Thank You, Kai Mah Lina!


Last month Aunty Regina sent a huge box of goodies for mummy and I.  And today, I received a huge box of toys and goodies from my Kai Mah from Singapore.  Kai Mah is Godmother is cantonese.  I was so excited – I couldn’t wait to open the box when I saw it at the store.


It’s like Christmas every month for me, everyone of mama’s friends or Kai mah would send me gifts from all over the world.  I’m such a lucky girl I know.

A Photo Book For My Kai Mah

My Kai Mah is so rich, there is nothing I can get for her unless it’s a $25K handbag from Birkins and she don’t only have one – she has a collection of Birkins and Hermes accessories.  But I know she will treasure my photobook as if they were $25K because she love me this much. I decorated the photobook oin my own for my Kai Mah with my favorite scrap book stickers and on it says Love U – I hope she sees it.

Mama sent it out last week by air, so hopefully Kai Mah gets it real soon and see how my summer went this year.

Rubi My Birthday Present

Rubi my huggly doll was bought for me by my kai mah Lina!  thank you Kai Mah! yer the best!  I wanted it as soon as I saw it at Sandy’s gift store – you know the nice lady who is the town councilor now – yes her !  she had so many at her store but mummy wouldn’t buy it for me immediately.  So Kai Mah bought it for me instead.  The next day, we went to pick it all up and it was all wrapped up so nicely for me by Sandy – thank you Sandy!  it was very nice of you.  Of course, I couldn’t wait for mama to take a picture of the beautiful gift wrapping because I tore it up when mama was doing the dishes.  Sorry mama – i was just too excited to hug my doll.

I Cut My Principal’s Hair

Yes! I sure did!!  and that’s because I raised the most money for the school – thanks to Auntie Kai Mah and all the awesome aunties and uncles who donated so much money to the school.  The customers at the store also donated half of what I collected but the aunties and uncles are the ones who donated a lot of money.  Thank you very much again ! I had so much fun today!

Happy Birthday Kai Mah!

Tomorrow is my Kai Mah’s birthday – she is in Singapore.  Mama and I sent her some flowers and asked Auntie Alice to buy something for Kai Mah.

The one on the right is from me – and the one on the left is from Auntie Alice.  Thank you Auntie Alice for helping us with the present!   I’m grateful and blessed to have Kai Mah Lina as my godmother – she is a wonderful Godmother!  Happy birthday, Kai mah!

Dress From Kai Mah

My Kai Mah is very fashionable – last year for my birthday – Kai Mah sent me lots of dresses again – from Ralph Lauren – and this one is one of them.  I didn’t get a chance to wear it till now – because the weather is warmer now.

I love my dresses from Kai Mah very much and so does all my teachers – they all think that my Kai Mah is very generous.

I’m a very lucky gal – thank you Kai Mah – Lina!

I’m Growing OUtta My Clothes

While most people grow into their clothes – I’m growing outta mine.   This was from my Kai Mah (godma in Chinese) from Singapore and it used to be too big for me – and now you see – I’m too big for the dress.  I do love this dress – but soon I will have to give my dress away so that someone else can wear it and look pretty in them.   I guess mama is right – I’m a big gal now.

HaPPY mAMa’s day

I made this for my mummy for Mama’s day at school because I love my mummy 100000000 times. i tell her that everyday and today I put it in writing to show her how much I love her.  I made mama very happy by making her all sorts of card for Mother’s day – and we had breakfast at Jungle Jim’s too.  Mama was happy – so was everyone – including grammie and Aunt Helena.  i called my kai mah in Singapore on Monday’s day too – we had a short chat and then i wanted to go play – it was so fun talking to kai mah.