Bratz Desert Jewelz

This movie was new last week and I got to watch it as soon as it came in  and I loved the show.  For those who have kids from 4 – 10 yrs old – this children movie is a great one for them to watch.  i don’t always get to watch the new movies first because I have to do my homework and then revision work with mama – and some math and spelling as well.  On Thursdays I have Karate and Saturdays, my days are fully packed too.  So it’s by chance I got to watch Bratz Desert Jewelz.

Renting A Movie

My daddy’s store is probably one of the last ones in town and many people come and rent movies from us all day long – 7 days a week.  But as you can see the movie shelves are very tall and some people like mama – who are not so tall – cannot reach the top shelves.  So mama said it is time to get some metal step stools because the plastic ones that we have – the customers don’t like it – because it is not safe.  Some are afraid that the plastic stool – because they are bigger people – and mama herself said she doesn’t feel safe.  So daddy must get some metal step stools for the customers and mama and of course Gary now – who helps to clean stuff when he is around and free to visit.   I like the two steps ones – because I can climb on it and put movies back for mama when she is busy – I can’t wait for the metal step stools to come.

Movies With Jasmine

It’s Good Friday today and we are opened for business at the store as usual.  Daddy is a slave driver mama said.  We went for a movie with Jasmine and her mama – we watched Hop – EB the Easter Bunny! it was funnnnyy!! i liked the show – and Jasmine and I played in the Arcade before and after the show.  Jasmine’s mama picked us up from the store and sent us back – she was very nice.  I asked Jasmine to come play at the store for a bit – but i was being bad – and said Jasmine was a monster for messing up my toys – I was punished when i went home for being so mean to Jasmine.  Mama said I’m not allowed to ask anyone for a play date or to go to the back to play with me from now on.

TVB Dramas aka Chinese Shows

Mummy loves her chinese shows – and if you all know my mom – you will know that she is dedicated to watching her shows.  She would love to share all her shows and discuss the shows with her friends from home – but our blogs and web hosting company cannot handle the traffic.  Unless mama gets dedicated hosting she will not be able to do it.   But mama knows of some places where – they share and discuss all these shows online – and I bet they uses dedicated hosting because 1000s of people go on these forums everyday.  Mama said – they must have good hosting because the website and forum pages are never down – or very little down time.  In the meantime, mama is still looking for affordable hosting – so if you know of any – leave a comment.

Little House On The Prairie Season 1

Guess what i’m watching?  yes! little house on the prairie season 1 !!  mama said she watched this tv show when she was a kid.  Therefore, this is a good show for me to watch – so no Dora’s and Hannah Montana for now – I’m going to have all the seasons to watch and that’s a lot of show.  So far I really like what I’m seeing.  I like Mr Ingalls and Laura Ingalls.

Alvin & The Chipmunks :The Sqeakquels

So we planned on Friday nite to go see a movie in the theaters because mama got all her life insurance quotes done and I learned all my all 6 words for school in 2 days.  Have you watched the movie yet .. Kai Mah..??  it was so funny..  Alvin and his brothers fell in love with the Chipettes.  They are very cute too – if you haven’t watched it – you have to go watch it but mama said it’s more a kid’s movie – so Kor Kor Gerald might not like it.  Anyhow – I just wanted to let you know .. i went for a movie… and it was the bestest day in my life because mama and daddy went to the movies with me.

Hannah Montana Movie

I went to the movies with my babysitter – keegan, dominic and his sister .. Jenna.  We went to see Hannah Montana.. and then we had some games playing too.  I was being bad.. and cried because i didn’t win on the games.  I love the show .. but got bored halfway thru’ the show.  Luckily Dominic was being such a gentleman for not being mad with me.. when i started crying.. and being rude.

Gem Of Life Episode 34 @ mama’s blog

We are at the store right now.. even on Sundays.. because it is Christmas time.  Mama said to let you know .. she found Gem of Life Episode 34 for you to watch, so hop over now.. and check it out.  In the meantime, don’t forget to support my fund raising mission for my school’s playground – Penny For Playground, check it out on mama’s blog too.

Gem Of Life Episode 32 & A Trip To The City

Mama is planning a trip to the city.. just before Christmas .. so she can get her chinese food stock up, of course, this trip is nothing like going to Las Vegas .. whereby you need the las vegas strip map , Halifax is really small .. unlike Vegas.  But mama said.. she will continue to find the links for Gem of Life Episode 32 onwards .. for everyone to watch.  So if you are watching the show.. check out my mama’s entertainment blog at www. for the links.