Not Sleeping Good But I’m Still Cute

I haven’t been sleeping good for a week now.  I wake up a few times a night . . and last nite i didn’t let my daddy sleep.  Waking up at 4am.. 6.30 and 9.30am.  Daddy is getting really tired and I think i better sleep tonite.. because we are heading to the Halifax Hotel tomorrow.  I told mummy i wanna sleep in her bed .. in the hotel.. so she can keep me safe.

I Love Hannah Montana


I love Hannah Montana’s show..! i was dancing and singing with the show.. for a good hour or so. Mummy liked that i was quiet for abit. But i only saw it twice so far. But I really liked the show very much. So if i liked the show.. every kid in the universe should watch it. Just for kids.. my mum said.

I Cried When GrandAunt Renette Came To Visit

GrandAunt Renette came to visit at the store on Saturday with Grammie. They had gone to the chinese restaurant to eat. I cried because I didn’t wanna let Grammie go home with GrandAunt Renette. My mummy said.. i was being bad and badly behaved.. and GrandAunt must think i am naughty too.. but I’m tired and hungry.. since we didn’t go home early because Keegan didn’t come babysit today. I was mad with Grammie for leaving.. and cried and cried.




I watched this on daddy’s computer today.. since I had to stay home because the weather was bad. I liked the music and dancing alot.. the rest i don’t quite understand. i will watch it again.. the next time. But my crazy chinese mummy thinks that they are for a little older kids.. maybe 6 yrs old onwards.

Master Manipulator

I’m only 4 yrs old.. and my crazy chinese mummy said i am a master manipulator because i know when to ask her for candies.. and to keep me busy or happy, she gotta give in. Or when she is alone at home with me.. when my Papa is at work, i will call for my crazy chinese mummy every few minutes.. and she has to run out to the tv room.. to see what i need. But most of all, I know when to ask her for candies and cookies.. during the time when she is the busiest.. and she will give them to me, so she can work. I wait for the time, when she has no help.. and then I will make sure, i get what i want then.. hahhahaha!!

Sally, My Ballerina


Meet my new toy.. Sally. She isn’t really a ballerina.. but my crazy chinese mummy bought it for me.. because Malie had a ballerina.. that i wanted so much. So i kept telling mummy to get it for me… and on Friday.. she did. Instead of buying groceries.. she went looking for a ballerina for me.. and this was what she got. I called her Sally, my ballerina. Grammie said.. she was gonna get me one too tonite.

Sleeping Late

I slept at 1am last nite.. and my crazy chinese mummy was at the verge of screaming at me. But she kept her cools.. and didn’t scream at me… instead she ignored me. I watched a few shows.. and even though i didn’t understand chinese.. i still laughed at the show. I finally fell asleep at 1am. My Papa and mummy said.. they donch understand where i get all my energy from.  I never take naps..  and never snooze at all.  The minute i wake up.. i’m on the go.. doing stuff.. watching tv.. or playing with kids that comes to the store.. or even the adults.

My Friends


These are my friends from the store. My crazy chinese mummy said.. they are all princesses in her eyes. Talia and Malie .. I’ve known all my life. Talia is the same age as I .. and Malie is about 6 yrs old. The other two pretty gals .. are customers of the store. Can you see me in the pink jacket..??



Papa had been buying drumsticks lately.. and it’s my favorite. Today I finished almost the whole thing.. because mummy donch feel well to eat alot with me. The ones that i love having is chocolate ones. What is your favorite ice cream..??

My Mummy Made Me Ugly

My Crazy Chinese Mummy butchered my hair yesterday.. and it looked so yakky on me..! She is too busy helping my Papa to move the store.. so she can only put up pictures for me tonite or tomorrow she said. So come back and check, if you think my Crazy Chinese Mummy Made Me Ugly .. ok..?