My Throat Hurts

I told Papa this morning.. that my throat hurts.. and he promptly carried me.. and tried to get a peek into my throat to see if i needed to see Dr Zia .. my family doctor. But my crazy chinese mummy can’t see nothing without the torch light.. so we had to go to the store.. and check my throat out.

Papa called the doctor’s office.. so that we can get in to see the doctor.. and Renette the doctor’s secretary, she put me on the cancellation list, else i’ll get to see the doc tomorrow. But i was still pretty much doing my usual stuff.. but donch feel like eating so much.

GrandAunt Yvette

Grandaunt Yvette came to visit me with Grammie on Sunday.. and a good thing she did, because my crazy chinese mummy wasn’t feeling good. I had fun with Grandaunt Yvette and she taught me how to clean up all the play doh that i was playing with.

They didn’t stay for long.. and when they wanted to leave .. i told GrandAunt Yvette that she could leave but not grammie.

My Special Buddy Visits

My special buddy Dominic came to visit me at the store.. on last Saturday. Although we were already leaving the store to go shopping.. we stayed and played a while . .while crazy chinese mummy chat away with Dominic’s mummy. I had fun.. but Dominic had some sort of asthma attack. My crazy chinese mummy quickly sent Keegan to get some juice for him.. and i got some too.

Kim’s Present


This was Christmas present from Kim. ! Thank you Kim..!! Kim is a friend/customer of crazy chinese mummy for a long time now. Every year Kim never fails to bring me a gift. This year.. CCM said. . she was in China.. but still sent her mummy to bring me a gift. So very nice of Kim..!! I can’t wait to see your baby .. Kim..!!

My Grammie & Grampie Came To Visit

My Grammie & Grampie came to visit me a few days ago at the store. I guessed it is because we didn’t go out to visit on Sunday.. because my crazy chinese mummy .. was not feeling so good in her tummy.

I asked my crazy chinese mummy why grammie & grampie have to leave so soon . . and not stay and play with me. Mummy said.. grampie donch like to come to town.. for so long. But my grampie brought some fudge for me.. in a tupperware. I told mummy i like grampie’s peas. .and not grammie’s .. but Papa said they are all the same.

More Christmas Pressies


Woohoo..!! i must have been a good gal..!! santa came by .. on Christmas eve.. without a chimney.. muahahaha!! my crazy chinese mummy said.. he has a special key to my house. But next year.. i want my Papa to build a chimney to my room, so that Santa can come to my room directly.