Ms Hailey Where Are You?


Dear Hailey,

You have been gone since summer and you promised to write to me and be penpals.  Have you forgotten about me already?  We were friends since Grade Primary , I didn’t forget you , in fact I think of you often and miss you very much.  I wished you were still in town and school isn’t the same without you.  I miss you my best friend forever, please call and write to me and let me know that you are alright.

Love Chloe.

Thank You For The Postcards


Thank you for the postcards , Auntie Alice.  You are so kind to think of me always , whether you are on vacation or for a business trips.  You send me gifts and postcards, I loved the postcards so much because I loved seeing the stamps and collecting them.  I can’t wait to frame up the postcards and put them at our cottage to show friends and family.


The top one is from Washington and the second on was when you had a layover and was in Russia.  Love it so much.  Thank you very much !  I am grateful for an Aunt like you.

Planting With Grampie At My Cottage


I spent the weekend at Grampie’s and my cottage planting down flowers for the summer and making my cottage look nice.  Of course, mummy helped too while daddy get the dehumidifier into the cottage and other stuff to get it ready for the summer and welcome our guests from overseas.

I’m definitely excited to see our guests arriving in the summer and this summer i bet I’m gonna have some fun.  If you haven’t been to our cottage yet , we are near the Port Maitland beach and daddy bought the cottage just so that I have a washroom to go to after swimming.  I love my little cottage, you would love it too.

A Kodak Moment


My daddy rarely smile , so whenever he is in a playful mood, mummy tries to catch it on camera , so that we can get some good memories in the future.  And this is one of those rare occasion mom caught daddy smiling.


My daddy eating my head.

Chompy Died Today !


I went downstairs to feed my fishes this morning and found Chompy my oldest and longest gold fish dead!  I almost cried but didn’t but I’m terribly upset.  Mom and dad said that they will get me a new gold fish tomorrow to stop me from feeling sad and mom said that Chompy has gone to heaven to be with grammie.  But I said to mom that grammie already has a lot of my gold fishes ! she don’t need anymore !

My First Airshow

We headed for the airshow with Auntie Hyunjin and this is my first airshow.  We were hoping to see Cousin Mark who is with the Skyhawks.  Cousin Mark is with the Warrant Officer, a Canadian Army advanced warfare centre instructor but he was no where to be found – what a bummer!

But we did enjoy the airshow tremendously and everyone was there – Jasmine, Hannah and Kylie and some of my school friends were there too.  The zhu’s were there but we didn’t see them.

Mom took some pictures for the flying aircraft.

At Cape Fochu

We went to the lighthouse in Cape Fochu with mom and dad and even though it seems like we didn’t do alot yet this summer, looking back at all the pictures, my daddy and mummy does do as much as they can with me.  So I shouldn’t complain at all – I think but I always do complain that they don’t spend enough time with me – but it’s actually not true as you can see in all my pictures in this blog.

Me hanging around while waiting for my food to come.

A family picture again ! woohoo!

Me with my mini – ipad – the wifi at Cape Forchu is very weak – it goes in and out sometimes.

To The Apple Farm Without Grammie

This year summer without Grammie had been really hard for me, I try not to think too much about it but sometimes like coming to the Apple Farm where Grammie worked for the last 15 years is hard.  But I do go because I want to pick apples for my school and class.

I did have fun picking lots of Macintosh apples but I went home crying because I missed my Grammie.

Everyone at the Apple Farm missed Grammie too but mummy said that going to the apple farm will bring good memories not only to us but to the people who loved her at the apple farm because seeing me grow, they would feel comforted because they know how much Grammie loves me.

I Missed My Grammie’s Hugs

I missed my grammie’s hugs – no one hugs me the way my grammie did.  Now when I visit Grampie – no one come and hug me when I come into the house – and no one to hug me when I go home.  Grampie and Aunt Helena would hug me but it’s not like how Grammie hugged me.  I missed my grammie.  I asked mama why must grammie die?  why must grammie leave now – there are just so many things I haven’t done with grammie and so many things I want to do with grammie all over again.  I’m just so sad – when I think of Grammie.