A Banjo On My Knee

Christmas parties with family are always fun because we always have lots of musicians in the family and so are our friends.  One of our family friend plays the banjo and he said I could learn from him if I wanted to .  He uses   Musician Friends banjo  and mummy was going to get me one too.  But I think learning the banjo may be harder than learning how to play the guitar , so for now , I’m going to stick to my piano and maybe when I’m older, I can learn how to play the banjo .

My Very Own Backpack For Vacation


Our summer vacation is just round the corner, we are going to Toronto for 10 days and then Disney World after.  Mom said that these  personalized kids backpacks  will be good for me since I need to have at least one carry on to put my bears and knick knacks that I might need for my few hours of flight on the plane.  Mom is going to put my name on one of the biggest one, that way , I won’t lose my carry on back and if I do lose it, I can easily identify it too.  I’m so looking forward to my vacation and also carrying my new personalized backpacks.

Swiss Chalet


When we are up in Halifax, daddy loves to eat at Swiss Chalet and so do I.  Swiss Chalet is not too expensive and their service is always good.  I order from the kid’s menu and had a quarter chicken with potatoes and I get to choose the dessert I want.   Chicken has been my favorite for a long time but this time I didn’t get KFC like usual because I prefer A & Ws chicken strips.

Bonding Time With Mummy


Mom and I went to a nail shop to get our nails done while waiting for daddy to chat with his business acquaintance in the city.  I don’t usually get my nails done because mummy said that children shouldn’t be painting their nails as our nails need the sunlight plus she didn’t want me to grow up too fast.  She said that making myself pretty can come later after school.


But once in a while, mom will treat me and surprise me but seriously, I don’t think wearing nail colors is such an ideal thing when one is young and in school.  But it was definitely loads of fun doing our nails together.

Sleeping Bags For Kids

I loved my sleeping bag that I had gotten for my Christmas present from Santa – but I need more  gear for camping campbound before Summer when I go camping with my Godma Lynn.  Godma Lynn is coming back for the summer and she is bringing me out for camping with Uncle Fernand.  Santa is so smart and this sleeping bag that I’ve gotten from Santa is going to keep me really warm.  Godma said that some camping bags have got built in pillow and it feels like you are in a very warm room because of the material it is made from.  My sleeping bag is soft and it’s breathable, so I know that I will get plenty of fresh air even though I’m kept warm inside the sleeping bag. Godma has all the camping furniture and cooking utensils when we go camping, I just have to bring my sleeping bag and mosquito repellant and I’m all set.


On Christmas Morning


Christmas morning came and I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night because I was too excited about Santa coming and I woke mum up several times like usual.  Mom was upset till she saw her watch from daddy !  and Santa did come but this year I didn’t get a lot of toys I got more books than anyone in the family!  I am not a very happy kid this morning ! but at least someone else was happy this morning – MOM!

I got a tonka truck from Santa, Monster High dolls from Aunt Lynette, a bike from Grampie and money from Uncle Richard, lots of clothes from mom and dad and a Barbie doll from Auntie Hyunjin and Auntie Kim gave me a lot of everything.  Godma Lina gave me cash $100 and Auntie Yan gave me some PJs.   I did have a good Christmas but I do miss my grammie a lot.

Swimming In The Hotel

My favorite thing that I do when we are on vacation is to go swimming in the hotel’s swimming pool but the last time we went on vacation, my Aunty H was with me and she went swimming with me for 2 times – I had a fabulous time.  There weren’t much people in the pool but there were some ladies in  Maternity Swimwear  and they looked really nice in their maternity swimwear.  Mama said that she wished she knew where to get them when she was pregnant with me and Aunty H asked the ladies where they got their maternity swimwear from and they told Aunty H.  Aunty H, is buying one for a friend who is having a baby too.  Mama and Aunty H loved going shopping, so I guess our trip to the city this time was fruitful.

A Build-A-Bear From Aunt Carmen & Aunt Yvette

We just came back from daddy’s cousin’s wedding in Moncton – and in the wedding – we met with a lot of aunties and uncles.  Aunt Carmen and Aunt Yvette wanted to give me money for getting straight As for my school but I said no – because mama taught me not to take money from anyone. So in the end they gave the money to mama instead and I chose to buy a new build-a-bear when I went back to Halifax on the same trip.

I can’t decide what kinda bear I want because there are just too many.

But i finally chose one – and filled up the inside of the bear – and put a heart into my bear.  The girl at Build-a – Bear told me to rub the heart on my heart – so that we will always be together and rub the heart to my ears – so that my new bear will always listen to me.

I chose this bear – and called her Peace bear.  Do you like my Peace bear?

Thank you Aunt Yvette (she is grammie’s sister)

Thank you Aunt Carme (she is grammie’s sister-in-law)

I Love Hotels !

I love hotels! yes i really do – so I love going on vacations because we can stay in hotels and sleep in a hotel bed and usually I get to sleep right beside mama – because she is a worry -wart and needs me to be right beside her so that I won’t fall or get too hot or cold.

I bring all my pillows and baby blankie with me – and of course my teddies too whenever we stay in a hotel.  I’ve stayed in a lot of hotels and I liked all of them.

In the morning or before bedtime at nite I liked to snuggle on mummy’s and daddy’s big beds in the hotel.