I have many hobbies and one of them is making bracelets and other stuff with my rainbow looms.  Mom doesn’t like me on the computer when I’m at the store during the weekend, so besides doing reading and some math work, I have to do drawing and rainbow loom before I can play some mine craft.  I then sell them at the store and save the money for college.  Mom said, I’m not getting into debt to go to college, therefore they started saving for me when I was very young and now that I’m older, I can also save up.

I Wasn’t Bullying ……..


 I tell mom I wasn’t bullying my friend if I didn’t want to talk or friend her no more because she abandoned me first.  But mom explained that it is ok if my friend wanted to do something else and not want to do things with me.  But I wasn’t bullying !  In fact, the next day when I asked my friend how I was bullying her so that I won’t do it again and hurt her feelings, she replied that she didn’t know *slap forehead*.  So how would I know what I shouldn’t do with her that she considered bullying ?   So in order to avoid any misunderstanding, I will try not to upset my friend in any way even if she upsets me, it’s ok?  Mom said to try not to upset my friend and I said ok.

The Care & Keeping Of You Book 2


A few months ago, our school taught us about puberty and it was a male teacher who taught us .  Embarrassing much?  lol !  But mama bought this book for me from Amazon and it came and I read it of course because mama said it was good for me.

At first, I found it quite eerie and yakkie to read it but it got interesting and I did learn a few things about puberty and am currently not so worried about period and other things that comes with growing up.  My mom is the best when it comes to helping me learn about stuff.  I love my mom so much!

Best Playdates


My bestest playdates are with my cousins , Jessica, Jervin and Jervis.  I loved to have them at my home because they eat everything and never complain.  They are good with me and play whatever I want and listens to me.


I love taking care of them as much as they love playing with me.  I’m like a big sister at last.  I loved having Jessica over because we get to play all sorts of girlie games.


Mummy loves cooking for them too, because they love mummy’s cooking and eat up everything.  They never ask for anything , they also wash their hands everytime they use the washroom.  I wished they can come over more often.

Jungle Jim’s With My Cousin


It was a sunday and we went to Jungle Jim’s with mom and daddy but I wanted to bring my cousin Jessica along , so mama called Auntie Yan to ask if Jessica can come along.  Jessica had lunch already, so she had a snack and we went to get yogurt later before sending Jessica home.  We didn’t go visit grampie because we had loads of groceries to shop for.

Parking Solution At Grampie

 01At my Grampie’s house in the country, he has lots of cars and trucks from old ones and the ones he is currently using.  Since grampie has lots of land, we don’t really have trouble parking those cars and trucks that he isn’t using but when we have family visiting, then it can get quite crowded.  So , daddy is looking for a parking solution for the trucks and cars that he and Uncle Richard isn’t using but insist on collecting those old vintage cars.  The best and most efficient way to keep all the cars and trucks in order is to get some auto lifts, therefore, this summer, they will check out the safety features on auto lifts  around the city.

 Of course, I will be tagging along with them since I loved all the cars and trucks at Grampie’s and it will be an interesting trip for Grampie, daddy and I as they also want to compare prices.  The auto lifts are said to hold more than 7000 Ibs and several models to choose from.  And since Grampie and Uncle Richard both loved to tinkle with those cars and trucks, it’s a great way to ensure that both can work on those cars and trucks and avoid getting into an accident.  So I’m really happy that they are getting those auto lifts this summer.

Sledding @ Grampie’s


We visited Grampie today after having not visited him for 2 weeks now because of the weather and also because mummy was sick last week.  So we went out to visit today and of course, I had to go sledding at Grampie’s raspberries hill even though I was sick just a few days ago.


I had so much fun with Grampie and daddy.  I fell over a few times but it’s ok because I loved the outdoors and also sledding.  I went to bed right away from all the fresh air.  Went home at about 4.30pm and got home for supper and watched a movie with mummy and daddy.

Hello Mr Snowman


Say hello to my Mr Snowman that I made with daddy for the first time this year.  It had been snowing a lot of late and finally today, i was able to make a snowman.


Hopefully, Mr Snowman will stay for a long time and that the wind doesn’t take it away.

Building A Fort


I’m so happy , I’m building a fort with daddy in our backyard.  We had so much fun, our neighbor came over to help too, we definitely were tired out.  What i love most is spending time with my daddy, because he is always so busy at the store, so it was great that mummy ask daddy to go outdoors with me and spend time with me.

School Closes Early


This was taken right outside our school and school was closed early today because the weather was going to get worst.  Mom was really glad that the school closed early because the roads were going to get bad and it would be dangerous to drive around.  I didn’t want to miss gym , so daddy had to come back to get me after gym instead of taking me out since he was there to deliver lunch.