Learning My Timetables

Yes, mom is making me learn my timetables again because I have already forgotten some.  So I covered, 2, 3, 9, 8 and I’m doing 7 today.  I took half an hour to learn my 8 timetable and I already know the trick to mastering my 9 timetable and now my 7 is almost done.  I should finish learning  all my timetables once again really soon.

Mom said she is really proud of me for picking them up so quickly but she said that she knows all her timetables when she was 9 years old , so I should do better than her.

I’m Sick !

I’m sick – down with a cold again.  Mama said I just got over a cold and I’m having another one and that’s because I don’t listen to her and wants to go out and play even though it is very cold and I refused to wear any jacket because it’s hot for me while running.  Anyway – I guess we won’t be going shopping tomorrow or to Grampie’s  – bummer!

Thermos Bottles

I love my thermos bottles – I have one for water, one for milk and one for juice.  But mama bought 2 of each for me – because the first set of them – you see the straws – they were washed again and again – and after so long – they turned yellow – so mama had wanted to buy some new straws to replace the old ones but none to be found.  She wrote to Thermos Canada and they sent the wrong one the first time – and then they didn’t send no more.

So mama took some pictures of the straws and the bottle and sent another email to Thermos Canada – since it’s about time to change the straws again – hopefully, this time they send the right one and on time.  Else we will have to buy more bottles and it’s just a waste of money because they are not cheap at all.  They are about $16 each – they are good for keeping my water cool or hot and clean but the straws are a real problem to clean – mama is afraid that even though she uses hot water and pipe cleaners – she still feels that a change of straws every 6 months is good.  So hopefully Thermos Canada comes thru’ for us this time.

STolen Hat Found After 7 Months

My home room teacher found a hat last week on Friday and I didn’t know for sure if it was my hat that was stolen 7 months ago from school.  So mama and daddy went to school this morning and this is my hat from Sparky Jones – woohoo!!!  Yes ! this is my hat – but it had been 7 months and of course I don’t remember no more – I’m just a kid!

At first mama thought it was really misplaced – but daddy said it’s impossible because the janitor would have found it right?  and how did my hat go from one end to another without anyone noticing?  strange as it is – I did get my hat back – but daddy still don’t believed that it was misplaced – but mama said nevermind lah! as long as it is found – I just have to be careful with my things at school and anywhere else.

Hat Stolen

I lost my hat from Etsy last week in school – well, technically I didn’t lose it – someone stole it from where I place my book bag everyday.  I’m very upset – not only because it’s one of a kind – but because it’s very expensive and the hat belongs to mama.  I was afraid that mama would be mad with me – but mama wasn’t – she said some people can be very dishonest – so from now on – i cannot wear anything expensive in school.   Mama said if she sees the person wearing my hat – that person would be getting a smack on its head.

Don’t They Know My Family Name ?

So we received a wedding invite in the mail today – and on it this was what it was written – only daddy is a Killam – not mama and I.  I asked mama why they wrote my name like that – so mama said – because daddy’s cousin don’t know if I am a Killam or not.  I asked daddy what does it mean – and daddy said – never mind.

Mama said that because daddy and her didn’t have a big wedding like daddy’s cousin – so they don’t know if they should call me a Killam or not – that’s silly mama said.  I asked mama why?  mama said because people with big wedding doesn’t mean that they will stay together – like one of daddy’s childhood friends – they have huge wedding and they are not together now.  Mama said that even though she almost lost her life – so that daddy’s family can have a kid to carry on the “killam” family name – it seems that no one wants to acknowledge us – so she should go to a lawyer and change my family name soon and then published it on Vanguard and mail it to all daddy’s friends and relative – muahahhahaha!!!  mama said people are just rude to think that I’m not a Killam – because on Sunday – Aunt Renette asked the same of mama at Sobeys – boy! was mama upset.  No wonder daddy tried to hide the wedding invitation from mama.

The Neigbor’s Dog & Cat

The neighbor’s dog and cat would come to our lawn and backyard and poop on the ground.  We want to put some no trespassing signs up – because we don’t have a fence around our lawn or backyard.  But shouldn’t people keep their dogs and cats tied up or bring them out for walks – so that they don’t go pooping at the neigbor’s house?  One time – their dog came running up to me – and I got really scared – and daddy said – the next time the dog comes running like that – he was calling the dog catcher.  So far we’ve only seen the dog a few more times in our lawn – but we found some poop every week – in our lawn – so someone’s dogs and cats are still coming around.  Daddy is going to put something into the lawn – so that the dogs and cats doesn’t come anymore.  But the trespassing signs are going to be up – so that they neighbors are warned.

Throwing Up & Stomach Cramps

We were in the emergency room earlier today because i had been throwing up and having tummy cramps since last nite at about 1.30am.  Woke up feeling sick and puked in the bedroom even though i tried to rush to the bathroom.  Some went on the carpet and i felt so bad – and said sorry to mama.  Mama said it was alright – it wasn’t my fault.

So we headed to the hospital in the afternoon and luckily we didn’t have to wait too, too long.  The doctor was from Ohio, USA – Dr Edgar – he was very nice – but didn’t give me any medication – but told mama that i have to wait it out. So poor me – sick and sicker and puke and puke more.

Pencil Holding

So mummy was looking for some spirometers for her friend and I asked my mama  if i could hold my pencils the way i wanted or must i hold the pencil the teachers wanted me to?  I wanted to cry because i don’t like the way the teachers wanted me to hold my pencil – it just hurt too much.  So mama asked daddy to write a note for my teacher to let me hold the pencil the way i want and that I will change when i am ready.

But mama is worried because i do have an odd way of holding my pencils but she just didn’t want me to fear going to school, therefore, she is letting this one go for now.  But you see – i can draw and write perfectly well, so why won’t they listen to me.  Daddy said to let me be for now and will try and fix the pencil thing next year.  What do you think of my drawing and handwriting?  do you think i need to hold my pencils like a beak way?

Bumped My Head Again

Yes, Kai Mah – i bumped my head again – while trying to drag my story books from under the computer table instead of waiting for mama to help me.  Mama said – luckily it wasn’t a electric grill that i was trying to haul out – else i would be in bad shape.  You see, Kai Mah – i wasn’t being bad – i wanted to make my own story book, so i had to get the ones with the princess to draw out the story to make one – but mama was so engrossed in helping someone on the internet because they couldn’t get into mama’s blogs – so i went ahead and tried to get my own books.

I had a little scratch on my forehead and there was a little blood – and Kai Mah you should know how i am with blood – so i freaked right out.  Mama stopped and was really sad – because she said she wasn’t a good mom and took care of her internet stuff first before me.  I told mama – it’s alright – i didn’t hurt so much anymore after using Aunty Macy’s cold pack that she sent last year.

That night mama didn’t work on the internet and promised that no one was more important than I.  So Kai Mah you don’t have to worry no more and can you please tell all the aunties and uncles on mama’s blog not to panic when they can’t get onto mama’s blog.  Mama got me to look after – and to cook for and feed – I’m quite a handful kid sometimes – mostly i’m good – but i have no patience -so if i don’t get the attention – i just might hurt myself.  Thank you Kai Mah!