But it was nice hearing from Kate but I was not really thinking of her.. and then she had to call and make me think of her.. and made me cry..  boohoohoo..!!!  Oh well.. ! i got over it.. when my back up babysitter came.. and we went to Central school and played at the playground there.. and in the afternoon, Skye and Boston came to visit.. and we all went down to the Shanty .. and had a coffee.. and we played .. and we had cookies… and bought some books as well.  But Stacie just sat .. and didn’t play with us.. and i even showed Skye where the washroom was.. since Stacie didn’t get up to help us.. like Katelynn would.  So I told mama again.. i wished Kate was here.

Back Up Babysitter

Today, Keegan my babysitter for the longest time left for vacation to PEI.  Mama hired a back up babysitter last week to play with me .. while Kate is gone.  Stacie is her name.. and she is very nice to me.  Although I hate seeing Kate leave, mama said she deserve a break .. and she deserves to go have some fun.  Unfortunately, this coincides with mama’s date with her her favorite hardware store who is having a sale for light fixtures, thus  discount lighting fixturers is a no-no for mama.  But that’s alright mama said.. she can wait for another sale.

Ready, Get Set Go Program (2nd Time)

I went to the Ready, Get Set Go program for all children who is going to Grade Primary this fall.  It is in my new school and mama said she wanted me to familiarize myself with the school and my new friends there.  Mama brought my lunch for me.. but the door was closed.. and i didn’t get to see her.  But mama peeped from the window.. and someone told me.. my mama was at the window.. so i turned around .. and waved at mama .. and blew kisses. .. to her.

I didn’t finished my rice that mama sent to school . .and was really hungry by the time i got home.  Keegan called to say she can’t come to babysit – so i am very angry.. and i was very whiny the whole afternoon.  Mama said she was tired from so little sleep last nite .. and then Keegan didn’t show up.  So it wasn’t a good day for me.  Plus someone poured ketchup on me !!! that was disgusting..!!!  and when i asked her why she did that.. she just laughed at me.. and that made me even more angry.

Vacation In Halifax

We are going on a vacation tomorrow and i’m so excited.. but Keegan my babysitter said not to tell anyone.. just in case .. someone might try and rob our house or our store.. while we were gone.  But i’m having a headache as to what to pack for our vacation.  Papa said.. not to fret.. because he and mama will take care of everything for me.  But i need so many things.. for my vacation – so I’m so frustrated.  Mama said i’m just being silly.  I hope my tummy don’t hurt while I am on vacation.