New Drapes For Halloween

A Halloween party on Halloween day this year ! woohoo!  I’m as excited as my mom and mom is not only decorating the house but also looking for burlap drapes  for the windows.  I don’t want it to be too spooky but I want it to be unique, so this weekend, I’m helping mummy with the decorating.  We’ve invited some friends and family for the Halloween party and we are all going to dress up for the party.  I’m going to be a Vampire for Halloween and mom will be a jailbird.  Daddy haven’t quite decided what he wants to dress up as but Auntie Hyunjin is going to be my pet cat for Halloween.  I’m very happy and very excited as well.

Birthday Cake For School

I had another birthday party at school on the 19th !  because mama wants me to celebrate with my friends in school since i can’t invite everyone to my party at the bowling alley.   I also think that mama wants to give me another party because Grammie is no longer around to spoil me – so she feels bad about it.  But I had a great time at school, my home room teachers were great and we even had a pinata and all.  And guess who came to school to say Happy Birthday to me?  SANTA!!  yes! i’m that special – but little do i know that it was mama who had arrange for Santa to come visit me in school.  I love my mummy!  I hope that when I become a teenager – I will remember how much I love my mummy and how much she loved me.

My 9 Years Old Birthday Party

I chose to have my birthday party at the bowling alley this year – as you an see here.  I’ve invited some of my closest friends, Oliver, Josie from school, Dominic my oldest friend but he didn’t come.  Jessica, Jasmine, Cole, Jill, Kyle, Shiny Josh my best friend forever, Auntie Lynette, Sarah, Skye, Layla (from school too) and of course, my favorite aunt – Auntie Hyunjin. Grampie came and so did Uncle Lloyd and I had a great birthday party with my friends.

Birthday Party

I have a lot of friends in school and at the store – so I get a lot of birthday party invitations – I’m a very lucky girl to have so many friends.  But mama don’t know what  gifts for a child’s birthday to buy every time I have a birthday to attend, lucky for us – she has a place she can shop for all these awesome birthday gifts for my friends and they are one of a kind birthday gifts.   Mama said that giving a unique gift is important because it shows that we are really thinking of my friends and our friendship – and she wants to get something useful for them – like a personalized water bottle for example – because mama loved all those personalized things for me too.  Why? because it won’t get lost and if it does end up in the lost and found department at our school – they will come back to whoever they belong to.  Mom likes the personalized kid’s backpack too – because she knows that every kid needs them for school – and there is one that has a lunch bag, a backpack and also a pencil case all with our names on it and mama said they are not too expensive  – so she always loved to order those as well.  Even if we don’t go for the birthday party, mama said that it would be nice to give my friends a present for inviting me – to show that we appreciate them.

A Baby Shower

Mama is planning a baby shower for one of her friends – so she bought some  prenatal vitamins and we went shopping for baby’s clothing and diapers.  Next will be getting the invitation out and then plan for the food – but mama said that all mummies need to take care of themselves when they are pregnant.  So taking vitamins are very important – so that the baby can be healthy and the mummies can also be healthy.  We want both mama’s friend and the baby to be healthy – so we bought lots of vitamins for them – it will be a few months before the baby arrives – but she can start eating those vitamins even before she have her baby.   I can’t wait to get the balloons for the baby shower – mama said i can have a pink one.

Boo From Chloe

We had a Halloween party at school last friday and this was what I bought for my class.  A Halloween cake and a box of candies to share with my friends.  We had to specially order the cake as I wanted chocolate cake and they only had white cake.   But everyone loved the cake and I was very happy to share the cake with my class.

Fruit Basket For My Teachers

So i went back to school today .. after taking 2 days rest.  I didn’t go back to school empty handed but with a fruit basket.  I also helped daddy do up the hamper.  My teachers and principal loved it – I hope Russel and Arlene got to eat some too.  Russell in like a janitor for the school and Arlene is the cook. Mama said.. we got to let them know.. that we too care for them.

Holden’s Party

I was invited to Holden’s birthday party last Saturday at Mcdonald’s .. and as usual .. they did the same things at Mcdonald’s.  But i had fun.. and it was very nice of Holden’s mummy to invite me.   I met some new friends.. and i had some french fries and apple juice for a snack.  Holden is my classmate at my new school… and he is a pretty smart boy at school.

That’s Holden in front of me.. trying to hit the pins with the balls.  After the birthday.. I thank Holden’s mummy for inviting me.  I hope Holden will come to my birthday party.  I wished i had gone to Alex’s party too.. but we only received his birthday invitation 3 days before the birthday.. so i couldn’t go .. because mama already had other plans for that day.

Sarah’s 7th Birthday

It was Sarah’s 7th birthday yesterday.. and I was invited of course.. hahha..!! we are long time friends with her mummy and daddy.  These are all Sarah’s friends.. and some of them.. i already know them.  This year .. Sarah’s birthday is at Mcdonald’s.

This is Sarah – our birthday gal – isn’t she sweet.

I chose a star for my face painting.

Then we had some bowling game – which wasn’t really much of a bowling according to mama but i like it.. and won a prize.

And this is me lining up for the bowling game – the one beside me is Shelby (she is daddy friend’s daughter) and Faith .. and new friend i met at the party.

Then we sat and ate – and i had fries and an apple juice.  I didn’t order the nuggets.. but they still gave it to me.  I didn’t want anything because I already had my lunch.

After eating, it was opening presents time.

Sarah had lots of gifts..  and this was one of mine.  I bought her a green eggs and ham floor puzzle and a snow princess story book – i hope she likes it.

And then we had cake.. and we left for home.  Thank you .. Sarah for inviting me.  Hope you come to my birthday party too.