When I Have Sore Throat

So mama found this in the local drug store – and bought this for me – when I was sick a few weeks ago – because not only was I hacking my lungs out – I was beginning to get a sore throat.  And knowing that I won’t take any lozenges – mama found this lolli for me to suck on.  It tastes like real orange and I don’t mind sucking on it either – so if you are a kid – and you need something for a sore throat – you can try this RockHoppers.  I’m the fussiest kid and if I will take it – any kids will – that’s what my parents said.

Getting Ready For School

This is me – getting ready for school – see the sky is still dark outside and I have to get up and get my breakfast and go to school.  But I don’t mind it so much – because I do like going to school now.

Lost Of My First Tooth

I was not having a good day yesteray – I  lost my first tooth last nite.  It was really lose and i couldn’t even eat without hurting myself – so at dinner time – i moved it front and back and front and back and it finally came out.

So much blood came out and i freaked right out and didn’t finished my dinner till 9pm – daddy came home from work.  So i had a late bath – late going to bed too.  But i was alright after that.. and the tooth fairy came last nite .. and left me 5 bucks..!! which I spent on a toy at the dollar store and the rest went into my piggy bank for college.

My Pet Shop

We stayed home on Sunday. .and played pet shop the whole day.  I wasn’t feeling good still. .and the rain was coming down hard.  Mama didn’t want me to get wet and more sick.. so we stayed home. . and i bought all my dogs. and pets.. and make papa buy stuff from my pet shop.  I’m a good pet owner.. as you can see.. i put them all in my bed.. and make them looked pretty.

Me and my pet shop.  Mama said next time.. i should invite my friends from school to come play.  Maybe Dominic will come and play pets with me too .. but I’ve gotta get well first.

I’m A Laundry Helper

I helped my mama fold the laundry. .and she said. .i was a good laundry helper. I loved to help my mama whenever she lets me.. and i fold the laundry really well.. and i did all of it.. so mama don’t have to do so much because i love my mama.



Papa had been buying drumsticks lately.. and it’s my favorite. Today I finished almost the whole thing.. because mummy donch feel well to eat alot with me. The ones that i love having is chocolate ones. What is your favorite ice cream..??