That Boy Is Back!

Guess who is back in our school?  yes that boy who was bothering me and being bad is back in school.   Daddy and Mama weren’t really happy that the school didn’t tell them about the boy but took time to “complaint” about them talking to my friends over the fence last week.   Mama and daddy said where were the teacher/s and principal’s priorities?   Anyhow – I had bad dreams tonite and was tossing and twisting really bad – but I still woke up to go to school the next day.  Daddy is going to write a letter to the principal tonite.

Mama Put Me Out In The Cold

I was whining and whining about getting a toy today, that mama put me out in the cold for 30 secs.  Had mama not done that.. and screamed at me in the store, she said i wouldn’t stop the whining and crying and upsetting the customers for the whole day.  Mama said she knows i don’t feel good but still there was no need of it.  Even the top weight loss pills will not make her lose any weight.. if i continue to stress her out this way.  Mama said she will always love me.. but if she gave in to me.. all the time, it means that i can misbehave and turn into a real brat and she didn’t want that at all.

Timed-Out Twice

I was being bad today.. and had timed out by my crazy chinese mummy twice today.  One for 5 mins. and the second one for 10 mins.  I was being bad.. and first i bit Keegan.. while playing. and the second time.. i spit at her.  Keegan was mad.. and so was Papa.  I cried abit.. but i did my timed out.. and mummy said.. the next time.. i spit or bite.. she is gonna put chilli in my mouth.  And daddy said.. i was a P.I.T.A.