Working For Dad In the Summer


I’m trying to find a purpose in life this summer because I am not going to any camp like I used to.  So daddy set me to work at the store and I get to earn $5 an hour for work done at the store.  So here I am tagging the movies with new prices and that was easy because I love doing it.


At the end of the day, I made like $15 but I will only get paid on Friday.


Of course, I did more than that , I cleaned the store, I dust the store, I cleaned all the glass cabinets and refilled the pop.


And I put away movies and games that are to be sold into little sleeves.


And also arranged the movies by alphabetical order.  I wasn’t really tired at the end of the day but that made me appreciate what mom and dad does in the store.  But mostly dad because dad does a lot more in the store.

The Care & Keeping Of You Book 2


A few months ago, our school taught us about puberty and it was a male teacher who taught us .  Embarrassing much?  lol !  But mama bought this book for me from Amazon and it came and I read it of course because mama said it was good for me.

At first, I found it quite eerie and yakkie to read it but it got interesting and I did learn a few things about puberty and am currently not so worried about period and other things that comes with growing up.  My mom is the best when it comes to helping me learn about stuff.  I love my mom so much!

6 Bags Of Toys


Yes! my mummy trashed 6 bags worth of my toys from the tv room upstairs and the kitchen.  6 whole bags !  and she took an entire Sunday to do it!!  And it was hard work , I had to tell mummy that i loved her while she go through everything for me and I went out to play with my neighbor.


She is not done yet she said because there is the basement and also the corners of the upstairs rooms.


They are also throwing away my doll house but it`s falling apart on the roof.


Papers, drawing, toys, bags.


So this is how it looks like at one corner of the kitchen but mummy said she ain`t done yet.

I Can Do Stuff On My Own Now

Yes, I can do a lot of stuff on my own now, from bathing to washing my hair and packing up goodies during Halloween for my classmates and friends.

I know how to wash my hands first and making sure that they are all packed and sealed nicely.

And I can also help clean up and pack all my things away – like my toys and drawing stuff.

My First SleepOver At My House

I had my very first sleepover at my home this week – and I’m pretty happy to experience it except that it wasn’t as  much fun as everyone said it would be.  I didn’t really get a lot of sleep because my friend kicked my bed the whole night – hahahha! but I do love to have her again sometime in the future – but for now mama said I would have to go to her house instead coz’ they didnt’ get much sleep haha! my bad because my friend and I slept late at midnite and then woke up at 6am in the morning and made so much noise.  Mama and daddy wasn’t impressed at all.

My 9 Years Old Birthday Party

I chose to have my birthday party at the bowling alley this year – as you an see here.  I’ve invited some of my closest friends, Oliver, Josie from school, Dominic my oldest friend but he didn’t come.  Jessica, Jasmine, Cole, Jill, Kyle, Shiny Josh my best friend forever, Auntie Lynette, Sarah, Skye, Layla (from school too) and of course, my favorite aunt – Auntie Hyunjin. Grampie came and so did Uncle Lloyd and I had a great birthday party with my friends.

Simple Toys

When I have to stay home with mummy alone and no friends came to knock on our door – I will play on my own with toys that I have or haven’t played with for a long time.  I love playing with blocks and these I have had for many years since I was 3 years old I think and I still play with them sometimes.  Mummy wants me to learn how to play on my own – so while she is washing her dishes in the kitchen I play with my blocks in the tv room upstairs.  Now we have 2 tv rooms – 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs.

My First Yellow Stripe In Karate

Yes! finally my first yellow stripe in karate after months and months of training.  Everyone had already gotten theirs but I’m slower because I’m shy in front of my Sinseh.  So mummy let me continue taking up Karate even during the summer break and here I am finally.  Teagan was very happy for me and mama said she was a good friend  because good friend do feel happy for the other when they do well.  I don’t understand this yet but mama said I will when I am older.  I do like karate classes thus far and I have been having lessons for a long time.  Now to get my 2nd and 3rd yellow stripes and then I will have an orange belt – I’m so excited I wrote to Grammie in heaven to let her know about it.

No More Training Wheels

I finally wrote on the bike with no training wheels a few days ago ! woohoo!!  now I can ride anywhere with my bike and not worry about getting stuck and I can even go on bike rides with my dad and mum.  I wrote on my neighbor Kyle’s smaller bike first and it only took me a minute to learn how to ride without the wheels, after showing off to daddy, I told daddy to take off the training wheels of my own bike.  Thanks to Kyle for showing me that there is nothing to be afraid of, now I can’t wait to go home everyday from school to ride my bike and my buttock hurts from riding the bike too much – but that’s alright, I told mummy this morning.