Sick At The Beginning Of Summer


It’s only the beginning of the summer holiday and I’m already sick !  and been sick for a week now , with diarrhea !  no fever or anything but diarrhea and tummy cramps !  I do not like it and I hope it won’t mess up my trips to Toronto and Disney World this year.  This is such a bummer ! to start of the summer this way.

The Big Storm


Look at how much snow the storm left us !!!  that’s a lot of snow and mummy say that the last time we had so much snow was the year after I was born.  Yes, we haven’t had a lot of snow the last few years, so we were all spoiled and now that we are getting some, we are all scared.   But we had food, water and lots of firewood in case the electricity goes out but thanks to Nova Scotia Power, we didn’t lose power at all during this storm.  Yay!

Easter Bunny With Glasses

I’m beginning to suspect that Easter Bunnies are not real and they do not bring me chocolate.  We were at the Farmer’s market last week and there is this person dressed up as Easter bunny – but he has glasses on!  Easter Bunnies do not have glasses right?  So Landon was right?  that Easter bunnies are not reallllllllllllllll!!!?????  Wawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

New Curtains For My Bedroom

Mama and daddy bought this curtain for me – from Wickerès Emporium a few weeks ago.  i did choose the color of the curtain – although this isnèt exactly what I wanted.  So Mama sent the curtain to the tailor to get it shorten because curtains bought here are way too long.  After getting it back from the tailor – daddy hung it up for me – but the curtain had a weird smell to it – so daddy had to wash it first and then re-hang it for me.  But after we washed it in our dryer – it shrank!!  I was really disappointed – because I canèt use my new curtain rods that we had bought from Wickerès emporium a  long time ago.  When mama went to Wickerès emporium a few days ago – to explain to them – they said they canèt do anything for mama because she had it hemmed up.  What difference does it make mama said – since the shrinking had nothing to do with the hemming – obviously, it had to do with the material itself.  So mama isnèt buying curtains from Wickerès emporium no more. Mama buy the entire house curtain from Wickerès emporium – I guess Wickerès emporium just lost a good customer.

Goldie Went To Fishie Heaven

Goldie went to fishie heaven today – and i cried and cried and cried – and no amount of comforting would stop me from crying.  So daddy had no choice but to tell me he would bring Goldie to the vet and revived him.  So i stopped crying for a bit and daddy brought Goldie to the store and flush him out in the store.  We had meant to give him a proper burial – daddy even bought a small box to put Goldie in – but seeing that i was crying for Goldie so bad – they had to shelved the idea.  Guess I’m not ready to handle any death yet at 6.5 yrs old.

Magic Show @ The Yarc

There was a magic show coming to town at The Yarc – and as soon as they announced it in early April this year – daddy went to get the tickets for the show, for  grammie, mummy, me and himself.  So we were so looking forward to it.  Michael Bourada is the name of the illusionist and it’s not like the traditional magic show with top hats and disappearing and appearing of rabbits.  This show has special effects and lighting and real music.   We were all very excited but alas, last friday when coming back from the Beacon park in the car, we heard the announcement that he canceled because of a sudden death in the family.  Mama said – even our best laid plans are not that the best eh.  We just got our refund today – and Micheal Bourada may come back in the fall – so maybe I will get to see him then.

Happy Birthday Kyle

Kyle is my neighbour and he turned 4 today and yesterday i was invited to his birthday party at the bowling alley.  I love bowling as much as playing on the playstation 3 , so when i had to wait for my turn – i didn’t like it.  I was whining so much that mama had to ask Mr B to open another lane fo me to play.  Mama said i was being very rude – after the party and explained to me why i cannot do that else i won’t have any friends.  I still don’t know how to share and I like everything to be done my way – and i can cry easy – like turning on the tap.  Mama said she is writing this down – so that when I grow up – i will know what a naughty lil’ girl i was.   Daddy wasn’t too happy – he said luckily we know Mr B – else – no one was gonna give us special treatment.  Mama said she hopes Kyle’s mama wasn’t upset with me – for being so rude.

Reward Card 2

Last month I had a reward card from my school – and i did good this month too .. and got a prize for being good.  But mama said i have to stop obsessing about the reward card because it is making me not want to go to the toilet even though i had to go.  She thinks it is because i had to hurry – and i returned without going because I get worried i might not get a yellow card because I am late.  But i can’t help myself – I want to get a prize every month – not everyone gets a prize.