Ms Hailey Where Are You?


Dear Hailey,

You have been gone since summer and you promised to write to me and be penpals.  Have you forgotten about me already?  We were friends since Grade Primary , I didn’t forget you , in fact I think of you often and miss you very much.  I wished you were still in town and school isn’t the same without you.  I miss you my best friend forever, please call and write to me and let me know that you are alright.

Love Chloe.

11 As & 3 Bs For Final Term Grade 5

Yup !  I’m not happy with my results because I figured I would definitely get an A for Science after all, I did such a good job with the respiratory project !!!!  🙁  Yes, I am so disappointed !  now mummy said i have to work on my english, math as well as my science during the summer holidays, besides having to go for kayaking and canoeing and also painting classes.

But at least I’ve got my trip to Toronto and Disneyworld to look forward to and also many trips to Halifax this summer – coz’ we’ve got help at the store this summer ! woohoo!

Learning My Timetables

Yes, mom is making me learn my timetables again because I have already forgotten some.  So I covered, 2, 3, 9, 8 and I’m doing 7 today.  I took half an hour to learn my 8 timetable and I already know the trick to mastering my 9 timetable and now my 7 is almost done.  I should finish learning  all my timetables once again really soon.

Mom said she is really proud of me for picking them up so quickly but she said that she knows all her timetables when she was 9 years old , so I should do better than her.

I Wasn’t Bullying ……..


 I tell mom I wasn’t bullying my friend if I didn’t want to talk or friend her no more because she abandoned me first.  But mom explained that it is ok if my friend wanted to do something else and not want to do things with me.  But I wasn’t bullying !  In fact, the next day when I asked my friend how I was bullying her so that I won’t do it again and hurt her feelings, she replied that she didn’t know *slap forehead*.  So how would I know what I shouldn’t do with her that she considered bullying ?   So in order to avoid any misunderstanding, I will try not to upset my friend in any way even if she upsets me, it’s ok?  Mom said to try not to upset my friend and I said ok.

School Closes Early


This was taken right outside our school and school was closed early today because the weather was going to get worst.  Mom was really glad that the school closed early because the roads were going to get bad and it would be dangerous to drive around.  I didn’t want to miss gym , so daddy had to come back to get me after gym instead of taking me out since he was there to deliver lunch.

Math Quiz Practices


It’s a snow day today but that doesn’t mean that there is no homework at home.  We didn’t have to go to school but mom made me and dad go thru’ my math quiz to prepare me for the school one.


Yup !  that’s right ! no rest for this kid, mom is  a slave driver when it comes to school  work but it’s alright I know she just wants me to excel in school.  And I only had to do a few pages everyday.

Cotton Candies For Valentine’s Day @ School


Mom ordered these cotton candies for my entire class, teachers and PAs as well for Valentine’s Day from a local business.  One is to support our local business and secondly, because she always wants to do something special for my classmates and teachers and PAs.


Mom was afraid that there won’t be school on Friday, so she made me give out the cotton candies on Thursday when school was on.  Everyone loved the cotton candies and so did I.  I’m a very lucky girl to have thoughtful parents.

Will I be Grounded?


I just got my report card home today and I’ve got 8 As and 5 Bs , well technically only 3 Bs because 3 of them were Math.  But my mummy expects me to get all As and if I didn’t get all As, I think I will be grounded for the rest of my life.  Mummy said in our family we don’t get anything but As but I’ve been getting Bs and I’m really trying very hard already.  I guess I just have to accept my punishment but I will try harder next term.

Apples For The Teachers


Yes, apples for my teachers  – all the teachers in my school and i specially picked each one of them on my own on Thanksgiving Monday.  The apple farm isn’t open for the public but because the owners were grammie’s long time friends, mummy had asked if it was ok to go pick and they said yes.  The Zhu’s went as well and met us there, we headed to Grampie’s for a short visit and then to our cottage at the beach too.  We then had supper at the Zhu’s .  We had hot pot dinner and I had so much fun playing with Jessica, Jervin and Jervis.  Daddy came to pick us up but not before the Japanese teacher taught us how to make paper origami.

Start Of 5th Grade


First day of school and I’m all excited and of course mummy made me draw a sign like her friend’s from Vancouver but the artist in me had to draw it my own way and it’s perfect as usual.   I’m going to have the same teachers as last year and if you know me, you know I love both my teachers from last year.  So I’m going to have a wonderful year.  Mrs E is so awesome !!  I just love seeing her every day.  And Mrs B, is like my grammie – I just love her as well.