Good Sarah’s Mummy

This afternoon, my friend .. the good Sarah’s mummy came by the store.. and gave me some Christmas present. I have a lovely doll .. that sings.. and a my little pony’s puzzle, plus some magnetic game.  Mummy will take pictures and put it up soon, my current favourite is my singing doll.

My First Dental Appointment


Yes.. I went for my very first dental appointment with Dr Leblanc.. and the hygienist. I was pretty cool about it at first.. but only let her get to the top of my teeth for cleaning. And then the yakkie stuff she put in my mouth.. i didn’t like at all.

Dr Leblanc told Papa and my Crazy Chinese Mummy that they need to put me to sleep .. for filling up my holes in my teeth, so now my CCM is very worried.. and wondering if it is all safe for me or not. CCM said.. she will post picture up really soon .. as soon as she gets home.

A Chimney To My Room Please

On Christmas eve, I asked my Crazy Chinese mummy how Santa was gonna come into our house. We don’t have a fireplace or chimney. Crazy Chinese Mummy said she was gonna leave the windows open for Santa.. but I said to CCM .. that no one leaves the windows open at nite. So when Papa came into the puter room, i asked Papa to make a chimney to my room please. So that Santa can come drop his presents off.

Lots Of Presents

I received alot of presents today..! Dominic came to visit.. and gave me a birthday present.. and Rod also gave me a present for my birthday .. and Christmas. So nice of them. Crazy Chinese Mummy said.. she will post picture soon. I like visits from Dominic.. we even took a picture together again..! And Rod gave me a very cool present.. you all have to see it.

I Tricked My Papa

Last nite.. i tricked my Papa into giving me cake before i went to bed.. and promised him that i was gonna sleep the whole nite. But at 4.30am .. i woke up . . and went to look for Crazy Chinese mummy in the puter room.. and when she asked me about my promised.. i pretended that i wanted to go straight to sleep.. muahahhaha!!

I tricked my Papa.. into giving me cake..!

A Birthday Wish From Auntie Girlie (Philippines)


From Aunt Girlie:
Dearest Chloe,Happy Birthday to you Sweetheart. You just don’t know how proud your Mom and Dad are for having you. You’ve grown into a sweet and loving little girl. I always have fun looking at your pictures and even watching some vids uploaded by your Mom. I can see that they have brought you up the right way. Continue to give joy to your parents and to us too, your Mom’s friends. I’ve seen you grow from toddler to a little charming lady, and you always bring a smile to my face whenever I see your pictures. Continue to be a good girl as you are, and stay loving. Again Happy Happy 4th Birthday to you.Love,
Aunt Girlie

A Letter From Mummy To Me



To my dearest Chloe,

You turned 4 yrs old exactly today .. and as mummy looked back at these 4 yrs.. i cannot help but again and again.. thank God.. for giving me such a precious gift in you. You my dear, not only stolen our hearts .. but the hearts of everyone around you… and even the customers. Just today.. a customer said to you.. “I’m sure you’ve heard this many times.. but you are very cute”. Even the town Santa comes into our store everyday..just to see you.

You speak so well.. and you have vocabulary that amazes mummy all the time. You mimicked everything you see or hear .. so well. And basically, you are a good gal. You look like an angel.. when you are sleeping. You are usually not hard to take care of.. except on days.. when you are cranky. But you are afterall a child, so that’s expected.

Besides not wanting to eat.. and sleep.. and insisting that we sit and work on the computer and watch you sleep at 5am in the morning.. you are the best kid and the most well-behaved when you are out in the mall or at someone else’s house/place. But you are so clever.. to manipulate mummy.. and if you wanna get your way.. you would tell Papa.. “mummy say i can have a waffle!” or “mummy say .. i can bring this home” .. muahahhah!! not the bad kinda manipulative.. but the cute kind. You never asked or pester us for anything.. and you are not a spoilt brat .. that’s for sure.

I just wanna let you know how much I love you.. and how much joy you bring to mummy’s heart and life. If there is nothing that mummy had done right in this lifetime.. i know for sure.. that having you .. make every wrong .. right. I love you always.. and just want you to be happy and healthy always. Happy Birthday .. Sweetheart.. ! Yer 4 yrs old now. .no more 3.5.

19th December 2007