The Big Storm


Look at how much snow the storm left us !!!  that’s a lot of snow and mummy say that the last time we had so much snow was the year after I was born.  Yes, we haven’t had a lot of snow the last few years, so we were all spoiled and now that we are getting some, we are all scared.   But we had food, water and lots of firewood in case the electricity goes out but thanks to Nova Scotia Power, we didn’t lose power at all during this storm.  Yay!

Math Quiz Practices


It’s a snow day today but that doesn’t mean that there is no homework at home.  We didn’t have to go to school but mom made me and dad go thru’ my math quiz to prepare me for the school one.


Yup !  that’s right ! no rest for this kid, mom is  a slave driver when it comes to school  work but it’s alright I know she just wants me to excel in school.  And I only had to do a few pages everyday.

Cotton Candies For Valentine’s Day @ School


Mom ordered these cotton candies for my entire class, teachers and PAs as well for Valentine’s Day from a local business.  One is to support our local business and secondly, because she always wants to do something special for my classmates and teachers and PAs.


Mom was afraid that there won’t be school on Friday, so she made me give out the cotton candies on Thursday when school was on.  Everyone loved the cotton candies and so did I.  I’m a very lucky girl to have thoughtful parents.

Nail Time With Daddy


My finger nails and toe nails are cut by my daddy only because I don’t allow anyone else cutting them.  I trust daddy to cut them for me and I loved it when my daddy does it for me.  Mummy wants to do it for me all the time, but i always insist on waiting for daddy to come home from work to do it for me.

A Day Out With My Bear, Aunt & Cousin


We spend a day out shopping , eating and having fun with my bear, my aunt and my cousin at the Japanese restaurant.  First, we had brunch at Jungle Jims , followed by shopping at Shoppers Drug Mart for mummy and Auntie H. ‘s skincare and then we went out for dinner at the Japanese restaurant.


My aunt and I playing on the ipad.


Me and jessica at the Japanese restaurant because I wanted some company and mum wanted to bring Jessica out for dinner.  Jessica ate all kinds of japanese food, but I brought macaroni that daddy had cooked for me because i’m fussy with my food.   We had such a good time, but Jessica had motion sickness and the car ride wasn’t that awesome for her.  The Japanese restaurant took forever to reach and the service wasn’t that good.

Christmas Decor At Store


If you ever go by my store, don’t forget to check out the Christmas decoration because I did the decoration at the store and at home.  I love decorating the store.  This year, there is no Gary to help , well , he didn’t help last year either, because he doesn’t like Christmas and this year Aunty Hyunjin did come and help either.  She was too busy at work, so me and daddy did all the store’s decoration and for a little kid, mummy said I did good.

Christmas Concert In Church


This Christmas, I’m very popular.  I have a school concert to go to, a church concert and a piano recital as well as a birthday party for myself and for my best friend.  For my school concert, the school takes care of everything but the church one, mummy had to buy a new reed for me.  You can  buy oboe reeds at wwbw  if you didn’t know that and mummy ordered mine online.  She said they were not expensive at all and bought me the one that I liked most.  I’m excited about the church concert because this is the first time, I’m performing with my church.  Wish me luck now!

Will I be Grounded?


I just got my report card home today and I’ve got 8 As and 5 Bs , well technically only 3 Bs because 3 of them were Math.  But my mummy expects me to get all As and if I didn’t get all As, I think I will be grounded for the rest of my life.  Mummy said in our family we don’t get anything but As but I’ve been getting Bs and I’m really trying very hard already.  I guess I just have to accept my punishment but I will try harder next term.

Earliest GingerBread House


Yup! this is the earliest , I have had making my gingerbread house.  Last year, during my birthday at Superstore, we had all my friends make Gingerbread house instead of Pizza because I don’t like pizzas.  So this year, mummy bought the first gingerbread house she saw on sale at Sobeys and daddy and I made it together on Sunday.


Do you like my gingerbread house?  I think I did pretty good?  hehe!  I ate my ginger bread house immediately too hhahah!


My daddy and I.

Vlogging Mic


So mummy had been vlogging a lot lately because she is working with youtube and is loving it.  But like all my mom’s new adventures , it only means more gadgets.  So the latest and the newest is this  samson meteor mic  and I’m having a lot of fun with it too because I want to make my own vlog for Minecraft!

 Mummy was using a cheap mic at first but the recording and output for the video sounds didn’t come out just right, so she looked for something better but at a reasonable price.  Mom said that this good looking mic is less than $100 USD and it comes with  a stand and all the wires for USB socket to the computer or anything that has a USB plug in them.   Both mom and I are loving it especially mom because now her vlog comes out really well.