Meet ButterScotch


This is butterscotch my pet bunny.  He is a male and he is half dwarf and half normal bunny because his father is a dwarf bunny and his mom is a normal size bunny.  We bought Butter scotch like 3 weeks ago and he is the best bunny ever.  He never poops all over the house but only in his cage and in the morning, he is outside in his bunny run and hutch that daddy build for him.


At night, he comes back into the house and sleeps inside because I don’t want him to freeze in the cold nor die because some bigger animal may scare him.  I did ask for a bunny but I didn’t think that mom and dad would get me one , so I was very excited when we found one in town.  We are currently looking for a real dwarf bunny to keep Butterscotch company.  Come meet my bunny if you are in town.

Chompy Died Today !


I went downstairs to feed my fishes this morning and found Chompy my oldest and longest gold fish dead!  I almost cried but didn’t but I’m terribly upset.  Mom and dad said that they will get me a new gold fish tomorrow to stop me from feeling sad and mom said that Chompy has gone to heaven to be with grammie.  But I said to mom that grammie already has a lot of my gold fishes ! she don’t need anymore !

Playing @ Home Sick

I’m sick – so I can’t go to Grammie’s – so I’m home playing with my toys – with mama – when my fever isn’t too high.  When my fever comes back – I lay on the couch – and take some medication till it goes away.  I was at 104 degree today!

Sometimes I get tired of playing – so mama and I would do word puzzles to find words.   Mama said I’m a very good girl – but I said that maybe Grammie would be disappointed because I didn’t go visit.  Mama said – it’s alright I can go next week if I feel better.  I also miss my kittie – Clever – so maybe next week i can go visit her.

My Doggie, Pepsi

This is my pet – Pepsi -! i wanted a real dog – but i’m scare of dogs – so now I’m learning to take care of my toy doggie – Pepsi first.  I bathed Pepsi – I give Pepsi food and I take Pepsi for walks too – plus I also take care of Pepsi’s poopie.  I think I’m ready for a real doggie but mama said nope – not till I’m like a teenager – because then I can really take care of a real dog.  So now I’ll just have to settle for Pepsi.

Goldie Went To Fishie Heaven

Goldie went to fishie heaven today – and i cried and cried and cried – and no amount of comforting would stop me from crying.  So daddy had no choice but to tell me he would bring Goldie to the vet and revived him.  So i stopped crying for a bit and daddy brought Goldie to the store and flush him out in the store.  We had meant to give him a proper burial – daddy even bought a small box to put Goldie in – but seeing that i was crying for Goldie so bad – they had to shelved the idea.  Guess I’m not ready to handle any death yet at 6.5 yrs old.

No Bunny

I wanted a bunny – a dwarf bunny was on sale on the yard sale and mama wanted to get it for me – so I asked Grammie if she would take care of it for me at her place – since i was planning to visit Grammie for a bit this summer.  But Grammie said she was busy – and cannot look after the bunny for me – even though mama said that the bunny would be in cage and won’t be eaten.  So I was very sad and when I got home that night I was very upset.  Mama bought me a Zhu Zhu pet instead – even though it was expensive – and she didn’t quite like it .. nor did daddy.  But since I didn’t get to keep the dwarf bunny – the Zhu Zhu pet will have to do for now – mama said.    I’m very sad – but mama said it’s alright – coz’ she didn’t have time to look after the bunny and the neighbor’s dog is always at our backyard – so not really a good thing to have a bunny and not have someone at home all the time.

Goldie Is Sick

Goldie is sick.  Look at its skin color.. it’s pale green in color.  So daddy went to the pet shop.. and they recommended some medication for Goldie.. and some different food.  Unfortunately, we can’t remember where we put the food to let Goldie try .. so this weekend.. we have to go to the pet shop again .. and get the new food .. it’s some kinda worms for Goldie.  Goldie haven’t been eating well.

My First Pet

Mama allowed me to have a fishy for a pet.  Keegan took me to the fishy store.. but they didn’t have any yet.. and i insisted on getting one that day.  So poor Keegan had to bring me to Walmart..and we got this fish .. and i named her Madeline Dory.  I feed my fishy once a day.. and when i am at the store.. mama looks after my fishy for me.  But Keegan will help me clean up the fishy.. when it is dirty.