I’m Sick!

I am having a cold..!! it started yesterday..! but i’m still ok.. but woke Papa up like 5 times last nite. But Papa was good.. and didn’t scream at me. My nose is starting to blister .. but I’m still at the store. Maybe Grammie will come babysit me and I can pass the cold to her.. muahahhahah!! Ok.. Grammie.. i was just kidding..!

My Birthday Cake


I just wanna show everyone my birthday cake. I chose it on my own. Papa and Keegan brought me to Sobeys to pick my cake. My Crazy Chinese Mummy was upset with Papa for letting her missed out on my cake picking, but Papa thought he was being nice to CCM. You like my cake..??

Akan Datang

Hey.. Aunties, Uncles & Buddies,

I wanna post up my pictures for my birthday yesterday.. but mummy ain’t feeling so great. Ulcer in her tongue. Sorry ahh… ! wait mummy feels better, I’ll make her “get to work”. So come back soon and check out all my lovely presents.. and friends who came for my party.

Why Everyone Blur Blur One..??

My birthday party is on Sunday.. and mummy wrote out invitations for Sunday.. but got Uncle Choo and Uncle Brian who thought my birthday was on Saturday .. muahahhaha!! Uncle Brian hor.. he went to our house .. to look for us .. for the party.. but no one home.. muahhahah!! he specially took off day too.. to come for my party..! what a bummer.. for him..!! Uncle Choo from the Chinese restaurant.. brought a present for me. So nice.. hor..!

Strawberry Short Cake

We are preparing for my birthday.. and we chose a strawberry shortcake for my 4th birthday.. at Sobeys. Papa is going to collect it tomorrow.. just before everyone comes for my birthday. I can’t wait to show mummy my cake.

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my personal blog. This is going to be my playground.. after I turn 4 . .on the 19th December 2007. Come watch me grow..! My mummy says.. I’m a lil’ brat.. but a cute one. So i’m actually a cute monster brat. Come back often and visit me. I’ll be up to alot of tricks soon.