Closing Cottage For Winter


Mom & dad are getting ready to close the cottage for winter and as you can see, we do not have any  Royal Teak Furniture | Home and Patio Decor  for our outdoor furniture, we have to bring everything into the cottage for the winter.  So last week, we cleaned up the outdoor furniture , wipe them down from the summer use and all the dirt and grass as well as bugs that got stuck onto them and brought them all into the cottage for storage.

Mom had wanted to invest in teak furniture as they are supposed to be good for all kind of weather and you don’t have to worry about rain or the sun ray that might damage the outdoor furniture.  Mom said teak furniture are very expensive but you pay for what you get because teak furniture are made from the best kind of wood and they last up to 70 years.  When mom was a teenager, she said that only the very rich people can afford teak furniture and they have it at their pool as lounge furniture for suntanning and benches for picnics.  But now, one can get them as dining set and even Adirondacks like the ones we have above but made of teak wood.   The ones that we bought were handmade as well and they are made out of cedar wood but mom said she didn’t think that cedar wood are as good as teak.  Cedar wood is not rot resistant mom said but one can use water repellent like we did with ours but teak wood is much better.

So for next year, mom is going to invest in some Royal Teak Furniture, and mom said  the cottage will be mine when I grow up, I can always use them and so will mom’s grandchildren and great grandchildren.  I think this will be money wisely spent, like mom has taught me all my life.

Sledding @ Grampie’s


We visited Grampie today after having not visited him for 2 weeks now because of the weather and also because mummy was sick last week.  So we went out to visit today and of course, I had to go sledding at Grampie’s raspberries hill even though I was sick just a few days ago.


I had so much fun with Grampie and daddy.  I fell over a few times but it’s ok because I loved the outdoors and also sledding.  I went to bed right away from all the fresh air.  Went home at about 4.30pm and got home for supper and watched a movie with mummy and daddy.

Hello Mr Snowman


Say hello to my Mr Snowman that I made with daddy for the first time this year.  It had been snowing a lot of late and finally today, i was able to make a snowman.


Hopefully, Mr Snowman will stay for a long time and that the wind doesn’t take it away.

Building A Fort


I’m so happy , I’m building a fort with daddy in our backyard.  We had so much fun, our neighbor came over to help too, we definitely were tired out.  What i love most is spending time with my daddy, because he is always so busy at the store, so it was great that mummy ask daddy to go outdoors with me and spend time with me.

The Big Storm


Look at how much snow the storm left us !!!  that’s a lot of snow and mummy say that the last time we had so much snow was the year after I was born.  Yes, we haven’t had a lot of snow the last few years, so we were all spoiled and now that we are getting some, we are all scared.   But we had food, water and lots of firewood in case the electricity goes out but thanks to Nova Scotia Power, we didn’t lose power at all during this storm.  Yay!

My First Airshow

We headed for the airshow with Auntie Hyunjin and this is my first airshow.  We were hoping to see Cousin Mark who is with the Skyhawks.  Cousin Mark is with the Warrant Officer, a Canadian Army advanced warfare centre instructor but he was no where to be found – what a bummer!

But we did enjoy the airshow tremendously and everyone was there – Jasmine, Hannah and Kylie and some of my school friends were there too.  The zhu’s were there but we didn’t see them.

Mom took some pictures for the flying aircraft.

Apples and Pears For School

We went to Wallace Apple Farm to get apples and pears for my classmates.  Every year mom and dad would go to the apple farm and get lots of apple every week for my friends and teachers.

Pears were for my teachers but some of my friends wanted pear too, so the next time, we will be getting some pears for them too.   I love bringing treats for my friends and teachers because they are all so nice to me.

Upper Clements Park

This is my first time to Upper Clements Park and the reasons are either my parents were too busy or because I was too scared to take rides because I didn’t have a friend to go with.  So this year, mama invited Jessica and her entire family to Clement’s Park with us and I had a blast!  This is Jessica and I.

Gift shop at Upper Clement’s park.

Our entourage minus mama and daddy who were taking pictures of us.

Jessica and I taking the train ride which at first we were scared but we weren’t later after we saw how calm the train ride was.

Another train ride.

I had fun ! when I didn’t dare go to the one in Crystal Palace.

I didn’t go on this although Jessica did , she was definitely braver.

Yah! i went on a Merry-go -Round – carousel !!!

In fact, I liked it so much – I went on it again!  next year I bet I can do more!

I also did the kart biking!

Jervis wanted to go on it but his legs weren’t long enough.

Waiting for Peddle boat with Jessica.

Here we go paddling.

But I didn’t listen to mom and dad and went round and round till mom and dad shouted instructions to me.  I should learn to listen and not be Miss know it all.  We were there till 7pm – so played for like 4 hrs – not bad considering but next year we’ve gotta be there like at opening time, so that we can go on rides a few times.

At Cape Fochu

We went to the lighthouse in Cape Fochu with mom and dad and even though it seems like we didn’t do alot yet this summer, looking back at all the pictures, my daddy and mummy does do as much as they can with me.  So I shouldn’t complain at all – I think but I always do complain that they don’t spend enough time with me – but it’s actually not true as you can see in all my pictures in this blog.

Me hanging around while waiting for my food to come.

A family picture again ! woohoo!

Me with my mini – ipad – the wifi at Cape Forchu is very weak – it goes in and out sometimes.